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While using the  is recommended,there are many methods for passing a drug test.  The method with the highest success rate is also the hardest and least fun method: abstinence.  While one supreme court has sided with medical marijuana, overall this is not the case. I know many of you are having flashbacks to high school, but it was true then and it is true now.  If you know you are going to have to submit to a drug test in the foreseeable future then the best way to avoid a positive result is to stop indulging.  This method is free and actually saves you money.  The downside to this method is depending on when you have to submit to the test and what your drug of choice is, it may not be a viable option.  This is especially true when it comes to marijuana as THC tends to linger in your system.  Unfortunately, if you are overweight and/or a chronic user it tends to stay in your system even longer.  So if your drug screening is not several months away and you need to pass a drug test with limited notice then a  is one of your better options.  Also, if your drug test is imminent and you do not have hours or days to research all the various options we have simplified that for you by finding a that has positive reviews from users who have tried and tested the product prior to yourself.  We know that having to submit to a drug screening can be stressful enough so we have saved you the guesswork of searching and hand picked a detox drink that has user reviews as well as been used over twenty times by myself!  While most reviews were positive we wanted to state upfront that not all users had a positive experience.  Also keep in mind that some users thought they could get stoned on their way to the drug testing facility since they had purchased a detox drink.  A detox drink is a powerful tool in helping prevent a positive test, but you must do your part and abstain from the drugs the moment you learn you have to submit to a drug test and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY.

Omni Detox Drink is a that includes a personal recommendation from the editors of clean 420

This is a simple one step cleansing solution according to the manufacturer.

Best Detox drink on the market to pass a drug test for marijuana read the reviews at clean420.comThis detox drink was designed for users with higher weight and toxin levels. So, they market this drink as a maximum strength detox solution. If you are a heavy pot smoker or have a higher BMI this is the detox drink for you. We suggest maximum strength to anyone who wants to pass a drug test period. Why take the chance of a product that doesn’t pack all of the potency? This is a big obstacle you are looking to overcome with potentially devastating consequences. Personally we would go with a maximum strength detox every time.  You don’t want to bring your C game to the biggest test of your life.

Best detox drink to pass a drug test for weed. Read the reviews at clean420.comThere are many phony detox drinks on the market that have bold claims of masking any toxins expelled from your system during a urine drug test. (Be sure to read our article onfor the best at home testing methods.) Some of these products are so blatantly phony that they are literally nothing more than sugar water. Those manufacturers are using your desperate times as a means to take advantage of you knowing you have very little recourse if you fail a drug test.  They are preying on your vulnerable state and hoping you do not take the time to research which detox drinks actually work and instead gravitate the first detox drink you find or the one that makes the most miraculous sounding claims.   The thing is why you may feel desperate and scared you do not need a miracle.  You need a detox drink that will actually work.  OMNI DETOX HAS BEEN USED BY MYSELF OVER TWENTY TIMES WITH PASSING RESULTS, AND THIS IS WHY Omni Best Detox Drink is Clean 420 BEST DETOX DRINK TO PASS A DRUG TEST.


Omni Marijuana Detox Drink

Omni Marijuana Detox Drink


9.9 /10


9.9 /10

Manufacturer Well Known

9.9 /10


9.7 /10

Fast Acting

10.0 /10


  • Personally Used 20+ Times
  • 100% Personal Success Rate
  • Low Price
  • Fast Shipping
  • Three Flavors


  • Only Masks Toxins as all Detox
  • Not always in stock


  • I’ll give you my honest opinion on this detox drink.

    It works, if you follow the directions. Detox drinks get a lot of bad reviews from people who don’t even read the directions or even understand what a detox drink is designed to do. They are not designed to actually rid the body of the toxins but only mask the toxins from a thc drug test for a temporary amount of time. This gives you a window of opportunity to pass a urine thc drug test. Nothing more, nothing less. After that four to six hour window, you’re dirty again. Read the directions guys. Don’t drink this three days prior and think your system has been cleansed of the toxins.

    Robert S. M.D

  • That’s true. The same is true when using water by flooding your body with water. The large amount of water you force yourself to consume is only masking or diluting the amount of thc or other toxin in your system. It is not actually cleansing your system. A lot of products are misrepresented but it is due to legalities and the manufacturers must use certain terminology when marketing to prevent themselves from making their product illegal. If you are going to depend on a legal product to hide your illegal activities, you must realize you will have to read between the lines on certain terminology. Most bad reviews left for any detox drink comes from those who certainly did not read or follow the directions. Or like stated above did not understand that these drinks only mask the urine long enough to pass a urinalysis drug screen. I like that you guys recommend getting an at home drug test kit to verify a passing result prior to going to take the official drug test. Maybe you could focus more on the fact that this is a temporary fix and not actually removing the thc or other toxins from the persons system.


  • The lonely stoner

    (July 24, 2017 - 4:29 am)

    Omni makes the absolute BEST DETOX DRINK ON THE MARKET!! Finally a site that recommends the only drink that’ll help you pass a drug test. Everyone reviews these big name detox drinks that suck. But Omni I promise you will pass it you just follow the instructions!!!!

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  • I ordered the omni detox drink you referred two weeks ago. It arrived in two days, so thank you for that first off. I just got my results back yesterday. I passed, not going to lie! I doubted it at first because the other i used didn’t work. The omni drug test detox drink is by far legit! Thank you for helping me to pass my drug test! I have an awesome government job now.

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  • Reliability




    Manufacturer Well Known




    Fast Acting


    Good substance. May check out our site also if you need more information on how to pass a drug test. Never trust your fate to a no name detox drink. You should always depend on the most known and reviewed detox drink when you are looking for ways on how to pass a drug test fast. Please keep in mind that detox drinks do not remove toxins yet only mask them for a short period of time.

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