You Can Now Order Weed Online From Puffland

The Benefits and Downfalls of Ordering Medical Marijuana Online

While marijuana is widely accepted today in many states in the United States and Canada, there is still enough marijuana stigma that many people prefer not to see and visit their local clinic. The reduction of labor expenses and the other unconsidered expenses is passed onto you when you buy your marijuana online.

In the United States this is not yet an option however our neighboring Canada has implemented this and Canadian citizens are now able to remain home and order their marijuana right from the convenience of their couch.

Some may view this as nothing more than an attempt to sell drugs online however have you thought of it like this… What about those who are ill, bed ridden, or have social anxiety, maybe too embarrassed to walk into a marijuana dispensary or fear they may lose their employment if seen at one. Online marijuana ordering in my personal opinion was a very intelligent and considerate move for Canada. One i can only wish the United States has the pleasure of seeing in the near future.

I applaud companies such as Puffland that offer these online marijuana delivery services. When the day comes that the United States allows us to order our medical/recreational marijuana online, I will reach out to these guys to assist in getting the process going and learn from their already made mistakes. I’ve personally spoken to a handful of patients that order their weed from Puffland and they told me that prior to them offering this service, they were having to depend on a third party to go pickup their weed, a service that cost them even more money than weed already costs. These people were facing problems ranging from paying $50-$100 per request down to having to give someone some of their medicinal weed or occasionally getting completely ripped off and not receiving anything causing them to have to suffer. The fact they don’t have a lot of money as it is just makes the matter worse as they can’t afford to go repurchase what they already sent their money for.

So those of you who criticize services offered by companies such as Puffland that sell marijuana online and ship it directly to people in dire need of relief, take a step back and look at the big picture. While some are just smoking weed to get stoned, some people are smoking marijuana for valid medical purposes and these delivery services are truly providing these people with a service that allows them to receive their medicine without it costing them high fees and occasional theft of their medicine. What if it was your family member or yourself that needed this service?

Don’t be alarmed by payment methods for weed online

Most credit card merchants will not accept payments for marijuana or cbd products. Trust me I learned this the hard way when I opened up my CBD business. You are basically left the the following options


Various High Risk Options  That Charge 10-25% fees

Or agreed to terms which typically will not happen your fist order so we suggest just following the shops recommended methods and building a solid relationship with them and in the long run you may be able to work out a better payment arrangement depending on the shop.

Benefits of ordering weed from an online dispensary 

Enhanced Privacy

Lower Pricing

Never Feel Rushed To Decide What To Buy

Cons of Ordering Online:

Can’t Smell The Buds

Can’t See The Buds You Will Buy Before You Decide

You have to wait


You Should Consider The Following Prior To Ordering Weed Online

It is your responsibility to check the legality of delivery in your area. You can buy from medicinal marijuana dispensaries worldwide, but don’t expect them to be responsible for checking on the legalities of shipping where you live, this is your responsibility and if it is illegal and you are caught, it is you that will be punished by the legal system.

This post was inspired by our good friends at

If you are interested in ordering weed online, we suggest you give their site a visit and see the latest strains available as well as their fair pricing. I would like to say I’ve smoked some of their weed but that would be illegal. Maybe we can be so lucky one day! If we travel to Canada, we may just visit them and try out a couple of strains to leave you guys a detailed review as to the quality of their mail order weed!



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