5 Strategies to Stow Your Stash Securely

Having quite the collection of buds can attract the wrong kind of attention if word of your stash gets out. Not only might the fuzz drop in for an unexpected visit, but the streets are crawling with freeloaders who would love to take advantage of your indoor greenhouse. Here are a handful of tips on securing your marijuana stash to prevent burglars from taking an interest in your hobby, too.

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Always Make Sure Someone is Home

Burglars are more likely to cause a place they think is empty at predictable times. Therefore the best element for burglary prevention is maintaining a presence within the home. Burglars like to work quickly and quietly and be gone before anyone knows they were there, so if you can maintain the illusion of someone being home they will be more hesitant to target you.

According to a recent report by ProtectYourHome.com, leaving a bedroom or porch light on when you’re away or asleep is not an effective method of burglary prevention. It’s better to install automatic lighting, or put the TV on a timer.


Diversion Safes are Your Best Friend

Even if burglars do manage to break into your house, if they can’t find the goods they’re more likely to get frustrated and leave. Diversion safes like a can of soda or soup hidden in the pantry or a hollowed out roll of paper towels in the kitchen can provide you with the cover you need for your stash. If you want to go a little Jurassic with your stash, you can find hollowed out Barbasol cans, too.

Consider a Smell-Proof Stash Container

Let’s face it; Mary Jane is danky dank. If you don’t want the people you live with to know you’ve got it, the best thing you can do is get yourself a smell proof container. These are usually air-tight containers that completely contain the smell. Mason jars work well if you don’t mind the contents being visible, but for something a little more less conspicuous you might consider hiding your stash in a portable fire-proof safe.

Get a Stash Box You Can Move Easily

Did you know most robberies are committed by people who know what’s inside the house already? Make sure whatever stash item you get can be moved. If your secret floor safe gets revealed, there’s nothing you can do about that short of moving.


Hide Your Stash in Plain Sight

If you’re an avid reader, consider hollowing out a book and keeping your stash there. Toss it on your coffee table or put it on the bookshelf with all of the other books in your home and you’ve got a pretty good hiding spot through sheer camouflage. No burglar is going to care a lick about that faded looking copy of Crime & Punishment on your mantle.

These are just a few quick tips to help you secure your stash against burglars and others who may decide to give themselves a five-finger discount with your marijuana stash.

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