5 Differences Between 420 and Smokeless Cigarettes

There has been some debate recently about what is better, 420 smoking or smokeless cigarettes. In all actuality, it comes down to the individual’s smoking preference. Whether you are new to the smoking scene or an old veteran, it’s important to know some of the significant differences between 420 smoking and smokeless cigarettes.

Smokeless Cigarettes are Paperless

Smokeless cigarettes don’t involve filters or rolling papers. Typically, the smokeless cigarette consists of three parts: the drip tip, the chamber, and the battery. The battery is the part that keeps the device running. The chamber is where the e-juice goes and where the heating coil is. And finally, the drip tip is where the user’s lips go to draw in the vapor.

Smokeless Cigarettes Require Maintenance

Because the smokeless cigarettes are paperless and have electronic parts, they also require proper maintenance. Mostly, this involves taking the vaporizer apart, cleaning each piece, putting it back together, and recharging it. Cleaning out the chamber is arguably the most delicate but crucial part of the upkeep process. For smokeless cigarette users, they can change the amount of nicotine and the flavor of their e-juice. That’s why it’s important for these users to clean out the chamber thoroughly between refills.

420 Smoking is Old Fashioned and Modern

Mostly, 420 smoking is what everyone imagines it to be: a bong, a glass pipe, or some rolling papers. However, the dry herb vaporizer offers modern technology to the experience. Users argue that vaporizing is better for the lungs since the herb is burning at a much lower temperature.

420 Smoking Has a Different Effect

Any person off the street could tell you the most significant difference between 420 and smokeless cigarettes: the content and effects. Smokeless cigarettes have nicotine in them, and the marijuana in a joint contains THC. Nicotine is incredibly addicting whereas the effects of THC are considerably less addicting, if at all. Once again, the preference of 420 smoking versus smokeless cigarettes boils down to the user’s smoking preference. According to Nature’s Way Medicine, “When it comes down to it, vaping weed may be healthier and contain fewer carcinogens, but it all comes down to how you feel. One high may last longer, but the other may provide more of the health benefits of the compounds found in cannabis.”

Overall, there are many differences between 420 and smokeless cigarettes. From technology to the maintenance required, from old-fashioned or modern techniques to the actual effects of smoking, there is a large difference between the two. While this article is an excellent place to start, be sure to research more into both smokeless cigarettes and 420 smoking before deciding on your smoking preference.



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