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You Can Now Order Weed Online, Who Would Have Known

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There is still enough marijuana stigma that many people prefer not to see and visit their local clinic. Abby Pot Hutmacher’s Guide Warns of  General expenses and the burden of labor means that savings are passed on to customers

It remains to be seen how or if medical marijuana clinics are integrated into the respective state tax structure. Inventory

Your local cannabis pharmacy works naturally according to supply and demand. police or pirates. And even states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana and recreational wrestling with the way to deliver orders online and over the phone. Good, valid sources allow you to order edible products, extracts, oils and other cannabis products.

If you are willing to buy on sites like Craigslist, you have no reasonable expectation of confidentiality, quality or security. options
Ordering online also provides alternatives for medical marijuana patients. They can not afford to age cannabis strains. security
Any licensed source of marijuana warns against buying cannabis online without heads-up problems. And since they are competing, they can offer free shipping.

benefits to getting weed from an online pharmacy:

It is your responsibility to check the legality of delivery in your area. You can buy clinics worldwide.

Because they have more products in stock, you can make comparisons between several online clinics for products, reviews, and prices.


Even responsible caregivers can order incapacitated patients. Danny Danko said the same thing to High Times: There are too many crooks who show and there is simply no guarantee that you will get what you ordered and that you do not give them your information.

Various states are likely to expand online access and delivery to medical marijuana in the coming years. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease can not travel or act in their own interest. The federal government prohibits the transportation of cannabis and its products by the US Postal Service and other common carriers at this time. Critically ill patients have difficulty socializing or interacting with store clerks. Business.

Handicapped and unable to leave the house, unable to rake public transport, unable to reach a pharmacy, you can count on the online pharmacy to fill your order.

Online pharmacies do not need the same security, budtenders and others. So no matter where Colorado or California is, the experience in Canada can decide the future. So you should shop around and buy with some common sense caution. But, it can be pretty much the same as working with the dealer under the bridge. On the other hand, online clinics have a much larger inventory and access to the product. And, while you have the ability to order marijuana online, the delivery process presents a problem. It remains the option of choice for people who care about their image or their gossip. The transaction is largely anonymous and discreet. This limits its supply and demand to strains, accessories and supplies that move. You can browse at your convenience by studying which product can be just right for your medical marijuana needs. You do not need to get dressed and travel. You do not have to go to the pharmacy during his working hours. Online shopping makes this possible. Price
Due to the volume of business conducted online, clinics may offer deals and discounts that are not available in physical medical cannabis clinics. It’s just the nature of the business to traffic in the products that their customers want and prefer.

Some cases of PTSD have reached a stage where the agoraphobic patient is terrified of leaving home or dealing with other people or authorities.


3. The offers have been online for a long time.

The boundaries of the dispensary do not mean that it serves its clients badly. You can also investigate the credibility and certification of the clinic. With Attorney General Jeff Sessions waving his swords, it seems that no one is rising to challenge the status quo. Online also allows you to review testimonials and reviews of their performance and quality. They are often in the hands of a caregiver who is not allowed to order medical marijuana.

4. Conficonfidentiality
Working with your online medical cannabis pharmacy ensures your privacy.

So, you want to trust fully certified medical cannabis dispensaries, something that you can certainly confirm online.

Online clinics offer many product catalogs.

Online, you do not have to worry about being heard or embarrassed when asking questions that concern you. Convenience
Ordering prescription medical marijuana online is so easy.

After recognizing that you might want to study how, when and where to buy online, let’s look at the benefits of doing it. So, this is something that will unfold over time. Catalogs usually describe the products in terms of THC and CBD levels, the application to specific diseases, the suggested dosage and possible side effects. Mental illness
Leaving the house and traveling can be a problem for patients with chronic and severe anxiety and depression.

You can order supplies and accessories online. And, if you live well outside of an easy trip to a legitimate pharmacy, you can always count on the benefits of medical grass


Marijuana and Testosterone – Let’s Bust Some Myths

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There is a growing body of research suggesting a possible link between marijuana consumption and testosterone levels in men. Since regular testosterone levels are vital for male health, this data has caused some concern. And some are taking this research to be the gospel truth, but as usual when it comes to cannabis research, answers are a little more complicated.

Some researchers even believe that marijuana may increase testosterone levels, but weed isn’t likely to become the next popular testosterone supplement for bodybuilders either. If it does increase testosterone levels, the increase in testosterone levels would be so slight that one would have to smoke pounds of it at once for it to significantly affect their physiology (don’t do that, by the way).


Can It Decrease Testosterone Levels At All?

In short, maybe. However, any changes are probably not medically significant. One study found that young men who regularly smoked cannabis for six months experienced a decrease in testosterone levels from an average of 742 ng/dL to an average of 416 ng/dL. However, the results of this study were not seen in any other studies. Furthermore, a testosterone level of 416 ng/dL is considered normal for young men. Many studies show that marijuana doesn’t decrease testosterone levels.


Alternative Explanations for the Trend

Some forms of strenuous exercise (like resistance training) are known to increase testosterone levels. Some heavy cannabis smokers find that cannabis makes them less likely to engage in strenuous exercise, at least while on a high. If enough users experience this effect, mild decreases in testosterone levels could be explained by lower rates of physical activity.


Will Cannabis Use Make It More Difficult For Me To Build Muscle?

If you are going to the gym regularly, you will build muscle whether you smoke cannabis or not. Any changes in testosterone levels that cannabis may cause will not be significant enough to prevent or reduce increases in muscle mass from working out. If you smoke cannabis prior to working out, it’s important to make note of whether it affects the intensity of your workouts.


Can Decreases In Testosterone Levels From Cannabis Cause A Decrease In Sex Drive?

While cannabis can decrease sex drive for some people as a result of its psychoactive effects, changes in testosterone levels from cannabis aren’t significant enough to cause a change in your sex drive. If you’re experiencing low-T significantly enough that it’s affecting sexual performance, marijuana is probably not the culprit. In this case, consider increasing your intake of eggs and poultry, decreasing sugar intake, and incorporating more resistance training into your working routine. If that’s not enough, UK Reviewers has suggested several natural boosters which can more than offset most low testosterone levels, without forcing you to quit the kush. For extreme hormone imbalance, see your doctor.



The effects of marijuana on testosterone levels is an area of medicine that requires more research. However, these effects (if they exist at all) are far too

minor to for the average cannabis smoker to be concerned about them.


Medical Marijuana, Recreational Marijuana, and CBD Oil — Which Gets You a DUI?

As the legalization of marijuana spreads throughout the county, many people are starting to wonder exactly what this means for those who use cannabis and drive. Although cannabis does not impair you as substantially as does alcohol, there is still data pointing to the fact that it does lessen your driving ability. In this article, we will be discussing three different circumstances and which ones will or will not result in a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) penalty.

Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational Marijuana


Everyone knows that there’s a huge difference between the medical and recreational forms of cannabis, but is there a difference in the way they affect your driving? Let’s take a quick look at the primary differences between the two:

Purpose — Medical cannabis is intended for healing, and recreational cannabis is intended to produce a “high.” The latter is likely to be consumed in larger quantities than the former.

Chemistry — As an additional consideration, different strains of cannabis have different proportions of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The former is primarily associated with medical cannabis, while the latter is primarily associated with recreational.

So what’s the difference between driving after using these two methods? Nothing. Using cannabis recreationally or medically and then driving is likely to result in a DUI either way. According to California DUI law, for example, if a substance “affects the nervous system, brain, or muscles of a person as to impair, to an appreciable degree, his ability to drive a vehicle,” then the individual is subject to a DUI conviction. If you want to drive in the near future, don’t use cannabis or wait at least 4 hours before attempting to do so.



Another upcoming product that has gained a lot of popularity in the cannabis industry is CBD oil. What is CBD? Essentially, it is the other main compound in Marijuana that provides medical benefits. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not make its user “high.” Those using CBD oil will not feel anything similar to those who use cannabis or products containing THC.

Why do people use CBD if it doesn’t get you high? Many firsthand accounts suggest that CBD is effective in treating — and perhaps even curing — a variety of illnesses, from Parkinson’s to cancer. More so, even, than more traditional prescription medications.

Since CBD is derived from cannabis, will you get a DUI if you use it and drive? No. CBD is not known to impair drivers and will not cause you to get a DUI. With that being said, you should use it a few times and see how you feel to make sure you are capable of driving. Have a trusted, sober friend in the passenger seat if you decide to try driving, and keep initial trips short. It may make you feel a little different, but definitely not high.


Can law enforcement prove that you’re high?

Many recreational marijuana smokers believe that cops have no way of proving whether or not you are high. They believe this because until recently, there really was no way to tell. Even if someone was suspected of using cannabis and it shows up in their system, it is difficult to tell exactly how long ago they used it and how high they are.

But there are studies showing that marijuana makes certain tasks harder to perform. Because of that, law enforcement officers are being trained to determine whether or not drivers are impaired from cannabis by using a field sobriety test. Usually, this test requires the driver to close their eyes, tilt their head back, and spread their arms to the side. Next, they will be asked to touch their finger to their nose, similar to the alcohol sobriety test. Other tests are being developed as well.

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CBD Gummies Reviewed February 2018

UPDATED: CBD Gummies Reviewed

CBD Gummies were introduced to me about two months ago when a company contacted us and asked us to review their product. I had heard of the fruity little hemp bears here and there but never even thought to give them a try. I can’t say that I am a big candy addict or anything, but every now and then a package of starburst or I may even buy a few individually wrapped Jolly Ranchers in the gas station once every six months. I guess you can see why I never really paid much attention to the CBD Gummies when they hit the shelves.

That was the old me though.....

Okay, I’ll now introduce you to the new me who has been introduced to the little CBD candies. Calm down, I’m not saying they get you super stoned or anything.

Chris E.A little history about myself… My name is Chris and I am 31 years old and you could say I’ve not been the kindest to my body. I began loading trucks at UPS when I was sixteen years old in high school. Up until that point I played sports and worked with my pops in his body shop. I lifted weights throughout high school and then began lifting religiously about five years ago. As I’m sure you already feel my pain if you have done any of those for the majority of your life.

For those of you who don’t have a clue…. My Damn Back hurts me every day and has for the past, oh twelve to thirteen  years. I’ve never felt the need to go to the Dr. over it or anything, especially since I refuse to get addicted to opiates after witnessing my best friend first getting hooked to Hydrocodone, then Roxycontin, and then on to Heroin. That is just a path I never wanted to go down myself. I do have an addictive personality so I just choose to not allow myself to risk losing everything I’ve worked hard for.


Since CBD Gummies Were Introduced...

So, since I was introduced to CBD Gummy Bears, I have had the pleasure of testing out about twelve different brands made from around the United States. While it was a pretty tough decision, I have narrowed it down to my Five Best CBD Gummies February 2018. I may update this if I still have companies contacting me to review their product. But, Before

Introduced to the market sometime in 2016, were said to effectively manage not treat the following conditions:


  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Pain

While these gummies do not have any thc in them as they are extracted from hemp rather than marijuana, they are legal to be sold online and shipped through the mail in the United States as well as multiple other countries across the world.

NOTE: CBD Gummies Contain no THC and Will Not Get You High

So, Why Do People Buy CBD Gummy Bears If They Do Not Get You Stoned?

The CBD levels inside of the gummies help those suffering from pain, anxiety, and depression to manage or at least tolerate the amount of pain or anxiety after they dose with the bears. I have to attest to that, some of them really do work. There were a few that I was not too impressed with however as I didn’t even notice any relief after dosing.

So enough with the science, you probably don’t care about all that, so we will jump to the reason you are reading. I’ll reveal my









This is my absolute favorite CBD Gummies brand of them all. On top of that, it’s the cheapest of them all as well. You can buy a five pack to try out for just $14.99 at Cbddy CBD Supplements




4. Cherry Hemp Hearts

Cherry Hemp Hearts Product Info
  • RELIEF FROM STRESS AND ANXIETY: Organic full spectrum hemp oil gummies for great-tasting relaxation and relief from stress, anxiety, promote quality sleep, improve mood, and ease joint inflammation.
  • BETTER SLEEP: Organic hemp extract gives you a great night’s sleep
  • FAST RESULTS: Our organic Cherry Hemp Flavor gummies induce a subtle serenity and feelings of relaxation
  • TASTES GREAT: Each yummy cherry flavored gummy bear supplement is infused with 25mg full spectrum hemp oil extract drops, 15 pure hemp oil edible gummies per bottle (375mg total). No artificial flavors or colors – does not contain THC
  • INFLAMMATION AND PAIN: Hemp seed oil is a natural way to reduce inflammation and may offer relief from chronic pain

3. Premium Hemp Gummies

Premium Hemp Gummies Product Information
    • ORGANIC HEMP – Our enriched gummies contain 100% natural organic hemp. They are non-GMO, vegan friendly, and contain 0% THC, of course. Our gummies are safe and ready for assimilation by the body to assure optimal benefits. Our gummies are blended with real coconut oil to enhance and support the body’s absorption process of the Hemp nutrition.
    • BURSTING NUTRIENTS – Hemp is a superfood, great in providing the needed vitamins and nutrients to our bodies. Our gummies contain high quality Protein, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Fiber, Vitamin E, Antioxidants found in Vitamin B, Iron, Zinc, and Magnesium. These nutrients benefit the body and the mind in various ways!
    • RELAX, RENEW & REFRESH – Hemp oil is enriched with essential fatty acids that have been proven to benefit mood health. It is designed to help you re-energize your mind, while helping you stay focused on your most important tasks throughout the day or relaxing for a great night’s sleep. The mood support takes effect in the body by utilizing the healing terpenoids within our hemp oil to regulate powerful neurotransmitters and help balance our moods.
    • MADE IN USA – Our hemp is grown in the U.S without pesticides and/or herbicides. We control the whole process to make sure our customers get only the best quality hemp products. We believe in our product; and our Mission has always been to offer the best hemp products nature has to offer, just what you would expect from your own garden.
    • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you don’t absolutely love your Elite Hemp Gummies, we guarantee that we will reimburse you for 100% of your order, although we are sure, you will absolutely love it!

2.Organic Hemp Gummies 

Organic  Hemp Gummies Product Info

About the product


  • GOOD FOR SLEEP, ANXIETY, STRESS, INFLAMMATION, PAIN! Our Organic full spectrum Hemp gummie extract is enriched with essential fatty acids that have been proven to help mood health.
  • 100% ORGANIC HEMP non GMO– Our enriched hemp gummies contain 100% natural organic hemp. They are non-GMO, and contain 0% THC. Our gummies are safe and ready for assimilation by the body to assure optimal benefits. Our gummies are blended with real coconut oil to enhance and support the body’s absorption process of the Hemp nutrition.
  • FULL SPECTRUM HEMP GUMMIES uses the full plant including terpenoids creating the entourage effect which help regulate powerful neurotransmitters within our body and help balance our moods, relieve stress, and help reduce inflammation and pain.
  • BOOST AND SUPPORT YOUR SYSTEM! Full Spectrum Hemp gummies will benefit your body in numerous ways, not just reducing your stress or anxiety. Here are some ailments that may be relieved: – Healthier Skin and Hair – Antioxidant Protection – Arthritis and Inflammation – Hormone Balance – Immunity Boost – Heart Support – Nervous System Support – Sleep Aide
  • NO THC! Our organic full spectrum hemp gummies contain medicinal grade hemp extract contains all the phytonutrients of the hemp plant without the THC (what makes people “high.”) So you can use these at work, during the day, while doing your normal activities for relaxation and easing of pain and inflammation.

Twitter  @DetoxReviews

  • GIVE YOUR BODY THE MISSING NUTRIENTS IT NEED! Hemp is one of the most underrated superfoods that is missing from your diet! Packed with phytonutrients and essential fats, a daily dose of hemp can boost your system in multiple ways. Hemp oil is considered “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil,” because it contains a 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids that are beneficial to your overall long-term health.
  • RELIEVE YOURSELF FROM STRESS AND ANXIETY! Are you tired of being stressed and feel like you can never relax? Hemp oil is enriched with essential fatty acids that have been proven to help mood health. Our product will give you the best Omega supplementation to improve mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety, and ADD/ADHD. How is this possible? Healing terpenoids within our hemp oil help regulate powerful neurotransmitters within our body and help balance our moods.
  • BOOST AND SUPPORT YOUR SYSTEM! Full Spectrum Hemp Oil will benefit your body in numerous ways, not just reducing your stress or anxiety. Here are some ailments that may be relieved: – Healthier Skin and Hair – Antioxidant Protection – Arthritis and Inflammation – Hormone Balance – Immunity Boost – Heart Support – Nervous System Support – Sleep Aide
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE! Does hemp oil contain THC and will it make me “high”? NO! Our potent hemp oil contains absolutely no THC and has no psychoactive effects. This product is also gluten free, non-GMO, vegan friendly and organic! Our product is readily absorbed with an easy to consume gummy and assimilated by the body to assure optimal benefit.
  • USA MADE! Serenity Hemp’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Gummies are made in the USA by an FDA Inspected and GMP Certified Facility

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Smart Safe

Protect Your Cannabis Dispensary Investment

Protect your investments with smart safe

With California changing cannabis laws that took effect in 2018, it’s more important than ever for dispensary owners to protect their cash with a smart safe, or some other cash management tool.
As dispensary owners are well aware, owning and operating a marijuana dispensary is an All Cash business, but the problem is that banks don’t allow dispensary owners to have a bank account that accepts cash deposits from a cannabis dispensary.

Owning a cannabis dispensary can be very profitable and even enjoyable, but it comes with a lot of risks (not to mention the fact that the Fed Government still sees it as illegal) when you deal with a lot of cash.

Below we have put together some basic details about what a Smart Safe can do for your dispensary.

Helps cut down on counterfeit bills

Helps employees save time counting money all day

Allows dispensary owner to remotely login and check all cash deposits, denominations, etc.

Helps cut down on potential dispensary robberies

Adding Up All The Costs

There is so much that goes into opening a dispensary

  • from getting city and state permits and licenses
  • raising capital $$ to afford the whole process

Just leasing a retail storefront and buying the inventory (all the various strains of weed) is very costly and when you add up all these costs you are looking at easily $20,000 or more.

When you include

  •  hiring employees
  • installing a surveillance system
  • buying a Point of Sale system
  •  getting insurance,

etc., money is quickly spent.

The Smart Safe is a great modern tool that will help the average, or advanced dispensary owner run an efficient and safe business.

Smart SafeOn average you can expect to pay at least $5,000 for a good Smart Safe, but does have a few options depending on your needs.
The most important thing to remember is to plan ahead and be prepared for hidden expenses and safety issues that come with dealing with so much cash.





To sum things up, if you are a marijuana dispensary owner I’m sure you know it’s a bit unsettling that you have to hold onto so much cash and I’m sure just walking to your car at the end of the day leaves somewhat of an uneasy feeling in your gut. The Smart Safe is definitely one thing needed in every dispensaries arsenal. Read about some more specifics needed to have your own dispensary in our article “Six things every indoor garden needs“. Also don’t forget we are taking suggestions on the best weed grinders you would like reviewed and one lucky submission is going to receive a FREE GRINDER!

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6 Gadgets You NEED in Your Greenhouse

6 Gadgets You NEED in Your Greenhouse

Your medicinal marijuana is sensitive and needs the best care possible to maximize growth potential. Rather than hovering over your greenhouse every moment of the day, let technology give you a hand.

Humidity Control

A thermometer and hygrometer combination device that collects data is an essential tool in today’s medical marijuana growing industry. Having one of these on hand allows you to monitor both temperature and humidity levels quickly and easily. You can also export data sets at any time to improve your growing operations. Keeping a close eye on humidity also helps prevent mold from developing.


Solar Lighting

You can find a wide variety of solar lighting options to help minimize your dependence on city grid electricity. Most LED solar lights do not have bulbs or batteries so that they are far more durable and easy to maintain. If there’s energy you don’t end up using, sometimes you can sell that extra energy to the local electric company.


Smart Smoke Detector

A number of the latest smart smoke detectors can be directly connected to your phone so that the moment anything goes wrong, you are notified. Even if you are on a business trip thousands of miles away, you can contact the fire department and save your greenhouse just by receiving a message from your smoke detector. Smoke alarms can be mounted on ceilings or high up on walls. Wherever you place them, you will receive important alerts anytime, day or night.



Make your greenhouse practices even greener and compost your kitchen scraps for use as a natural fertilizer. A compost bin is an exceptional way to reduce expenses. You can reuse the compost for growing or you can sell it to other greenhouses who may not have as much garden waste to provide sufficient compost to their plants. And, even better, you can even use a compost heater to warm your greenhouse during cold nights and days.


Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

A reverse osmosis water filtration system is ideal for growers with in areas with hard water that can lead to calcium toxicity. Such systems remove dangerous toxins, minerals, and chlorine from the water source before you use it on your plants. This will help to keep your pH balances in check. Note that you may need to adjust the bicarbonate levels once the filtration has taken place.


Waterproof pH and TDS Meter Reader

In coordination with your water filtration system, you should also use a waterproof pH and TDS meter reader. These readers can provide measurements for temperature, pH levels, and conductivity, all of which are essential to creating the precise conditions needed to be able to grow superior medical marijuana.


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We've reviewed this years Best Detox for Marijuana. You will find Best Marijuana Detox Reviews and more

Marijuana is Now Illegal Again after Feds Announcement

Marijuana Goes From Decriminalized to Re Criminalized

Source Author:

Trump Administration Re Criminalizes Marijuana 

A Big Step Backwards for Marijuana Rights 

Once again our government we appointed shows us just how little they care about the majority vote or their job description. We are supposed to be represented by the majority vote. Jeff Sessions has shown his disregard to the majority vote and taken it upon himself to re criminalize marijuana even though states have legalized it and a memo was put out during the Obama administration instructing law enforcement to not go after legal state registered dispensaries. The man has put his personal opinions above those of the majority of the United States.

Sessions should be fired or forced to resign after such actions. While using marijuana has become legal in 29 states, it has always remained illegal by federal governments laws. While we took quite a few steps forward in the last couple of years, this nutcase has taken it upon himself and is trying to go backwards and blame marijuana use for increased violent activities.

Who does this affect?

This threat imposes a threat on any and everyone who purchases, sells, or cultivates marijuana, rather that be a legally registered marijuana dispensary or a medical patient with a legally written doctors prescription. To put it short and sweet, if you use cannabis in any way Jeff Sessions is attempting to let everyone know you are at risk of receiving a felony drug charge which could leave you in the federal penatentry.

Why is Jeff Sessions a Tool?

He is just simply attempting to show how big his dick is while stealing the freedom and disregarding the majority of the United States registered votes. This clearly tells American people to not trust the federal government. Will Donald Trump allow this to happen or will he force Jeff Sessions to resign. This is our time to really see if president Donald Trump really puts the people first as he claims to do.

This is also our chance to step up and demand our representatives and lobbyist to represent our majority vote that they beg us to cast each election. Why are we even having to have this conversastion at this time?

Will My Dispensary Be Raided?

This is a very good question and to tell you the honest to God’s truth, we can not answer it. What we do know is this will allow the federal government to overturn the memo released during the Obama administration which instructs government to not target legal state registered businesses operating in the cannabis cultivation, sale,

What Can You Do 

We can not give you legal advice, however I personally suggest you contact your representatives and make it clear to them, we voted to legalize and decriminalize marijuana and we demand we are properly represented and put the pressure on the Trump administration to remove Jeff Sessions from office and put someone there who doesn’t feel like his personal beliefs are more important than those of the American people. Demand the Federal Decriminalization. Let them know we refuse to accept going backwards and strictening the current marijuana laws. We refuse to allow our legal business owners to have the business they have worked so hard for and invested so much money into to be raided and owners locked away and charged with federal drug charges. Do your job or give it up Jeff Sessions. We the people demand it!

We also suggest you study up on guides on how to pass a drug test as with a determined politician will be fueling companies to impose stricter drug testing procedures. With the ignorant statement that marijuana is causing increased crime and violence rates, you can believe more ignorant family members will be asking you to take an at home drug test as well. We’ve updated our post How to pass a  drug test in 2017 with a new and current version  How to Pass a Drug Test 2018

What Does This Mean For Cannabis Growers?

For professional cannabis growers who believed they were now protected and legally growing marijuana are now faced with the fact that federal agents could come in at any time and raid their once legal grow house or marijuana dispensary. These growers have invested a lot of money into high quality led grow lights, grow tents, and

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All about Medical Marijuana

All About Medical Marijuana

Knowledge of Medical Marijuana

All about Medical Marijuana – Guest Post










Marijuana plants have many uses. And they are of great value in the field of medicine. Any part of the plant can be used to address myriads of medical symptoms. The plant is called “” if it is used for medical purpose and not to get high. This is also the reason why Chalice Farms | Portland Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are allowed to legally distribute marijuana to their clients. And though the word “medical” was added to its name, the ingredients of medical marijuana do not differ to that of the recreational marijuana that we know of. However, some of these plants are grown with fewer chemicals to ward off euphoria.

Medical Marijuana’s Contents

Cannabinoids is the term referring to the chemical contents of marijuana. There are hundreds of them but the 2 main chemicals are CBD and THC. The latter gives the plant a pleasurable effect when taken for recreational purpose. This is the reason why pot smokers repeatedly use the drug. However, THC is also used to treat a lot of medical conditions.
CBD on the other hand is another property of marijuana with medicinal effects but does not get the person high.

Marijuana smoke has instant effect. However, its effect can be felt after an hour when you eat it. What happens when you smoke it anyway? Well the smoke which contains THC travels to your lungs then to your bloodstream. This leads to the release of a chemical called “dopamine”, giving you the feeling of being “high”. However, less is known on how CBD works. But what is certain is that it works on the brain, either working with THC or on its own.
Medical marijuana alleviates symptoms like nausea, pain and loss of appetite, especially among people with HIV. However, extensive research still needs to be done on how this can help people with HIV. But marijuana showed to be helpful in containing seizure attacks among people with epilepsy. Some studies show that it is also useful for easing symptoms of multiple sclerosis like frequent urination pain, spasms and muscle stiffness.

It can have short term and long term side effects as follows:
Short term side effects
Among these are mood changes, unhappy feeling, feeling sleepy or relaxed, anxious feeling, short term memory disruption and inability to make decision. Such effects can last for 1-3 hours. However, if taken in large doses, paranoia, hallucinations or delusions may be felt. According to studies, marijuana can also cause breathing issues like bronchitis or even worse.

If you have been smoking marijuana for quite some time, expect to experience respiratory issues like lung infection or daily cough. According to experts, this can also cause depression, mental illness, suicidal thoughts and less drive or motivation. If the user is pregnant, it will cause health problems among babies. Most of all, marijuana is addictive.
So, if you are planning to take marijuana as part of your treatment regimen, make sure that you have consulted with your doctor about it. Because more than wanting to relieve your medical symptoms, you need to be sure that it will be safe for you to use it as well.

While Medical Marijuana is legal on many state levels, it is still illegal as far as the federal government is concerned. Until the federal government decides to make Marijuana Legal across the entire United States, your employer still has the right to require all employees or potential employees to pass a drug test, including marijuana.  Learn How to Pass a urine drug test on short notice


Supreme Court Sides with Medical Marijuana

Supreme Court Sides With Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana gets a Win

Christina Barbuto was legally prescribed medical marijuana for her medical condition.  Ms. Barbuto suffers from Crohn’s disease, a gastrointestinal condition, which ruined her appetite and made it hard to maintain a healthy body weight.  Taking her prescribed medical marijuana helped Mr. Barbuto’s appetite and to live a better life with her medical condition.  As a result of taking her medication she was terminated from her job after only being employed for one day.  She was terminated for failing a drug test given to her by the company, as many have been.  Upon her termination, she was informed by the company that the company follows federal laws related to marijuana and not Massachusetts’s state law.

While medical marijuana has become legal

in a majority of states and has even become legal for recreational use in several states,  marijuana still remains illegal under federal law.  The fact that the federal government still views use and possession of marijuana as illegal has continually hampered states from legalizing it.  The federal government’s view of marijuana impacts a people in a variety of ways.  It ranges from prohibiting people conducting businesses that involve marijuana from filing for bankruptcy protections to allowing employers to discriminate against employees who use marijuana. This causes a high demand for marijuana detox drinks

Medical Marijuana and Law Suits

After her termination Ms. Barbuto sued her employer for discrimination.  The employer of course argued, among other things, that they could prohibit their employees from using marijuana because it is illegal under federal law.  Ultimately, the Supreme Court of Massachusetts held  that Ms. Barbuto could sue her former employer for discrimination.  The Court wrote that if a doctor decides that medical marijuana is the most effective treatment for an employee’s condition that an exception to their employer’s drug policy is a facially reasonable accommodation.  The Court also noted that marijuana’s illegality under federal law does not automatically make it an unreasonable accommodation. This however was not the case in a similar Colorado hearing where a man was fired for testing positive for marijuana. 

Medical Marijuana Victory

This was a major victory for state’s rights and for people’s rights to use medical marijuana.  It sent a clear message that marijuana should be considered real medicine when prescribed by a doctor and treated like any other kind of prescription medication.  It also showed that states should not be cowed by federal laws towards marijuana.  However, while this ruling was a positive step forward it does not mean that people have free license to use marijuana without consequence in Massachusetts despite its use being legal in that state for both medical and recreational purposes.  An employee with a prescription for marijuana cannot use it before or during work.  Also, its use has to be part of an approved treatment plan.  Also, it is still possible for an employee to be terminated for legal recreational use of marijuana.

This ruling is a step in the right direction, but there is still work to do!  If you support allowing people to use medical marijuana let your government know.  Tell your congressman.  Sign petitions to legalize it and of course vote for candidates who support legalizing marijuana.  We can all help people who could use marijuana to live healthy lives.

However, in the meantime and in between time, be sure to know exactly how to pass a drug test for marijuana!