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Clean 420 is an informational resource providing the latest techniques on how to pass a drug test. We research the latest methods of drug testing along with the latest legal products available to assist a user in passing a drug test. We provide recommendations based on our own research to save you the legwork as we realize  you may be in a hurry to solve this dreaded task.

Our Story

We are a company that conducts research on problems everyday people such as ourselves face. I’ve personally had to use products to cleanse toxins from my system in the past and realize it is  a nightmare trying to find a product that is worthy of spending your money on, while trusting the results to be in your favor. While the reviews we provide are based on our own research, we encourage you to follow up with your own research to base your final decision.

Two Walks Of Life, With One Goal

While we come from two separate walks of life and two totally different professions, we have the same end goal. To help others with common day to day issues faced. We are a lawyer and a web developer coming together to solve problems for normal people around the world. We hope we are able to save you some time and point you in the right direction on solving this daunting task of locating a quality product to assist you in passing a drug test as we realize good people sometimes make not so good decisions that should not inhibit them from bettering themselves for their future. If you have an addiction problem, we highly urge you to seek professional help as it is readily available. We do not condone nor promote the use of illegal drugs or the abuse of prescription of over the counter drugs. You do so at your own risk. Please be aware that the links on our site may be paid advertisements or affiliate links.

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