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How to Pass a Drug Test

Pass a Supervised Urine Test With This Best Detox Drink 2018

2018’s Best One Day Detox To Pass a Supervised Urine Drug Test Guaranteed

Guaranteed Method To Pass a Drug Test or Your Money Back!

This is an update to our most popular post from last year. You may have read it, Titled Best Detox Drinks For Drug Test 2017 . With that post being so popular and still growing, we have decided to make a more up to date, easier to read, and more visually appealing version for 2018.

Obviously you are searching for the Best Detox Drink for a Drug Test, correct? You already know you have come to the best drug test resource on the web. We’ve studied the art of passing a drug test for many years now and believe to have mastered it. If a product works, we will recommend it, it it’s iffy there’s no way we will suggest our readers buy it. A drug test is a very big deal to most people.

You are either getting drug tested for:

  • Job
  • Loved One
  • Probation
  • Something else important

point being, most aren’t taking drug tests just for the fun of it, unless you are us. We do it to ensure we are recommending only the Best Detox Drinks.

We have spent time researching, testing as well as documenting these detox products since July of last year with the sole purpose of making 2018 our year to add to the already high number of individuals we have helped to pass a drug test in 7 short months.

This year we are going to attempt to work closer with the actual product manufacturers themselves and potentially get these products in a bulk package of 25 or so each time we do a review and then offer them to our readers for a fraction of the cost and guaranteed same day shipping. It’s not in place yet but it is something we are going to strive for going forward. We guarantee to stay true by our motto, NO BS reviews.


So anyways on to the review. We’ve found a very low key detox package that is guaranteed to remove light years worth of toxins from your body. This three part detox system is made up of the following three items:


One Day Detox System To Pass a Drug Test

  • 15 pre-rid tablets
  • one ounce of dietary fiber
  • one fluid ounce of detox liquid

Directions to Ensure You Pass Your Drug Test Using The One Day Detox Program


Take 3 pills every hour on the hour for 5 hours straight (8 ounces of water for each set of 3).  For the duration of the detox.  On the final day you do your detox liquid, 2 hours after you complete your last set of pills.  The Dietary Fiber is for test day.

Pre-Rid Pills

    • On day one, take three tablets an hour for five hours.
    • Eat lots of high fiber foods and lean protein.  Make sure to drink plenty of water
        throughout the day while detoxing.
Do not exceed 15 tablets in one day.

Detox Liquid

    • Use on the last day of the program, 2 hours after you complete your last set of
         pre-rid pills.
    • Drink half of the detox liquid with four to eight ounces of orange juice,
distilled or filtered tap water. Do not eat or drink any more fluids for two hours.
    • Wait two hours, take the remaining half of the detox liquid.  Fast for 2 more hours,
then you can eat and drink normally again.

Dietary Fiber

(this is optional after day 4 of completing the first 2 stages of your Detox.)

  • One hour before your test, mix the dietary fiber in eight ounces of distilled or filtered tap water.
  • Drink within two minutes.
  • Wait 15 minutes and drink 16 ounces of water. Do not drink more orange juice or water.
  • Urinate two or three times in the next hour and go take your test.


To the surprise of us all, Craig passed with the three part one day detox package.[/sta_anchor]

1 Day Detox Program - For Light Toxin Exposure - Money Back Guarantee

Order Now


Final Thoughts

While this seems like a lot of work, I truly believe this product actually removes the toxins rather than just masking them as most well all detox drinks do. If it doesn’t, it masks them really good. I was quite surprised that this actually worked as most products that aren’t you typical usually turn out to be junk. The Toxin Rid 1 Day Detox System is quite impressive to say the very least. If you have anything less than 100% satisfaction, contact the seller and they will refund your money 100% guaranteed. Also let us know below your results as well.



If you own a detox drink company and your business is not on the list, that does not mean we do not approve of you, we just haven’t had the benefit of testing your products yet. We are not one of those sites who just writes reviews for the commissions, we only promote Detox Drinks That Work! If you believe you have a detox that is quality feel free to contact us and ask us to review it.

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How To Pass a Drug Test - Synthetic Urine, Powdered Urine

Synthetic Urine vs Real Human Urine Review

Best Choice for Real Human Urine Vs Synthetic Urine To Pass a Drug Test

If you are looking for a sure fire way to have a guarantee when you go to take your drug test, we suggest investing into one of our reviewed synthetic urine kits.

Synthetic urine is artificially synthesized substance that simulates composition, chemical properties and appearance of human urine. Generally it used for calibration of urine screening equipment in laboratories, but also known as widespread and effective means to pass urine drug test.

Source: Synthetic Urine Works
Pass a drug test with Testclear


Synthetic urine works wonders when you are in a jam and need to pass a urine test on short notice. What is even better than synthetic urine? Real human urine of course. Using real human urine removes that slight chance of a inconclusive drug test result.

We have found one source to purchase powdered real human urine


  1. Pour the powdered urine in the small vial into the larger tube.
  2. Slowly fill the tube with water to the very top of the tube, screw the blue cap on tightly and shake until the powder is completely dissolved.
  3. Open the heater package, peel the paper off of one heater and stick it to the back side of the tube, directly opposite of the temperature strip.
  4. Before conducting your experiment, verify the temperature

The Powdered Urine Kit - #1 Solution for a Job Test


More Powdered Urine Kit Details

  • one vial containing powdered urine
  • one 50-ml plastic medical transport vial with blue lid
  • one temperature strip attached to the 50-ml vial
  • two air-activated heaters enclosed in a plastic package

Over 175 User Reviews Suggest this is a highly reliable product to aide you in passing a urine test rather it be on short notice or planned. You can purchase this Powdered Human Urine Kit By Following Our Link Below. Be sure to come back and leave your honest feedback once you take your drug test.
Order Powdered Real Human Urine Just $43.95

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High voltage detox brand reviews

High Voltage Detox Review

High Voltage Detox

 Drug Test Detox Drink Reviews by Clean 420 

We have reviewed the for drug test product line up and the results were rather pleasing. All of the products from High Voltage Detox proved to be reliable, fast, and affordable. High Voltage manufacturers a few different detox products to assist you in passing a drug test fast.








View Details for High Voltage Detox

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Best at Home Drug Test

Best at Home Drug Test For The Money

If you are searching for the Best at Home Drug Test Kits for the money, you have come to the right place.  We are dedicated to providing the most relevant information regarding at home drug testing as well as sharing our picks for the most reliable and affordable drug testing options on the market. Rather you are a business owner looking for an affordable solution to begin a drug testing program at your business, a parent who has suspicions that their child is using drugs, or a user who would like to Pass at Home Drug Test self test, we have relevant information about home drug testing for you.

There are various at Home Drug Test options available for you to choose from.

You may wish to purchase an at home urine drug test kit such as one of the pictured below.

To Drug Test with the latest methods used by more employers each day, you may wish to order a Mouth Swab Drug Test as pictured below.

Were you looking for other information?

How to Pass a Drug Test on Short Notice

Best 420 Detox Drinks



How To Pass a Drug Test - Synthetic Urine, Powdered Urine

Passing a Drug Test

Passing a Drug Test is easy with Drug Detox Drinks


Unfortunately today  Passing a Drug Test is a requirement for many different things. The most common reasons to be required to pass a drug test:Passing a drug test is easy


    • Employment – Rather that be a pre employment drug test or a surprised random test, passing is always the only positive outcome.
    • Probation/Parole – Anyone who has seen previous legal troubles may have to undergo frequent required drug testing for long periods of time. Passing a drug test for this reason is very important as a positive test result could land you in prison quick.


  • Family members – Many times family members become suspicious of loved ones and decide to purchase an accurate at home drug test to see if their loved one is on drugs.


  • Sports programs – High school athletes are now required to pass a drug test at many schools to be eligible to participate in sports programs. College and professional athletes, passing a drug test has been a requirement for quite some time now.
  • The United States military – requires soldiers to pass a drug test upon enlistment as well as randomly selected soldiers are required to pass a urine test on short notice at any time while enlisted.


No matter what the reason or who is requesting you to submit to a drug test, passing is the only acceptable answer to it. If you do not pass a drug test, rather it be from a family member or employer, embarrassment follows as well as disappointment.  

You can always see if you will have success passing a drug test by self testing with one of the best at home drug test kits we recommend.


We provide the information you will need if passing a drug test is something you may have to do face in the near future. We review the best drug detox drinks, mouthwashes, shampoos, and pills and only recommend the Best marijuana detox products on the market to our readers.


If you decide to try one of our recommended drug detox products, please feel free to come back and leave a review and let everyone know if our products assisted you in .


Best ways to pass a drug test

Best Way to Pass a Urine Test on Short Notice

How To Pass a Urine Drug Test on Short Notice

If you have ever been notified that you are required to take a drug test on short notice, you must know the panic that comes with this horrible news. Especially if you have recently smoked marijuana. Search engines are filled with false information on how to pass a drug test. That is okay though, Clean 420 provides you with no bull shit reviews and methods that you can use to pass a drug test any day of the week. 

Best Method To Pass a Urine Test on Short Notice

SOLVED: BEST WAY TO PASS A URINE TEST ON SHORT NOTICE 2018[sta_anchor id="drug-test-myths-exposed" unsan="Drug Test Myths Exposed"]Drug Test Myths Exposed 

Below are some commonly listed methods said to be the Best Way to Pass a Urine Test on Short Notice, however they do not work and will only leave you with a failing drug test result as well as whatever consequences that may bring. 

[supsystic-tables id=3]

  • 1st Bad Suggestion is to contaminate urine

We have recently seen quite a few websites suggesting users use chemicals to contaminate their urine to pass a urine test on short notice. We’ve read suggestions from putting drops of bleach all the way to eye drops in the urine when submitting to a urine test. Do not attempt this. Not only will it return an altered result, if you are caught trying to do this, you will immediately fail your drug test. There are many other ways to get out of this jam that will actually work.

      There is only one product on the market that you can actually drop into your urine and successfully Pass a Drug Test.           Instant Clean Additive is the only solution that will allow you to alter your urine to pass a drug test

How to pass a Drug Test

  • 2nd Bad Suggestion is to Sweat The Drugs Out

We have seen a lot of suggestions to cleanse toxins from your body when faced with passing a urine test on a short notice by means of exercise, sweating, lots of physical activity, etc.. This not only will not help you pass a drug test on short notice but it could even make you test at a higher level for toxins due to the fact that fat stores toxins and when you burn the fat it sends those toxins right back into your blood stream. Sweating it out is not the best way to pass a drug test on short notice. This is a method to cleanse your body naturally over a period of time but definitely not on short notice.

I highly suggest Using Synthetic Urine, Powdered Urine or one of our reviewed Best Detox For Drug Test

  • 3rd Bad Suggestion is to water down your urine [sta_anchor id="dilute urine"]

Simply put, this is one of the worst suggestions I have seen behind altering the urine specimen with chemicals. When you add water directly to your urine, you are risking several issues such as

  1. Temperature being affected
  2. pH level thrown off (pH should be between 4.0-9.0)      Source 1.) Addiction Resource 
  3. Being caught red handed

All three of which end in the same result. A failed drug test. Do not dilute your urine in hopes of passing a urine test on short notice or advanced notice either. This is a method you should just erase from your mind right now.

  • 4th Bad Suggestion is to Drink Vinegar or Pickle Juice to pass a urine test on short notice[sta_anchor id="drink vinegar"]

So, I will be 100% honest with you, this method will actually help you pass a drug test if you get in a jam, however the consequences are personally not even close to being worth doing this. If you drink a large amount of vinegar or pickle juice you will more than likely be spending  a lot of time afterwards in the bathroom with pure vinegar coming out of your butt.. Just being point blank honest with you. It burns, it dehydrates you, it can actually kill you if you are not  careful. Don’t chance it, there is other ways!

So, What is the actual Best Way to Pass a Urine Test on Short Notice[sta_anchor id="Best way to pass a drug test on short notice"]

[caption id="attachment_697" align="aligncenter" width="728"]How to Pass a Drug Test We have broken down the Best ways to Pass a Drug Test on Short Notice by Time Until Drug Test to Ensure you are able to Pass your Drug Test Fast! [/caption]

Pass a drug test with Testclear

  • Method 1: Use the Best marijuana Detox Drinks to pass a urine test on short notice

If you are looking for one of the best marijuana detox drinks to pass a drug test, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed the best detox drink for drug test on the market and only suggest to you our top picks which are all available to purchase on Amazon for very affordable prices.

View Best Marijuana Detox Drinks

Buy Marijuana Detox Drinks

  • Method 2: Use a synthetic urine kit to pass a urine test on short notice

Buy a Synthetic Urine Kit

Don't Give Fake Urine for a Job TestSynthetic urine kits are a very valuable [sta_anchor id="method-to-pass-a-urine-test-on-short-notice" unsan="Method to Pass a Urine Test on Short Notice"]Method to Pass a Urine Test On Short Notice. You definitely want to make certain that the synthetic urine kit you purchase includes a bag as well as a warming pad, or you can use Heat Pads. These can be picked up at your local convenient store or retail market. These are readily available during deer season months. If you can not find them at your local retail outlet store such as Wal Mart or any other local option, you can purchase them online.

Below you can find out top choices for Passing a Drug Test with Synthetic Urine or Powdered Urine

  • Real Human Powdered Urine

The Powdered Urine Kit - #1 Solution for a Job Test





Incognito Belt Synthetic Urine Kit











  • Use Recovery Clean Detox Pills to pass a urine test on short notice

There are various detox pills you can use to pass a urine drug test. The methods to pass the drug test vary by pill manufacture. We’ve chosen a specific brand called Recovery Clean to recommend, however there are many other brands readily available. You can also use niacin to successfully pass a drug test 

Buy Recovery Clean Detox Pills

Buy Niacin 


pH level 4.0-9.0
Addiction Resource

Time Periods

How to Pass a Swab Drug Test


Employers and Law enforcement officers now using mouth swab drug test to catch us off guard! Learn to pass a mouth swab drug test at Clean420.com

Swab tests are being used more frequently

Employers Now Using Mouth Swab Drug Test

What is Mouth Swab Drug Test? Why Do Employers Use Saliva Drug Testing? How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Ever taken a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

Not only employers but now law officers are conducting mouth swab drug test during DUI Checkpoints

Today’s Job market is ever changing. The same is true with drug testing methods used by employers as well as law enforcement. Law enforcement officers are also using mouth swab drug tests at DUI check points to catch those who are under the influence of Marijuana as well as other illegal drugs.
CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

As we see saliva drug tests are becoming adopted by more and more officials throughout the United States. The same is to be said about Employers who wish to prevent us from getting a job if we choose to use legal or illegal marijuana or other drugs. Legal use of marijuana can still prevent you from gaining or keeping employment. A Colorado man was fired for testing positive for legal thc.

What is a Mouth Swab Drug Test? 


What is a mouth swab drug test? Find out at clean420.com

Mouth swab drug test are those that test the body for toxins from the use of saliva collected around the gums and jaw. 

These tests use the saliva found inside your mouth and detect the metabolites the body has made from the toxins left from illegal as well as legal drugs and everyday things we eat or breathe. Keep in mind prescription medication can also register on these drug tests as substances tested for such as marijuana, meth, cocaine, opiates, and benzos. Just as an example, a commonly used prescription medication such as adderall (amphetamine salts) has been known to register on a drug test as Methamphetamine. This is known as a false positive. You should inform a drug testing official of this use prior to submitting. You should inform of any and all medications, prescription and non prior to submitting to any drug test.

Why Employers Use Mouth Swab Drug Test


In 2004 the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) proposed a rule that would allow federal agencies to use mouth swab drug testing in the work place. They also defined how each specimen was to be handled. This opened the doors for employers to use Mouth Swab Saliva Drug Testing in the workplace. As years have passed the cost of saliva drug tests has drastically lowered. Mouth Swab Drug Tests have become the cheapest method for an employer to drug test an applicant or randomly drug test a employee.

Mouth swab drug test kits may be found at online markets such as Amazon for under $10. Compared to the average $150 per test spent on lab administered urine drug tests, this saves employers quite a bit of money over the course of a year. According to a recent study, American Workers are Increasingly Failing Drug Tests  

I can imagine the amount of money a employer spends per year on failed drug tests is rather high. This leading to seeking out more affordable drug testing methods. Locating an employee who is able to pass a drug test has become harder for employers. This has led employers to purchasing mouth swab drug tests that can be administered within their own facilities.

Benefits of Mouth Swab Drug Test

Do not be caught off guard by a potential employer trying to trick you with a mouth swab drug test at time of interview! Find out how to pass this drug test at Clean420.com

  • Employer/Testing Official can visually monitor the individual taking the test
  • Non Evasive for the person tested
  • More Affordable Drug Testing Option
  • Detects Very Recent Drug Use
  • Less applicants are aware of how to cheat mouth swab drug test
  • Employers may administer Mouth Swab Drug Tests themselves

As you see above, a mouth swab drug test has many benefits for both administering party as well as for the person being tested. As less people are aware of methods for passing a mouth swab drug test when they have used substances the tester determines to be unacceptable, the passing rate for those people is drastically lowered. This leaves employees with a higher rate of  truly drug free employees as well as more money saved on drug testing costs over the year.

How can I Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

So, you are looking for a way to cheat a mouth swab drug test? I’m sure after reading the above you are a bit nervous and wondering if it is possible.

Good news, Clean 420 has found how to cheat a mouth swab or saliva drug test and we will tell you how!
We would first like to point out that the only sure fire method of passing a mouth swab drug test or any other drug test is by not using drugs or legal medical marijuana. However, if you have already slipped up and are now panicking then luckily we have already reviewed the products to pass a mouth swab drug test. You must use a detox mouthwash, but be sure you read our reviews so you don’t waste your money or your results on a sub par product. These mouthwashes can be purchased at a number of places online such as Amazon. You may be lucky and have a local head shop that carries detox mouthwash as well. Luckily, certain areas may receive delivery of their detox products ordered online in as little as two hours. Read more at Detox products to pass a drug test, Delivered in as little as two hours. 

View Best Detox Mouthwash for Drug Test 2017


Best Detox Mouthwash 2017 only at Clean420.com

We’ve went on the quest to locate the Best Detox Mouthwash for Mouth Swab Drug Test


Looking to purchase an At Home Mouth Swab Drug Test To Test yourself or a loved one for drugs? 

Do not be caught off guard by a potential employer trying to trick you with a mouth swab drug test at time of interview! Find out how to pass this drug test at Clean420.com

5 Panel Mouth Swab Drug Test

Check Price

2-pk saliva mouth swab drug test only at Clean420.com 2 Pack Home Mouth Swab Drug Test Kit


Check Price

Stinger detox mouthwash reviews at Clean420.com

Stinger Detox Mouthwash Reviews


Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test Review 2017

Stinger Detox Mouthwash Reviews 2017


  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Taste: 5/5


Don’t be caught off guard with the

Pack the Mouthwash Detox So Many Trust- Stinger Detox Mouthwash


  •   The Stinger Detox Mouthwash masks or removes toxins in your salivary glands insuring you provide a passing mouth swab sample. 100% Guaranteed and works in minutes!
  • Ships VIA UPS Ground with tracking # 2 days most places
  • ** ALCOHOL FREE! **


Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon.co.uk


  • Can’t be bought and received the same day, typical shipping time is two days. Some times this can be too long.

Pass a drug test fast with the best detox drinks to pass a drug test. Read the reviews at Clean420.comInvest into a bottle of Stinger Detox Mouthwash!

You definitely need to look into purchasing the Best Detox Mouthwash before even filling out another application. Don’t be caught by surprise when you go to take your drug test or even go in just for an interview for that matter!  A lot of employers are now administering mouth swab drug tests at the time of interview to catch you off guard.


I have personally fell victim to this sneaky way to weed out potential employees (pun intended)!  I thought I was prepared as I had purchased two marijuana detox drinks to ensure I would pass any drug test only to be asked those famous words at the interview, “Are you ready to pass your drug test?”

Of course I was, I thought. I was expecting a piece of paper and directions to the nearest drug testing facility so knowing that I had my detox drinks I confidently replied, “Yes sir, of course”.

Upon my answer the manager oddly exited the room. I was expecting him to come back with paperwork, but instead he returned with a drug test that he administered right then.  It was a mouth swab test that I had to place into my cheek and hold there for five minutes. Needless to say, I had not prepared for this sort of drug test, nor did I answer the phone when the employer called me out of sheer embarrassment.

Do not be caught in this situation and miss out on a wonderful job opportunity like I did.  Go ahead and cover the new mouth that employers are taking advantage of before you show up to your next interview.

We have saved you the hours of searching for a trusted product that has positive user reviews and manufactured by a trusted company in the drug detox industry.

The If you get high, do not go to an interview without reading this first! Clean420.com

The Stinger Detox Mouthwash destroys the toxins in your salivary glands which is what a mouth swab drug test depends on to check for marijuana and various other toxins within your system.

This product is alcohol free as some companies also test you for alcohol at this time. DO NOT USE LISTERINE!  If the test checks for alcohol, you could test positive and look pretty ignorant to the employer. This could also raise red flags as most employers who choose to administer a mouth swab drug test have researched things to look for substances that could alter this form of drug testing.

don't get caught by surprise with a mouthswab drug test. Get a trusted mouthwash detox at clean420.comHow to prepare for surprise mouth swab test!

You can go ahead and prevent being caught off guard by a sly employer looking to throw this surprise your way during your interview. While there is only about a 25% chance that you will be hit with this surprise, it’s your decision on whether to cover this base or not.  You can either be more cunning than your potential employer or fall victim to their trap.

Stinger mouthwash received the Clean 420 Detox Stamp of Approval!

Buy on Amazon



Best Marijuana Detox Drink on the Market! 2017

Omni Detox Drink Review


While using the  is recommended,there are many methods for passing a drug test.  The method with the highest success rate is also the hardest and least fun method: abstinence.  While one supreme court has sided with medical marijuana, overall this is not the case. I know many of you are having flashbacks to high school, but it was true then and it is true now.  If you know you are going to have to submit to a drug test in the foreseeable future then the best way to avoid a positive result is to stop indulging.  This method is free and actually saves you money.  The downside to this method is depending on when you have to submit to the test and what your drug of choice is, it may not be a viable option.  This is especially true when it comes to marijuana as THC tends to linger in your system.  Unfortunately, if you are overweight and/or a chronic user it tends to stay in your system even longer.  So if your drug screening is not several months away and you need to pass a drug test with limited notice then a  is one of your better options.  Also, if your drug test is imminent and you do not have hours or days to research all the various options we have simplified that for you by finding a that has positive reviews from users who have tried and tested the product prior to yourself.  We know that having to submit to a drug screening can be stressful enough so we have saved you the guesswork of searching and hand picked a detox drink that has user reviews as well as been used over twenty times by myself!  While most reviews were positive we wanted to state upfront that not all users had a positive experience.  Also keep in mind that some users thought they could get stoned on their way to the drug testing facility since they had purchased a detox drink.  A detox drink is a powerful tool in helping prevent a positive test, but you must do your part and abstain from the drugs the moment you learn you have to submit to a drug test and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY.

Omni Detox Drink is a that includes a personal recommendation from the editors of clean 420

This is a simple one step cleansing solution according to the manufacturer.

Best Detox drink on the market to pass a drug test for marijuana read the reviews at clean420.comThis detox drink was designed for users with higher weight and toxin levels. So, they market this drink as a maximum strength detox solution. If you are a heavy pot smoker or have a higher BMI this is the detox drink for you. We suggest maximum strength to anyone who wants to pass a drug test period. Why take the chance of a product that doesn’t pack all of the potency? This is a big obstacle you are looking to overcome with potentially devastating consequences. Personally we would go with a maximum strength detox every time.  You don’t want to bring your C game to the biggest test of your life.

Best detox drink to pass a drug test for weed. Read the reviews at clean420.comThere are many phony detox drinks on the market that have bold claims of masking any toxins expelled from your system during a urine drug test. (Be sure to read our article onfor the best at home testing methods.) Some of these products are so blatantly phony that they are literally nothing more than sugar water. Those manufacturers are using your desperate times as a means to take advantage of you knowing you have very little recourse if you fail a drug test.  They are preying on your vulnerable state and hoping you do not take the time to research which detox drinks actually work and instead gravitate the first detox drink you find or the one that makes the most miraculous sounding claims.   The thing is why you may feel desperate and scared you do not need a miracle.  You need a detox drink that will actually work.  OMNI DETOX HAS BEEN USED BY MYSELF OVER TWENTY TIMES WITH PASSING RESULTS, AND THIS IS WHY Omni Best Detox Drink is Clean 420 BEST DETOX DRINK TO PASS A DRUG TEST.