Hair follicle drug tests

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Best Marijuana Detox Shampoo Reviewed!

Hair Follicle test coming up? Best Marijuana Detox shampoo on the market 2017 at Clean420.comWe have reviewed the best Marijuana Detox Shampoo on the market for 2017. The results are in! Do not buy a detox shampoo without first reading this review!

Just as we mentioned in our article, The Best Detox Drinks

This product simply masks unwanted toxins left from weed, nicotine, cocaine, meth, and other drugs. Toxins are detectable in your hair as they are circulated through your body through your blood stream and absorbed by your hair. Hair treated with styling gel, hair spray, and wet hair are highly likely to contain these toxins just from being around them even if you do not use the drugs yourself. When these drugs are used the blood feeds the hair while it is growing. When the hair follicles are grown the toxins become trapped inside of the follicles. During the drug test, a hair sample is cut from the back of your head near your scalp. This sample is then sent off to the lab where they dissolve the hair with organic solvents. Once the hair is completely dissolved the drug toxins are then removed and they test this just like they do a urine drug screen.

Marijuana Detox shampoo works by coating the hair with an organic film somewhat like conditioner. When the hair is clipped for the test, the shampoo is bound to the follicles and goes with the hair. When the hair is dissolved, the residue left by the shampoo then interacts with the toxins from the marijuana and actively masks the detection of the toxin.


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