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A Mouth Swab Drug Test – How To Pass & Where To Buy Swab Tests

Saliva (Oral Fluid) Laboratory Test Confirmation by Medimpex
A Mouth Swab Drug Test



Mouth Swab Drug Tests are now more popular than ever. So popular that certain law enforcement agencies are now taking advantage of them at routine sobriety check points. You can read more about police giving swab drug tests at road blocks here. We will discuss the facts regarding Mouth Swab Tests used to detect drugs and other illegal substances. We will also discuss Method Used To Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test
Buy at Home Mouth Swab Drug Tests
We will answer the following questions regarding mouth swab drug tests. 

  • What is a Mouth Swab Drug Test?
  • How Much Does Mouth Swab Drug Test Cost?
  • What Is The Detection Times of Mouth Swab Tests?
  • Where Can I Order A Mouth Swab Drug Test?

The saliva is tested for the use of drugs; typically, these tests can detect drugs used within the past few days. Saliva can be tested for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and methamphetamines. Mouth swab drug tests are popular for many employers, in part because they are less expensive than other drug tests.

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As mentioned above more and more employers and law enforcement officials are turning to mouth swab drug tests as their drug test of choice. While swab tests were once a more expensive option to drug test, with the advancement of technology spreading more and more companies are now manufacturing mouth swab drug tests.

Buy at Home Drug Testing Kits

The Cost of Purchasing a Mouth Swab Drug Test Is Very Affordable

Mouth Swab Tests range anywhere from $5-$250 depending on where you order it from and the number of substances it tests for. Below are a few mouth swab drug tests we have found around the web that cover the price range we listed above. Listed tests are satisfactory options that have positive reviews from verified users from around the world.

SalivaConfirm 6-Panel Oral Fluid Screening Kit
Saliva Confirm 6 Panel Drug Test
This Saliva Drug Test is $13.95 at one of our drug test resources of choice. Test Clear
Name/Description: SalivaConfirm 6-Panel Oral Fluid Screening Kit
BannerID: 107

This SalivaConfirm 6-Panel Saliva Drug Testing Kit is 99% accurate and detects marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines and benzodiazepines.


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5 Pack of STATSWAB 4-Panel Mouth Swab Drug Test

5 Panel Home Mouth Swab Drug Test Kit The 4-Panel Drug Test Kit analyzes 4 specific drugs *Methamphetamine (mAMP) 50 ng/mL *Cocaine (COC) 20 ng/mL *Opiates (OPI) 40 ng *Marijuana (THC) 100 ng/mL The STATSWAB_ is a NEW and INNOVATIVE fully integrated oral fluid drug screen device. Not Only The Most Hygienic Drug Test, But The Most Hygienic Saliva Test As Well!!. The STATSWAB_ is possibly the simplest and fastest oral fluid drug screen on the market. USAintel has supplied THOUSANDS of clients, specializing in unique drug testing equipment with 99.9% accuracy levels. So ask yourself, do you want the highest quality of instant urine and oral fluid drug testing kits? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve supplied hospitals, businesses, and diagnostic clinics nationwide for years. Contact our office for volume orders to receive discounts.

5 Panel ORAL CUBE Saliva Drug Test OPI/COC/mAMP/AMP/THC

Buy at Home Drug Test Kits - Mouth Swab Drug TestThis is another mouth swab drug test that can be purchased and tests for 5 drugs.

This oral cube device is a rapid screening test for the simultaneous detection of drugs in human saliva. One oral fluid drug test kit will detect 5 illicit drugs AMP – mAMP – THC- COC – OPI at once and will provide easy to read results within 10 minutes, The saliva drug test is inexpensive compared to urine drug testing when the cost of the collection site and the drug test itself are considered. These tests are top sellers for among work place testing, schools, colleges, universities. criminal justice & law enforcement drug testing. FOR FORENSIC USE ONLY

10 Panel Mouth Swab Drug Test – Flat Cup by OralScreen – $14.75
10 Panel Mouth Swab Drug Test Kit
Retail Price: $17.90
You Save: $3.15
from: Medimpex United Inc



According to LabCorp, the detection time for mouth swab drug tests is very short compared to other drug testing methods. Depending on the drug used, dose, and route of administration, a drug may be detected in oral fluid in less than one hour and remain detectable for five hours up to 48 hours after last use.

This is beneficial to both employer as well as employee as it allows them to hire someone who may have recently ceased use of drugs or other illegal and controlled substances, raising the employment rate. This also allows employers or loved ones to randomly test their family members or employees to see if they have recently used drugs or illegal substances.

Purchasing a mouth swab drug test is easy. There are many companies that sell these and other tests.  If you order from one of these sources come back and give us feedback about your experience so we can ensure we only recommend companies who treat our visitors with the highest customer service and only sell the highest quality products.


Below you will find some of our favorite choices for A Mouth Swab Drug Test.


A Mouth Swab Drug Test

A Mouth Swab Drug Test


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