Best marijuana detox products 2017

Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017

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So, you are searching for the Best Detox Drink for an upcoming drug test? Well you have come to the right place and we have great news! Today we are going to review another Detox Drink to pass a drug test! If you have been following us then you know that we reviewed the Omni Detox Drink last week. If you didn’t read it, check it out. If you would just like to see the ratings Omni Detox received, you can view that as well. That will get you caught up on our quest for the Best Detox Drink for Drug Test. 

This weeks Drug Test Detox review will be on Ultra Eliminex Detox DrinkWe will start out with going over the manufacturers claims.

About Ultra Eliminex Detox and it’s fight to be the Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017

  • Manufacturer claims millions of satisfied Customers
  • They offer a 100% money back Passing Drug Test Result GUARANTEE
  • Eliminex claims to be the oldest name in the drug detox industry 25+yrs
  • Claim to be an actual cleanse and not a masker
  • Claim of Detoxing Fast same day
  • Claims to be designed for those with high toxin levels or large body mass
  • 1 Step Drug Detox Drink

Manufacturers Lie! A Passing Drug Test can’t Depend on Manufacturer Promises, or Lies! Quest for Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017So now you know why the manufacturer claims that Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink is the best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017!

We all know too well that manufacturers only make money if they claim their product is the best. This is where comes in and tells you the truth. This is why we have set out to find the Best Detox Drink for Drug Test this year.

Clean420 only reports honest reviews on each and every detox drink we review and recommend to you.

Clean 420’s Review of Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink

Clean 420 has researched and read numerous user reviews from around the web and made a final decision about the Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink.

We have searched around the web and overall user ratings are varying from various sources. Amazon users seem to be split in half on rather or not this was a legitimate detox drink to pass a drug test. It scored a 3.3 star rating from twenty user reviews.

We must admit, all detox drinks have about the same rating as like we told you before in our step by step How To Pass a Drug Test , users sometimes do not follow directions directly, and some folks brain is completely fried and tend to believe with a detox drink they can toke it up on the way to take the drug test.  So we decided we would test this product first handed.

We contacted an amazon seller of Ultra Eliminex and told them our plan, and promised to link their product if we decided it was a passing product. They were more than happy to send  us a bottle of Ultra Eliminex free of charge to use in our review.

Since I’m personally no longer a heaver toker, we decided to contact a local friend who smokes 3-5 blunts per day, since this product is marketed to those with high toxin levels. We will call this friend “Chief” throughout the rest of the review. Chief has agreed to take part of this on 7/10/17. We told him we would randomly call him when it was time to keep smoking as usual.

Ship time:

7/15/17 Ultimate Eliminex arrived in the mail, two days after seller shipped it out. 5 states away, so fast shipping.

+1. The fact that we did not even tell the seller we would be grading on ship time, impressed us. Especially since it was free.

We gave chief the drink and told him we would be in touch when it was time to test.

The Test:

We called up chief on 7/20/2017 and informed him that we would need him to show up on 7/22/2017 at 8:00am to submit for a drug test.

Chief stopped smoking weed on 7/20 once he received the call for the drug test. He began drinking 1/2gal of water per day. On the morning of 7/22, chief woke up at 4am and drank the entire contents of the ultimate eliminex at 5am. He then refilled the bottle with water and drank it in it’s entirety.

He began urinating about 20 minutes later and did so approximately 10-12 times between 5am and 8am when he showed up to take his test.

Once Chief arrived, we asked if he’d like a cup of water, just as the do at the drug testing labs. He insisted he was quite alright and would pass on the water.

So, we handed him a sterile specimen cup.  sterile drug test specimen cups at

We showed him our Home Drug Test kit that we have already reviewed! Product review: Care Check Single THC drug screen test at

Chief went into the bathroom, he let his first stream of urine go into the toilet, then he filled the cup half way as that is normally plenty for any official urine drug test.

Chief returned with is urine sample and sat it on the table in front of us.

I opened the individual wrapped home drug test kit

I then opened the sterile specimen cup

I dipped the end of the home drug test kit into the urine inside the sterile specimen cup

We then waited for five minutes, as the Care Check home drug test kit only requires five minutes to give Accurate Lab like Drug Test Results.

Drug Test Results after using Ultimate Eiliminex Detox Drink in Battle of Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017

I know you are waiting to see if Chief passed his drug test using the Ultimate Eliminex Detox Drink.

  • He followed the directions as they were given.
  • He stopped smoking weed two days prior to submitting to his drug test.
  • He drank the detox three hours prior to taking the drug test

Chiefs Drug Test Results after using this weeks competitor for Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017 Ultimate Eliminex were……


Chief, a heavy smoker who who was smoking three to five blunts per day for numerous years has just passed a drug test using this weeks Best Detox Drink for Drug Test. Ultimate Eliminex.


  • Proven effective detox drink to successfully pass a drug test
  • The Cost is not the cheapest, but it’s definitely not the most expensive and it is proven to work
  • Overall the taste is not too bad
  • It is 32 oz so be ready to drink it all and then refill with water and drink it all as well

So after we tested Ultra Eliminex and saw first hand it’s successfulness we are comfortable telling our readers it is definitely a detox drink worth the money.   

Compared to last weeks Detox Drink which received five stars as well, one that I was previously rather biased about Omni Detox Drink.  still leads the race for Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017! Be sure to check back next week as we review a new detox product!


Best Detox drink on the market to pass a drug test for marijuana read the reviews at


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