6 Gadgets You NEED in Your Greenhouse

6 Gadgets You NEED in Your Greenhouse

Your medicinal marijuana is sensitive and needs the best care possible to maximize growth potential. Rather than hovering over your greenhouse every moment of the day, let technology give you a hand.

Humidity Control

A thermometer and hygrometer combination device that collects data is an essential tool in today’s medical marijuana growing industry. Having one of these on hand allows you to monitor both temperature and humidity levels quickly and easily. You can also export data sets at any time to improve your growing operations. Keeping a close eye on humidity also helps prevent mold from developing.


Solar Lighting

You can find a wide variety of solar lighting options to help minimize your dependence on city grid electricity. Most LED solar lights do not have bulbs or batteries so that they are far more durable and easy to maintain. If there’s energy you don’t end up using, sometimes you can sell that extra energy to the local electric company.


Smart Smoke Detector

A number of the latest smart smoke detectors can be directly connected to your phone so that the moment anything goes wrong, you are notified. Even if you are on a business trip thousands of miles away, you can contact the fire department and save your greenhouse just by receiving a message from your smoke detector. Smoke alarms can be mounted on ceilings or high up on walls. Wherever you place them, you will receive important alerts anytime, day or night.



Make your greenhouse practices even greener and compost your kitchen scraps for use as a natural fertilizer. A compost bin is an exceptional way to reduce expenses. You can reuse the compost for growing or you can sell it to other greenhouses who may not have as much garden waste to provide sufficient compost to their plants. And, even better, you can even use a compost heater to warm your greenhouse during cold nights and days.


Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

A reverse osmosis water filtration system is ideal for growers with in areas with hard water that can lead to calcium toxicity. Such systems remove dangerous toxins, minerals, and chlorine from the water source before you use it on your plants. This will help to keep your pH balances in check. Note that you may need to adjust the bicarbonate levels once the filtration has taken place.


Waterproof pH and TDS Meter Reader

In coordination with your water filtration system, you should also use a waterproof pH and TDS meter reader. These readers can provide measurements for temperature, pH levels, and conductivity, all of which are essential to creating the precise conditions needed to be able to grow superior medical marijuana.


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