All about Medical Marijuana

All About Medical Marijuana

Knowledge of Medical Marijuana
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Marijuana plants have many uses. And they are of great value in the field of medicine. Any part of the plant can be used to address myriads of medical symptoms. The plant is called “” if it is used for medical purpose and not to get high. This is also the reason why Chalice Farms | Portland Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are allowed to legally distribute marijuana to their clients. And though the word “medical” was added to its name, the ingredients of medical marijuana do not differ to that of the recreational marijuana that we know of. However, some of these plants are grown with fewer chemicals to ward off euphoria.

Medical Marijuana’s Contents

Cannabinoids is the term referring to the chemical contents of marijuana. There are hundreds of them but the 2 main chemicals are CBD and THC. The latter gives the plant a pleasurable effect when taken for recreational purpose. This is the reason why pot smokers repeatedly use the drug. However, THC is also used to treat a lot of medical conditions.
CBD on the other hand is another property of marijuana with medicinal effects but does not get the person high.

Marijuana smoke has instant effect. However, its effect can be felt after an hour when you eat it. What happens when you smoke it anyway? Well the smoke which contains THC travels to your lungs then to your bloodstream. This leads to the release of a chemical called “dopamine”, giving you the feeling of being “high”. However, less is known on how CBD works. But what is certain is that it works on the brain, either working with THC or on its own.
Medical marijuana alleviates symptoms like nausea, pain and loss of appetite, especially among people with HIV. However, extensive research still needs to be done on how this can help people with HIV. But marijuana showed to be helpful in containing seizure attacks among people with epilepsy. Some studies show that it is also useful for easing symptoms of multiple sclerosis like frequent urination pain, spasms and muscle stiffness.

It can have short term and long term side effects as follows:
Short term side effects
Among these are mood changes, unhappy feeling, feeling sleepy or relaxed, anxious feeling, short term memory disruption and inability to make decision. Such effects can last for 1-3 hours. However, if taken in large doses, paranoia, hallucinations or delusions may be felt. According to studies, marijuana can also cause breathing issues like bronchitis or even worse.

If you have been smoking marijuana for quite some time, expect to experience respiratory issues like lung infection or daily cough. According to experts, this can also cause depression, mental illness, suicidal thoughts and less drive or motivation. If the user is pregnant, it will cause health problems among babies. Most of all, marijuana is addictive.
So, if you are planning to take marijuana as part of your treatment regimen, make sure that you have consulted with your doctor about it. Because more than wanting to relieve your medical symptoms, you need to be sure that it will be safe for you to use it as well.

While Medical Marijuana is legal on many state levels, it is still illegal as far as the federal government is concerned. Until the federal government decides to make Marijuana Legal across the entire United States, your employer still has the right to require all employees or potential employees to pass a drug test, including marijuana.  Learn How to Pass a urine drug test on short notice

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