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4 Factors that Impact the Growth of Marijuana

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Light plays a significant role in growing marijuana. The amount of light received by your marijuana plants determines the yield and its quality. Remember that the light you provide must be bright, but not too bright. There are four factors to consider when it comes to light for growing marijuana:

  • The intensity of light
  • The distance of light
  • The color spectrum of light
  • The schedule for providing light


Your efforts of growing marijuana will not yield expected results if you do not pay attention to the temperature of the growing environment. Generally, the temperature range for growing marijuana plants indoors is 70-85°F (20-30°C) for growth of marijuana. If the ideal temperature is not maintained, it impacts the rate of photosynthesis of the marijuana plants. This can have a negative effect on the growth rate of your plants.


The right humidity level can help marijuana to grow faster and stronger. Marijuana plants need a higher level of humidity during their growth period as compared to their blooming period. By maintaining the humidity at an optimum range, you can help your plants to attain better growth and flourish. You can easily check the humidity level with the help of a hygrometer which can help in growth of marijuana.

Air circulation and ventilation

Air flow and ventilation are among the leading parameters that can impact the growth of your marijuana plants. You need to ensure that your plants receive plenty of fresh air and the heat from the light sources is vented out suitably. Proper air circulation also reduces the risk of pest problems for your marijuana crop.

Maintaining a proper growing environment

Growing marijuana is not a tough task if you know how to go about it. All you need to do is procure the seeds and create the right environment for their germination and growth. You can easily avail high-quality marijuana seeds from and maintain a comfortable environment for their growth by taking care of the four factors mentioned above.Check how to pass drug test.

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