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Marijuana is Now Illegal Again after Feds Announcement

Marijuana Goes From Decriminalized to Re Criminalized

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Trump Administration Re Criminalizes Marijuana 

A Big Step Backwards for Marijuana Rights 

Once again our government we appointed shows us just how little they care about the majority vote or their job description. We are supposed to be represented by the majority vote. Jeff Sessions has shown his disregard to the majority vote and taken it upon himself to re criminalize marijuana even though states have legalized it and a memo was put out during the Obama administration instructing law enforcement to not go after legal state registered dispensaries. The man has put his personal opinions above those of the majority of the United States.

Sessions should be fired or forced to resign after such actions. While using marijuana has become legal in 29 states, it has always remained illegal by federal governments laws. While we took quite a few steps forward in the last couple of years, this nutcase has taken it upon himself and is trying to go backwards and blame marijuana use for increased violent activities.

Who does this affect?

This threat imposes a threat on any and everyone who purchases, sells, or cultivates marijuana, rather that be a legally registered marijuana dispensary or a medical patient with a legally written doctors prescription. To put it short and sweet, if you use cannabis in any way Jeff Sessions is attempting to let everyone know you are at risk of receiving a felony drug charge which could leave you in the federal penatentry.

Why is Jeff Sessions a Tool?

He is just simply attempting to show how big his dick is while stealing the freedom and disregarding the majority of the United States registered votes. This clearly tells American people to not trust the federal government. Will Donald Trump allow this to happen or will he force Jeff Sessions to resign. This is our time to really see if president Donald Trump really puts the people first as he claims to do.

This is also our chance to step up and demand our representatives and lobbyist to represent our majority vote that they beg us to cast each election. Why are we even having to have this conversastion at this time?

Will My Dispensary Be Raided?

This is a very good question and to tell you the honest to God’s truth, we can not answer it. What we do know is this will allow the federal government to overturn the memo released during the Obama administration which instructs government to not target legal state registered businesses operating in the cannabis cultivation, sale,

What Can You Do 

We can not give you legal advice, however I personally suggest you contact your representatives and make it clear to them, we voted to legalize and decriminalize marijuana and we demand we are properly represented and put the pressure on the Trump administration to remove Jeff Sessions from office and put someone there who doesn’t feel like his personal beliefs are more important than those of the American people. Demand the Federal Decriminalization. Let them know we refuse to accept going backwards and strictening the current marijuana laws. We refuse to allow our legal business owners to have the business they have worked so hard for and invested so much money into to be raided and owners locked away and charged with federal drug charges. Do your job or give it up Jeff Sessions. We the people demand it!

We also suggest you study up on guides on how to pass a drug test as with a determined politician will be fueling companies to impose stricter drug testing procedures. With the ignorant statement that marijuana is causing increased crime and violence rates, you can believe more ignorant family members will be asking you to take an at home drug test as well. We’ve updated our post How to pass a  drug test in 2017 with a new and current version  How to Pass a Drug Test 2018

What Does This Mean For Cannabis Growers?

For professional cannabis growers who believed they were now protected and legally growing marijuana are now faced with the fact that federal agents could come in at any time and raid their once legal grow house or marijuana dispensary. These growers have invested a lot of money into high quality led grow lights, grow tents, and

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Supreme Court Sides with Medical Marijuana

Supreme Court Sides With Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana gets a Win

Christina Barbuto was legally prescribed medical marijuana for her medical condition.  Ms. Barbuto suffers from Crohn’s disease, a gastrointestinal condition, which ruined her appetite and made it hard to maintain a healthy body weight.  Taking her prescribed medical marijuana helped Mr. Barbuto’s appetite and to live a better life with her medical condition.  As a result of taking her medication she was terminated from her job after only being employed for one day.  She was terminated for failing a drug test given to her by the company, as many have been.  Upon her termination, she was informed by the company that the company follows federal laws related to marijuana and not Massachusetts’s state law.

While medical marijuana has become legal

in a majority of states and has even become legal for recreational use in several states,  marijuana still remains illegal under federal law.  The fact that the federal government still views use and possession of marijuana as illegal has continually hampered states from legalizing it.  The federal government’s view of marijuana impacts a people in a variety of ways.  It ranges from prohibiting people conducting businesses that involve marijuana from filing for bankruptcy protections to allowing employers to discriminate against employees who use marijuana. This causes a high demand for marijuana detox drinks

Medical Marijuana and Law Suits

After her termination Ms. Barbuto sued her employer for discrimination.  The employer of course argued, among other things, that they could prohibit their employees from using marijuana because it is illegal under federal law.  Ultimately, the Supreme Court of Massachusetts held  that Ms. Barbuto could sue her former employer for discrimination.  The Court wrote that if a doctor decides that medical marijuana is the most effective treatment for an employee’s condition that an exception to their employer’s drug policy is a facially reasonable accommodation.  The Court also noted that marijuana’s illegality under federal law does not automatically make it an unreasonable accommodation. This however was not the case in a similar Colorado hearing where a man was fired for testing positive for marijuana. 

Medical Marijuana Victory

This was a major victory for state’s rights and for people’s rights to use medical marijuana.  It sent a clear message that marijuana should be considered real medicine when prescribed by a doctor and treated like any other kind of prescription medication.  It also showed that states should not be cowed by federal laws towards marijuana.  However, while this ruling was a positive step forward it does not mean that people have free license to use marijuana without consequence in Massachusetts despite its use being legal in that state for both medical and recreational purposes.  An employee with a prescription for marijuana cannot use it before or during work.  Also, its use has to be part of an approved treatment plan.  Also, it is still possible for an employee to be terminated for legal recreational use of marijuana.

This ruling is a step in the right direction, but there is still work to do!  If you support allowing people to use medical marijuana let your government know.  Tell your congressman.  Sign petitions to legalize it and of course vote for candidates who support legalizing marijuana.  We can all help people who could use marijuana to live healthy lives.

However, in the meantime and in between time, be sure to know exactly how to pass a drug test for marijuana!