What is meth made from

What is Crystal Meth Made of? How to Detox From Methamphetamine 101

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What is Crystal Meth Made Of


Crystal Meth is made of a highly volatile mixture of toxic substances mixed in various different recipes. You are never getting the same mixture twice. Meth can be produced very cheap and easily by obtaining the needed ingredients from your local hardware store, pharmacies , which makes the drug easily obtainable to anyone.

Some of the main ingredients to make methamphetamine

  • Ephedrine (taken from over the counter cold meds)
  • Ether
  • Battery Acid
  • Insecticides
  • Solvents
  • Lye

If you think there is rules put in place to ensure that it is made sterile you are sadly mistaken. The quality of the drug varies each time depending on the supplier, how readily available the supplies were, his current financial situation, and many other unregulated factors.

I have  heard rumor over the last couple of years that these methods to make meth are not as easy to accomplish anymore due to restrictions on the materials needed. I have also heard rumor of a new method in which it is being buried allowing it to form into ice.

Here is a video for those who may be interested in becoming more educated on the matter

If you need to pass a drug test for meth, I suggest you read this article

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