5 Reasons Not to Drive While High on Marijuana

While many adults choose to use marijuana for recreational or medicinal use, it’s important to be safe about it. The temptation to drive can be great. You might feel like you’re a good driver, or you feel in control while high, but adults should keep in mind that driving while high on marijuana can actually be quite dangerous. There are five crucial things adults need to know about driving and marijuana use.

Damage Your Vehicle

Chances are that you love your car, and if you don’t love your car, you probably wouldn’t want it damaged or broken. You probably worked hard to choose the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle, so why take the risk that you could cause damage to it? Unfortunately, driving while high is becoming more common as using marijuana is becoming more legal and popular. Driving while under the influence doesn’t only apply to alcohol.  

Hurt Others

Feelings of being high can make you feel dizzy or unaware of your surroundings. You could also feel sluggish or slower than normal, which could prove disastrous if someone pulls out in front of you or cuts you off. Even if it’s not entirely your fault, you could hurt or severely damage passengers or pedestrians while driving. Keep this in mind when you choose to get high, as it’s important that you avoid hurting those around you. If you need to order a ride or ask a friend, that’s worth it more than risking the chances of driving while high.

Cause Complications with Your Insurance

One of the biggest reasons to avoid driving under the influence of marijuana is that you may be required to take out an SR 22 insurance policy if you get a DUI. SR22 policies are typically required for those who have been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They have a higher premium than normal insurance policies, and are meant as both a form of deterrent from driving under the influence, but also because insurance agencies don’t want to cover someone who is a liability. No one wants to deal with higher or more complicated insurance rates, as these can be quite frustrating and pricey.

Personal Injury

During any sort of accident, it’s possible to become injured. Driving while under the influence of marijuana is no different. If you drive while high, you may become injured in an accident. Your senses are impaired while driving under the influence of any substance, and as such you can’t react to situations as effectively.

Jail Time

Unfortunately, for some users, driving while high can lead to an arrest. Even if you are not involved in an accident, you may drive sporadically or unreasonably. This can lead to an arrest that can impact your future. Even if you live in a state where recreational weed usage is legal, driving while under the influence isn’t. Even though there are still legal options available for people in this situation, as a whole it’s probably better to avoid it altogether.

While people choose marijuana for many reasons, keep in mind that it’s important you use this responsibly. There are many ways you can choose to use this medication as a way to enhance your life; however, it must be done within the proper means. Make sure you stay in a safe place and are surrounded by safe people should you choose to use. Remember not to drive while under the influence of this, as it can lead to many negative side effects for everyone involved.


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