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Saliva Testing Via Mouth Swab Drug TEst

A Mouth Swab Drug Test – How To Pass & Where To Buy Swab Tests

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Saliva (Oral Fluid) Laboratory Test Confirmation by Medimpex
A Mouth Swab Drug Test



Mouth Swab Drug Tests are now more popular than ever. So popular that certain law enforcement agencies are now taking advantage of them at routine sobriety check points. You can read more about police giving swab drug tests at road blocks here. We will discuss the facts regarding Mouth Swab Tests used to detect drugs and other illegal substances. We will also discuss Method Used To Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test
Buy at Home Mouth Swab Drug Tests
We will answer the following questions regarding mouth swab drug tests. 

  • What is a Mouth Swab Drug Test?
  • How Much Does Mouth Swab Drug Test Cost?
  • What Is The Detection Times of Mouth Swab Tests?
  • Where Can I Order A Mouth Swab Drug Test?

The saliva is tested for the use of drugs; typically, these tests can detect drugs used within the past few days. Saliva can be tested for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and methamphetamines. Mouth swab drug tests are popular for many employers, in part because they are less expensive than other drug tests.

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As mentioned above more and more employers and law enforcement officials are turning to mouth swab drug tests as their drug test of choice. While swab tests were once a more expensive option to drug test, with the advancement of technology spreading more and more companies are now manufacturing mouth swab drug tests.

Buy at Home Drug Testing Kits

The Cost of Purchasing a Mouth Swab Drug Test Is Very Affordable

Mouth Swab Tests range anywhere from $5-$250 depending on where you order it from and the number of substances it tests for. Below are a few mouth swab drug tests we have found around the web that cover the price range we listed above. Listed tests are satisfactory options that have positive reviews from verified users from around the world.

SalivaConfirm 6-Panel Oral Fluid Screening Kit
Saliva Confirm 6 Panel Drug Test
This Saliva Drug Test is $13.95 at one of our drug test resources of choice. Test Clear
Name/Description: SalivaConfirm 6-Panel Oral Fluid Screening Kit
BannerID: 107

This SalivaConfirm 6-Panel Saliva Drug Testing Kit is 99% accurate and detects marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines and benzodiazepines.


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5 Pack of STATSWAB 4-Panel Mouth Swab Drug Test

5 Panel Home Mouth Swab Drug Test Kit The 4-Panel Drug Test Kit analyzes 4 specific drugs *Methamphetamine (mAMP) 50 ng/mL *Cocaine (COC) 20 ng/mL *Opiates (OPI) 40 ng *Marijuana (THC) 100 ng/mL The STATSWAB_ is a NEW and INNOVATIVE fully integrated oral fluid drug screen device. Not Only The Most Hygienic Drug Test, But The Most Hygienic Saliva Test As Well!!. The STATSWAB_ is possibly the simplest and fastest oral fluid drug screen on the market. USAintel has supplied THOUSANDS of clients, specializing in unique drug testing equipment with 99.9% accuracy levels. So ask yourself, do you want the highest quality of instant urine and oral fluid drug testing kits? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve supplied hospitals, businesses, and diagnostic clinics nationwide for years. Contact our office for volume orders to receive discounts.

5 Panel ORAL CUBE Saliva Drug Test OPI/COC/mAMP/AMP/THC

Buy at Home Drug Test Kits - Mouth Swab Drug TestThis is another mouth swab drug test that can be purchased and tests for 5 drugs.

This oral cube device is a rapid screening test for the simultaneous detection of drugs in human saliva. One oral fluid drug test kit will detect 5 illicit drugs AMP – mAMP – THC- COC – OPI at once and will provide easy to read results within 10 minutes, The saliva drug test is inexpensive compared to urine drug testing when the cost of the collection site and the drug test itself are considered. These tests are top sellers for among work place testing, schools, colleges, universities. criminal justice & law enforcement drug testing. FOR FORENSIC USE ONLY

10 Panel Mouth Swab Drug Test – Flat Cup by OralScreen – $14.75
10 Panel Mouth Swab Drug Test Kit
Retail Price: $17.90
You Save: $3.15
from: Medimpex United Inc



According to LabCorp, the detection time for mouth swab drug tests is very short compared to other drug testing methods. Depending on the drug used, dose, and route of administration, a drug may be detected in oral fluid in less than one hour and remain detectable for five hours up to 48 hours after last use.

This is beneficial to both employer as well as employee as it allows them to hire someone who may have recently ceased use of drugs or other illegal and controlled substances, raising the employment rate. This also allows employers or loved ones to randomly test their family members or employees to see if they have recently used drugs or illegal substances.

Purchasing a mouth swab drug test is easy. There are many companies that sell these and other tests.  If you order from one of these sources come back and give us feedback about your experience so we can ensure we only recommend companies who treat our visitors with the highest customer service and only sell the highest quality products.


Below you will find some of our favorite choices for A Mouth Swab Drug Test.



Home Drug Test vs Lab Drug Test – Based On Accuracy

Viewers often ask if at home drug testing kits are as accurate as the lab tests that employers use such as labcorp.

The short answer is no.

You can buy very accurate at home drug tests.
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So, “How accurate are at home drug tests compared to lab tests?”

Best Home Drug Test Kit Review at Clean420.comWhile most at home drug tests are very sensitive to even hints of toxins tested for by popularly used drug tests. So, if drugs are present, more than likely you will get a positive result which you would then want to send the sample off to a lab to verify. You can personally send a sample off to a professional drug testing lab facility to be tested , so as long as you pay for the price of the test.

False Positives

If the one you are testing for abuse of illegal drugs tests positive, you should definitely send this sample off to a professional lab to ensure that the positive result is not caused from recent eaten foods. Professional drug testing labs are more suited to make the call rather the urine

What can cause a false positive drug test result?

Many things can affect the accuracy of these tests, including (but not limited to):

  • improper storage of either the test or the urine
  • presence of a legal over the counter supplement or prescription medication
  • Recent dietary intake

*Please note that a positive result for amphetamines should not always be taken as facts, rather test be done in a lab or with an at home drug test. Many over the counter supplements, as well as prescription medications may show up the same as methamphetamine.

Conclusion;  While at home drug tests are certainly not as reliable as a lab test, they’re still highly accurate and should be taken as a basis to determine rather or not further testing should be conducted by a lab.



Best at Home Drug Test

Best at Home Drug Test For The Money

If you are searching for the Best at Home Drug Test Kits for the money, you have come to the right place.  We are dedicated to providing the most relevant information regarding at home drug testing as well as sharing our picks for the most reliable and affordable drug testing options on the market. Rather you are a business owner looking for an affordable solution to begin a drug testing program at your business, a parent who has suspicions that their child is using drugs, or a user who would like to Pass at Home Drug Test self test, we have relevant information about home drug testing for you.

There are various at Home Drug Test options available for you to choose from.

You may wish to purchase an at home urine drug test kit such as one of the pictured below.

To Drug Test with the latest methods used by more employers each day, you may wish to order a Mouth Swab Drug Test as pictured below.

Were you looking for other information?

How to Pass a Drug Test on Short Notice

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Best at home drug test reviews- Care Check at Home Drug Test Review

Best at Home Drug Test-Most Accurate at Home Drug Test

             Best at Home Drug Test

                  Most Accurate Drug Test Results

 Searching for the Most Accurate at Home Drug Test? We’ve reviewed Best Home Drug Test 2017

Typically in life surprises are fun and not knowing what to expect enhances the experience.  The opposite is true when you have to submit to a drug test.  A positive test result could

  • ruin your career,
  • end a relationship,
  • or even land you in prison.

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises you must prepare.  The first step in preparing is to find out if you will test positive during a drug screening.  Whether you will test positive depends on what type of substance you have used as different drugs stay in your system for various lengths of time.  The length of time a drug can be detected in your system also depends on your physical makeup and what type of drug test is being administered.  Here we are going to show you how to avoid receiving the devastating “surprise” of a positive drug test result.

Before showing up to the lab and submitting to your official drug test you need to determine if you are in danger of having a positive test result.  Typically, if you have not used drugs in years then you have nothing to worry about, but that is not always the case.  Whether you are at risk of testing positive depends on what type of test is being administered.  The most common drug test is a urine test.  However, in some instances you may be required to submit to a

In order to determine which test you will have to submit to the best course of action is to simply ask.  Most companies will tell you which type of drug test is administered.  If you are nervous or too scared to ask read here for more helpful information on how to determine which drug test you are being asked to take (New Hire Drug Test and how to determine if a employer requires it).

Learn how to pass a drug test at

Luckily, figuring out if you will test positive on a drug test is relatively easy to determine.  The best way to know is to take a home drug test and review the results!  As a private person you can go to a lab, even the one you are being referred to, and pay them to perform the test.  This is the surest way to know what your results will be and the best part is the lab is required to keep the results confidential as you paid for the test.  However, having lab work done can be costly and time consuming.  If you need a quick turnaround time there are at home testing options that might be a better fit for your situation.  Also, they tend to leave more money in your pocket than having tests conducted at a lab.


If you have taken multiple drugs there are at home drug testing kits that can test for a wide array of drugs.  The drug that gets most people in trouble is marijuana.  That is because tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical component in marijuana that results in that wonderful euphoric high, has the unfortunate drawback of staying detectable in the human body far longer than the chemicals found in other drugs.  The irony of the least “hard” drug staying in your system longer than other drugs is not lost on many.  That is why we are going to focus on tests that can help you detect whether you will test positive for marijuana use as statistically this is what a person is mostly likely going to being testing for.  There are several at home drug tests you can purchase and we are going to go over some of your best and worst options.  Remember, no matter which test you use it is imperative that you FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY.  Do not fail victim to receiving a bogus result because you failed to read the testing instructions and comply with them.

Most accurate at home Drug test kit review

Most accurate at home drug test 2017

One of the most accurate at home drug test options is the Care Check Marijuana THC Single Panel Drug Screen Test which comes in individually wrapped packages. We found 342 reviews on this product and it has an overall 4.5 star rating for accuracy and dependability. You can purchase 15 of these at home drug test kits for under $10.

care check at home drug test review 2017

Care Check at Home Drug Test Review


The Care Check Marijuana THC drug test is easy to use for starters and includes very detailed instructions within the package.

  • Simply urinate into a sterile container, if you don’t have something at home you would like to use, you can purchase sterile cups a package of 25. It beats accidentally letting your cup make it’s way back into the cabinet to later find yourself drinking from. Your wife will kill you. Don’t ask how I know this…
  • Remove the cap from the drug testing stick
  • Place the stick into the urine
  • Lay it down onto a clean paper towel
  • Read the results
  • Simple, anybody can read the results from the care check Marijuana home drug test. The results are fast as well as accurate. In just under five minutes you can see if you have marijuana (thc) toxins in your system.

Since you are probably not going to take fifteen drug tests in one day, we recommend this particular drug test not only due to the high number of positive reviews left by consumers who have used it and been satisfied with the results, but the manufacturer has also individually wrapped each drug test to keep it sterile as well as fresh. This particular thc drug test meets all FDA standards and is labeled as FDA approved. So we can probably rule out this being a drug test kit made by someone while they were stoned. Just saying….

Methods for passing a drug test 2017

Looking for a method to Pass a Drug Test?

So, if you are searching for a method to pass a drug test, we believe you should definitely begin with an at home drug test, no matter your chosen method to mask or detoxify your system of the toxins. It will definitely ease your mind when you nervously walk into take your official drug test.

Personally I suggest using this product after using one of our recommended thc detox drinks to ensure proper results from the detox.

Buy at




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