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At Home Drug Test Kits

A positive drug test result could ruin your career, end a relationship, or even land you in prison. We reviewed the best at home drug test so you don’t have to!


Best At Home Drug Test Review

Drug Detox Drinks

When you need to pass a drug test fast, you’ll want to purchase the Best detox drink to pass a drug test with reviews. We’ve saved you the work and reviewed the Best Detox Drink in 2017.


Best Detox Drink Review

Detox Mouthwash

Do Not be caught off guard by an employer administered Mouth Swab Drug Test! Read our guide to Passing the sneaky Mouth Swab test that employers are administering at time of interview!

Best Detox Mouthwas Review

Latest 420 Friendly Guides to Pass Drug Test

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Best detox reviews to pass a drug test at Clean420.com

Beginners Guide: How to Pass a Drug Test 2017

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Quick Fixes to Help You Pass the Dreaded Drug Test
A full drug detox is not easy. No matter what your friend says. When you find out that you are being tested for drugs, whether by surprise or as per a scheduled mandatory drug test, you might be scared to death that you will test positive.
You might think there is no way out of it.
But, you know what?
There’s almost always a way out of every problem, and in this case, there are actually many of them.
If you check your nearest supermarket store, you will find a plethora of detox drinks, and other related products that promise to help you out. They promise to cleanse your system of any kind of drug traces. Not to mention the endless number of home remedies that keep cropping up all over the internet.

Make someone else pee for you

Using a friends urine to pass a drug test? See why not to do this at Clean420.com

Get a bottle of energy drink, empty it out and make a non-user pee in it. If you are going through a high-profile drug test, you may be needed to pee in the clinic premises, and then you will need to find innovative ways to smuggle the bottle inside your pants. Here’s a tip for you. Make sure that the person pees in the bottle close to the timing of the test, so that it remains warm, otherwise the test can come out ‘inconclusive’, and you will have to go through it again. Synthetic urine is also a thing and if you can afford it, then people have used it to get out of employer’s drug tests.

Bentonite Clay

If you have been using cannabis, then this is the way to go. Take 4tbsp of bentonite clay, dilute it with water, and chug it. To complete the routine, consume jam that contains pectin to absorb cannabis in your body. For cleansing the urine, consume lots of pomegranate juice (pack of 12 is only $20)and fruit smoothies with chia, hemp, and green food powder. These will help cleanse your body of the cannabis in all forms. Do not forget to soak yourself in water mixed with bentonite clay, coconut oil, and sea salt. Also, do not forget to drink a lot of water, as you would with any detox regimen.

Commercially Available Products
Commercial detox products are a rage these days. For one, they are completely legal to buy. Since many of them are available at online marketplaces, there are enough reviews for you to check whether they really work or not. We’ve saved you the work of having to do so and provide you with our recommendations based on the research we have conducted. They come in all forms from pills and body washes to detox drinks. Detox drinks are the most popular choice, but steer clear of any drink that promises to cleanse you of every type of drug residue. Buy a detox drink that focuses on one particular drug. People have tried them over time and experienced positive results. But, then again, the effectiveness of each product varies and following the directions exactly also plays a large role in the results you will receive.

An at home drug test is also highly recommended to self test rather or not your detox has been successful prior to taking any official lab administered drug screening. You can purchase three different types of at home drug testing kits.

  1. At home Urine Drug Test Kits
  2. At home Mouth Swab Drug Test Kits
  3. At Home Hair Follicle Drug Test Kits

These do it yourself drug testing remedies have become a very affordable option today. Once costing upwards of $150-$200 now can be purchased from sites such as amazon for as little as $5.

I should put it out there that these remedies have worked for some people, and not for others. So, take them with a pinch of salt. If you know that a scheduled drug test is in the offing, the surest way to not come up positive is by giving up doing drugs for a while. It is the only guaranteed way that works. For the surprise tests, these tricks will definitely come handy.

Employees Fired for Testing Positive for THC

youre fired! Employees fired for testing positive for thc read more at Clean420.com

There have been numerous employees fired for testing positive for THC, this includes states where marijuana has become legalized for both medicinal and recreational use. More information can be read on this subject in our article Employee fired over prescription marijuana!

Mouthwash Detox

Learn about Best mouthwash to pass a drug test with at Clean420.com

Today many employers are beginning to test their new hires at the time of interview. These employers are engaging in sneaky tactics to catch unsuspecting applicants off-guard. Once you sit down at your interview these employers are leading you on to feel as if you have the job. One trick, you must pass this mouth swab drug test. Uh oh… Now what? You prepped for a urine drug screen, but you didn’t think anything about your possible employer mouth swabbing your themselves at the time of the interview! Don’t sweat it, we have the answer to this new common problem in our article Best Detox Mouthwash on the market! 

Using a friends urine

Many times people attempt to use a third parties urine who they trust is clean from toxins to pass a urinalysis drug screen. This method requires a lot of planning as well as a lot of trust for the third party whose urine you are going to attempt to use. Here are a few reasons I highly suggest against this method of passing a drug test.

  • The temperature must be correct (when inside your body urine i approximately 98.8 F. Once its excreted from your body it will remain at a temperature of approximately 96 F for about 4-5 minutes) The test taker checks this temperature once you hand them the cup and if the temperature is either too hot or too cold, you will find yourself being stared at by the same sex as you retake this drug test with zero chance to cheat it. I tell this as it happened to me when putting a friends urine into a condom. They pee’d in this condom right outside the drug testing facility and the temp was still too cold. I do not suggest using this method, ever.
  • The container used to store the urine could leak or bust inside your pants. It could even fall down your leg right in front of the tester. Talk about embarrassing.
  • The third party could be on a prescription that they did not even think about that could cause you to test positive and have have no way to cough up a legal prescription for whatever meds they are on.
  • What if you used your girlfriends urine and this is the way you find out she is pregnant. Dudes don’t have kids, that’s the only problem with this. This is a sure fire way to be caught cheating.

These are just a few reasons for not recommending this method to pass a drug test. Do you really need any more than that? C’mon now, there’s only 101 things that can go wrong with this method and only a million other ways to pass a drug test that are easier and make much more sense.

How to Pass a Drug Test For Weed

How to pass a drug test for weed at Clean420.com

This is a question asked frequently and searched for on the web often. Since weed is the most used “drug” as it’s called as well as the longest lingering chemical that shows up on a drug test. THC can stay in your system for long periods of time. Depending on frequency of use, potency, body type, as well as other contributing factors the toxin can remain detectable in ones system for upwards of ninety days. We go more in detail in our article “How long does weed stay in my system?” 

Knowing that THC or Weed can stay in your system for extended periods of time, you obviously found this article by searching for how to pass a drug test for weed. So we will answer this question to the best of our ability. To pass a drug test for weed, you have a few options.

  1. Stop Smoking Weed for 30-90 Days prior to taking a drug test
  2. Use a drug detox drink, detox shampoo, detox mouthwash (more info can be found on these products in the linked articles)
  3. Use artificial Urine
  4. Use a friends urine (highly do NOT recommend)

Obviously the first recommendation is the only sure fire guaranteed way to pass a drug test for pot. We both know that putting the ganja down for that long could cause a nervous breakdown or maybe you are prescribed and use it to assist you with pain, anxiety, stress, or depression. We’ve already discussed some employers do not care about you possessing a legal prescription for weed and will not hire you if you test positive.

So lets discuss method two. The use of a drug detox drink, shampoo, or mouthwash. There are thousands of detox products on the market today with very bold claims stating they will guarantee you will pass the drug test if you just use their product. First off, most of these claims are utter bullshit! 

Before we even talk about detox products, lets get something clear from the start. Detox Drinks are used to mask your system of toxins for a given period of time. The do not remove the toxins from your body. Let me repeat that, DETOX DRINKS DO NOT REMOVE TOXINS FROM YOUR BODY, THEY SIMPLY MASK THEM FOR A PERIOD OF TIME. Once you understand this, you will have about a 85% more of a chance to pass using one of these products. (the % is completely made up by the way)

Okay, now that we have the facts out of the way let’s talk about how to pass a drug test for weed with a detox drink.

How to pass drug test with Best Detox Drinks on the market at Clean420.com

First off you need to choose a detox drink that you believe is worth spending your money on and worth risking your drug test results on. Like we said, there are thousands of products out there. Believe me when I say, the price tag does not mean a thing when it comes to the quality of these products. The only one I have personally failed using is the most expensive one I ever bought. (I don’t remember the brand but I remember it was $60 and it was 50x the strength and it was grape) A lot of these products are nothing more than sugar water marketed by unethical companies just trying to steal your money during your time of panic.

So what detox drink can I use to pass a drug test for weed?

What detox drinks to use to pass drug test for weed? Find out at Clean420.com

My personal recommendation for a detox drink that you provide the needed results you are seeking is called Omni. Surprisingly this is one of the cheapest detox drinks on the market. I personally purchase this from a local head shop, the only head shop locally that carries this brand. The big name head shops all carry the big name products that are expensive and tend to not be worth the money. I pay $29.99 for the detox drink at my local head shop. I’ve done you the courtesy of finding this online for a fraction of the price I personally pay. It comes in three different flavors. Personally my local head shop has only carried the orange and the fruit punch. They’ve never given me the option which I buy, they keep it behind the counter. (this is a hint of it being a quality product that is not just set out on the shelf). I’ve located this product on Amazon for only $17.99 for the orange and the grape flavors, and the fruit punch is listed for $19.99.

Now that I’ve written this article and located these drinks for a fraction of the price I have been paying over the last ten years, I have just ordered ten bottles for myself. The owner of my local head shop swears by this stuff and so do I. There may be tons of other detox drinks out there that work but this is the only one that I can tell you personally has worked for me on numerous occasions. By numerous, I’m talking at least twenty times with zero failures.

How to use Omni Detox Drink to Pass Drug Test for Weed

I can tell you the directions to pass a drug test using Omni off the top of my head as it’s instilled in my brain already from personal use.

  1. Buy a bottle of omni from your local head shop or from amazon
  2. Four to Six hours prior to your URINE DRUG TEST (that is all this drink will help you pass) drink the entire contents of the Omni Detox (the taste is not great but I’ve had much worse
  3. Fill the empty omni bottle with water to the top as it was with the original detox liquid. Drink this completely
  4. Fill the empty bottle again with water and drink completely
  5. That’s it, do not fill it a third time, do not drink any more water that is all you need. Don’t over do it

Be prepared to start peeing every five minutes, I’m not sure if it’s the water or if it is the contents of the detox drink but I swear I have to hit every gas station on the way to the drug testing facility to pee. Maybe you will have different results, I’m curious so please report back on this.

When you arrive to the drug testing facility, they may ask if you want a cup of water, this is fine. If you wish, drink a cup of water and wait for them to call your name.

Once they call your name go, take your cup and let the first second or two of urine go into the toilet. Why? I don’t know, but the directions say to do this so just do it as I’ve never failed using this product and following the directions. Fill the cup to the line they tell you to fill to.

Hand the tester your cup. They will then test the temperature of the urine to ensure you actually used your urine. They will ask you to initial the cup and that’s it. Expect a call to start your new job or expect to not hear anything if your test if for other reasons.

That’s it, you just learned how to pass a drug test for weed using the Omni detox drink.

Please report your results back and let us know if you have any questions regarding this product. I don’t work for the company but I’ve used the product enough times that I can answer just about anything regarding the product. If this article assist one person in passing a drug test I will feel as if it was worth the time writing. Feel free to call around and try to find this product locally or you can purchase it on amazon.

Pass a drug test fast with the best detox drinks to pass a drug test. Read the reviews at Clean420.com



Learn how to pass any drug test with our Beginners guide on: How to Pass a Drug Test! Clean420.com

Get Omni at Amazon

Buy Omni on Amazon

Get Omni at Drug Test Plus

What is the Best at Home Drug Test Kit

We have reviewed the Best at Home Drug Test Kit and we have a full article on this topic but we will briefly discuss it here. We chose the Best at home drug test kit by the product reviews and personal Product review: Care Check Single THC drug screen test at Clean420.com

experience alike. Typically when you are shopping for a drug test kit, you either want to test your child, spouse, or co workers for the use of illegal substances. We typically focus on marijuana here at Clean420 so the drug test of choice is focused solely on the testing of thc. We chose the care check due the the fact that it includes fifteen individual drug tests that test for marijuana and they are each in sealed wrappers to stay fresh and they read very accurate. This drug test gets five starts with hundreds of five star reviews. You can purchase this box of fifteen at home drug tests for only $10 at amazon.

How long does weed stay in my system? Find out at Clean420.comHow long does Weed Stay in my system?

This is a question asked frequently and there is no definite dry cut answer to this question. How long weed stays in your system depends on a few different factors. Body fat, frequency of use, and potency of the weed you smoked all take part in determining how long weed stays in your system. You can read more in our article, How long does weed stay in my system for more details on this.

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