7 Weed-Worthy Accessories That Will Really Tie the Room Together

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You may not be dealing with toeless nihilist thugs or marmot bathtub invasions, but you definitely need to make your coolest room a scene-worthy space. Take a look through these tips to get ideas that will turn your private residence into a Dude-friendly paradise.

Bowl In Your Own Home

When you play with a miniature or tabletop set of duckpins, you never have to worry about entering into a world of pain with a toe over the line. In fact, table-sized billiard games or magnetic dart boards all make great additions to your favorite hang out spot without the risk of things taking a dangerous turn if tempers get heated. Nobody will drag any negative energy into the tournament if you pop in some Creedence tapes and make sure there’s plenty of milk in stock.

Bliss Out With Fairy Lights

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Like the Dude, you may also enjoy the occasional flashback, so you might as well set up a place to tune in and drop out comfortably. Pick a quiet corner and hang some fairy lights that will transport your fantasies into a world where Viking queen warriors bowl a perfect game. Lights like these come in a variety of styles and types from battery-powered twinkly LEDs to just the standard plug-in Christmas lights. Choose a set you like best and follow your bliss down the rabbit hole.

Decorate A Smoker’s Cabinet Or Trunk

You’ll need a place to keep your stash and giving it a special place inside the room will give your smoke sessions the feel of an esoteric ritual that enhances its mind-bending effects. This can be something as small as an engraved wooden trunk that fits on a side table or an apothecary cabinet that hangs on a wall. A feature piece like this is a great place to slather on your favorite stickers if you plan to keep it for years to come. Make sure it’s big enough to house your incense supplies, too, especially if you want to cut the stank of the dank down.

Aggression Will Not Stand On This Rug

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Here’s hoping all your guests are housebroken because a Delilah Bohemian Rug that even the Dude could abide really will tie the room together. Bright, bold colors and psychedelic patterns give you plenty of options to mix-and-match or purposely mismatch the rest of the room’s accessories and furniture for a truly trippy time. A little mood lighting, a lot of incense and a plush rug like this will show anyone they’ve come to the right place for a good time.

Quotable Walls With Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint isn’t just for Pinterest moms and kids rooms. It’s the new magnetic poetry for friends’ gatherings and creative bursts, so reserve a spot to use when everyone’s hanging out or when you’re feeling the flow on your own. It’s not just for movie quotes, either–use it to draw mandalas, play games or leave notes for when you might need a reminder most. If you can’t get away with a whole wall for stoned scribblings, then a big slab of wood primed with chalkboard paint can do the trick just as well.

Chill Out On Big Pillows And Papasans

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When you’re riding high, you need a soft landing, so fill the room with oversized pillows and shop for furnishings that offer maximum comfort. Throwbacks to the psychedelic era like fluffy bean bag chairs and perfectly round Papasan loungers create a chill vibe and keep you cozy when you need it the most. Cushions that are big enough to sit on add another layer of mellow style and save the rug from wear and tear. Just don’t leave any furniture-eating show dogs wandering around unsupervised.

Frame And Hang Memorabilia Posters

There’s no better way to pay tribute to the venerable Dude than by hanging posters and stills from the movie up in your stoner’s den. Even though he’s probably chill enough to not judge you for using a few thumbtacks and some tape, your aesthetic sensibilities will still enjoy the smart look of formally framed pieces. You can find solid frames at thrift stores, online or have them custom-made depending on the size you need for your collection. Whichever way you choose, it will lend the space the look of a gallery that memorializes one of the greats.

Your in-home smoke spot should be as comfortable as it is visually appealing, and as the Dude can attest, a good rug is essential. Trick out your space with fun details and cozy pieces so you and your friends can smoke in peace and stay chill. For more handy information like this, check out our other articles!


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