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High voltage detox brand reviews

High Voltage Detox Review

High Voltage Detox

 Drug Test Detox Drink Reviews by Clean 420 

We have reviewed the for drug test product line up and the results were rather pleasing. All of the products from High Voltage Detox proved to be reliable, fast, and affordable. High Voltage manufacturers a few different detox products to assist you in passing a drug test fast.








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rescue detox ice marijuana detox drink review

Rescue Detox Ice Review 2018

Rescue Detox ice Review – Clean 420 Detox For Drug Test Reviews

Rescue detox drink features:

  • Starts masking toxins left behind from THC immediately (may test within 3 hours)
  • Masks toxins, pollutants, and free radicals up to 8hr
  • Leaves you with increased energy effects
  • Rescue detox ice is made with all natural ingredients

The Review of Rescue Detox Ice- Detox Drink



“How does it tatest”

We have reviewed the Best Marijuana Detox Drinks on the market and hand chosen the Best Detox Drinks for you to choose from based on overall effectiveness, price, and taste. The Rescue Detox Ice Detox Drink has really good user reviews and is one of our top picks for the best detox drink for drug tests this year. Rescue detox ice is offered in three different tasteful flavors such as

  • Cranberry
  • Green Tea
  • Blueberry

We tried all three of these and found cranberry to be the best tasting flavor offered. My personal opinion is the green tea tastes too much like vitamins. The blueberry scores almost as well as the cranberry, I personally just wasn’t impressed with the after taste left from it.



Best used to mask the system of thc and other unwanted toxins that are  typically tested for on a urine drug screen. While the manufacturer claims this drink removes toxins from your body, we 100% disagree with this statement and we would like you to know, it does not remove toxins it only masks them as all other detox drinks on the market. You will only be safe for 5-8 hours with all detox drinks. 

“How reliable is it? “

Everyone always asks “do detox drinks work to pass a drug test” We found Rescue detox ice to be most reliable for hours 2-6. Meaning if you drink it at 8am, you should be safe to test between 9am-2pm. The pass rate is about 90-95% if directions are followed exactly. 

“Manufacturers Guarantee”

The manufacturer of Rescue Detox Ice guarantees their product will provide you with a passing result if you follow the directions properly. We agree with this statement as all of our personal tests were passing results. Most users who report a failed test while using this product did not follow the directions. We blame a lot of this on the manufacturer for claiming their product removes toxins when it actually just masks them for 5-8hr.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer

Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. The manufacturer backs this product with a 100% money back guarantee. If you fail your test, contact them and they will refund you 100% of your purchase price. 

“Our thoughts”

We believe the detox drink, Rescue Detox Ice, is an overall effective product when  you need to pass a drug test on fairly short notice. While we have our own personal favorite detox drink, we can not honestly say this product doesn’t get the job done. If you have this product locally and are in a hurry I’d say purchase it as it will help you to pass a urine drug test. Please note: this detox drink is only for passing a urine test, it will not assist you in passing a swab test, hair test, or blood test. Also note: this detox drink does not remove unwanted toxins from your body, it only masks them for 5-8 hours. Personally I trust this detox from hours 2-6 to be optimally effective. I give this product 3.5/5 stars mainly due to the false advertisement of it removing pollutants and the shorter window of effectiveness truly provided.

You can read more trusted no bullshit reviews on detox drinks and at home drug tests

More than likely you have a drug test coming up pretty soon or are just looking to be prepared in case that dreadful day comes. I personally suggest to keep a detox remedy for each method of drug testing on hand at all times, personally I keep a mouthwash, a shampoo, and a drink in my car and one at the house, just in case. However, I know most of us don’t really plan to be drug tested every day and when the day comes, you need you’re faced with passing a drug test on fairly short notice. Most of the time you need your detox products delivered fast.
Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


Ultra Eliminex Detox For DRug test

Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017

Order 2017’s Best Detox Drink To Pass a Drug Test Fast

Shipping in as little as two hours 

So, you are searching for the Best Detox Drink for an upcoming drug test? Well you Ultra Eliminex Detox For DRug testhave come to the right place and we have great news! Today we are going to review another Great Detox Drink to Pass a Drug Test in just one hour!


If you have been following us then you know that we reviewed the Omni Detox Drink last week. If you didn’t read it, check it out. If you would just like to see the ratings Omni Detox received, you can view that as well. That will get you caught up on our quest for the

This weeks  review will be on Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink

We will start out with going over the manufacturers claims.


About Ultra Eliminex Detox and it’s fight to be the Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017

  • Manufacturer claims millions of satisfied Customers
  • They offer a 100% money back Passing Drug Test Result GUARANTEE
  • Eliminex claims to be the oldest name in the drug detox industry 25+yrs
  • Claim to be an actual cleanse and not a masker
  • Claim of Detoxing Fast same day
  • Claims to be designed for those with high toxin levels or large body mass
  • 1 Step Drug Detox Drink

Manufacturers Lie! A Passing Drug Test can’t Depend on Manufacturer Promises, or Lies! 

How to pass a drug test? Which way will you choose?So now you know why the manufacturer claims that Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink is the best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017!

We know  all too well that manufacturers only make money if they claim their product is the best. This is where comes in and tells you the truth. This is why we have set out to find the Best Detox Drink to Pass a  Drug Test 2018.

Clean420 only reports honest reviews on each and every detox drink we review and recommend to you.

Clean 420’s

Clean 420 has researched and read numerous user reviews from around the web and made a final decision about the Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink.

We have searched around the web and overall user ratings are varying from various sources. Amazon users seem to be split in half on rather or not this was a legitimate detox drink to pass a drug test. It scored a 3.3 star rating from twenty user reviews.

We must admit, all detox drinks have about the same rating as like we told you before in our step by step How To Pass a Drug Test , users sometimes do not follow directions directly, and some folks brain is completely fried and tend to believe with a detox drink they can toke it up on the way to take the drug test.  So we decided we would test this product first handed.

We contacted an amazon seller of Ultra Eliminex and told them our plan, and promised to link their product if we decided it was a passing product. They were more than happy to send  us a bottle of Ultra Eliminex free of charge to use in our review.

Since I’m personally no longer a heaver toker, we decided to contact a local friend who smokes 3-5 blunts per day, since this product is marketed to those with high toxin levels. We will call this friend “Chief” throughout the rest of the review. Chief has agreed to take part of this on 7/10/17. We told him we would randomly call him when it was time to keep smoking as usual.

Ship time:

7/15/17 Ultimate Eliminex arrived in the mail, two days after seller shipped it out. 5 states away, so fast shipping.

+1. The fact that we did not even tell the seller we would be grading on ship time, impressed us. Especially since it was free.

We gave chief the drink and told him we would be in touch when it was time to test.

The Test: We called up chief on 7/20/2017 and informed him that we would need him to show up on 7/22/2017 at 8:00am to submit for a drug test. Chief stopped smoking weed on 7/20 once he received the call for the drug test. He began drinking 1/2gal of water per day. On the morning of 7/22, chief woke up at 4am and drank the entire contents of the ultimate eliminex at 5am. He then refilled the bottle with water and drank it in it's entirety. He began urinating about 20 minutes later and did so approximately 10-12 times between 5am and 8am when he showed up to take his test. Once Chief arrived, we asked if he'd like a cup of water, just as the do at the drug testing labs. He insisted he was quite alright and would pass on the water.

So, we handed him a sterile specimen cup.  sterile drug test specimen cups at

We showed him our Home Drug Test kit that we have already reviewed! Product review: Care Check Single THC drug screen test at

Chief went into the bathroom, he let his first stream of urine go into the toilet, then he filled the cup half way as that is normally plenty for any official urine drug test.

Chief returned with is urine sample and sat it on the table in front of us.

I opened the individual wrapped home drug test kit

I then opened the sterile specimen cup

I dipped the end of the home drug test kit into the urine inside the sterile specimen cup

We then waited for five minutes, as the Care Check home drug test kit only requires five minutes to give Accurate Lab like Drug Test Results.

Drug Test Results after using Ultimate Eiliminex Detox Drink
 in Battle of Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017

I know you are waiting to see if Chief passed his drug test 
using the Ultimate Eliminex Detox Drink.
  • He followed the directions as they were given.
  • He stopped smoking weed two days prior to submitting to his drug test.
  • He drank the detox three hours prior to taking the drug test
Chiefs Drug Test Results after using this weeks competitor for Best Detox
 Drink for Drug Test 2017 Ultimate Eliminex were......


Chief, a heavy smoker who who was smoking three to five blunts per day for numerous years has just passed a drug test using this weeks Best Detox Drink for Drug Test. Ultimate Eliminex.

  • Proven effective detox drink to successfully pass a drug test
  • The Cost is not the cheapest, but it's definitely not the most expensive
  •  and it is proven to work
  • Overall the taste is not too bad
  • It is 32 oz so be ready to drink it all and then refill with water and drink
  • it all as well
So after we tested Ultra Eliminex and saw first hand it's effectiveness and we are
 comfortable telling our readers it is definitely a detox drink worth the money.   

Compared to last weeks Detox Drink which received five stars as well, one that I was
 previously rather biased about Omni Detox Drink.  still leads the race 
for Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017! Be sure to check back next week as we 
review a new detox product!


Best Detox drink on the market to pass a drug test for marijuana read the reviews at

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Buy Best Detox Drinks for Drug Test 2018

Heaven Sent Omni Detox Drink Review

Omni Marijuana Detox Drink Reviews

Editors Choice Best Detox Drink to pass a drug test 2017









Two Pack Heaven Sent Omni



Editors Choice Award for Best Detox Drink to pass a urine test 2017 Editors choice award

I’ve personally used this Marijuana Detox Drink to pass over 20 Drug Tests. I can not say one bad word about this product. You will find me to be very partial toward this particular Marijuana Detox Drink. My local head shop sells this brand and they keep it behind the counter. They have a few other brands on the shelf that cost much more as they are paid to sell those items. However, they will refer the Omni Marijuana Detox Drink over every other detox product sold as its success rate is far better than that of other detox drinks for drug test. I will say one semi negative thing about Omni Marijuana Detox Drink, and that is it’s label says “complete body cleanser”. Heaven Sent Omni is editors choice for Best Detox Drink.I believe this is misleading as all other detox drinks are. No detox drink removes toxins from your body. They simply mask these toxins long enough to allow you to pass a drug test. This is completely satisfactory but it should be marketed as exactly that. You have a 4-6 hour window from the time you drink this to the time you take your urine drug screen.

Read more about Omni Best Marijuana Detox Drink

See all Marijuana Detox Drinks Reviewed

See Best Detox Mouthwash Reviews

See Best Detox Shampoo Reviews

Product details

Size: 16.00 oz
  •  Product Dimensions:  6.8 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches ; 9.1 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Domestic Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.
  • International Shipping: This item is not eligible for international shipping. Learn More
  • Average Customer Review:   3.4 out of 5 stars    39 customer reviews  
Read our full Best Detox Drink for Drug Test Review

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Stinger detox mouthwash reviews at

Stinger Detox Mouthwash Reviews


Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test Review 2017

Stinger Detox Mouthwash Reviews 2017


  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Taste: 5/5


Don’t be caught off guard with the

Pack the Mouthwash Detox So Many Trust- Stinger Detox Mouthwash


  •   The Stinger Detox Mouthwash masks or removes toxins in your salivary glands insuring you provide a passing mouth swab sample. 100% Guaranteed and works in minutes!
  • Ships VIA UPS Ground with tracking # 2 days most places
  • ** ALCOHOL FREE! **


Buy on Amazon Buy on


  • Can’t be bought and received the same day, typical shipping time is two days. Some times this can be too long.

Pass a drug test fast with the best detox drinks to pass a drug test. Read the reviews at Clean420.comInvest into a bottle of Stinger Detox Mouthwash!

You definitely need to look into purchasing the Best Detox Mouthwash before even filling out another application. Don’t be caught by surprise when you go to take your drug test or even go in just for an interview for that matter!  A lot of employers are now administering mouth swab drug tests at the time of interview to catch you off guard.


I have personally fell victim to this sneaky way to weed out potential employees (pun intended)!  I thought I was prepared as I had purchased two marijuana detox drinks to ensure I would pass any drug test only to be asked those famous words at the interview, “Are you ready to pass your drug test?”

Of course I was, I thought. I was expecting a piece of paper and directions to the nearest drug testing facility so knowing that I had my detox drinks I confidently replied, “Yes sir, of course”.

Upon my answer the manager oddly exited the room. I was expecting him to come back with paperwork, but instead he returned with a drug test that he administered right then.  It was a mouth swab test that I had to place into my cheek and hold there for five minutes. Needless to say, I had not prepared for this sort of drug test, nor did I answer the phone when the employer called me out of sheer embarrassment.

Do not be caught in this situation and miss out on a wonderful job opportunity like I did.  Go ahead and cover the new mouth that employers are taking advantage of before you show up to your next interview.

We have saved you the hours of searching for a trusted product that has positive user reviews and manufactured by a trusted company in the drug detox industry.

The If you get high, do not go to an interview without reading this first!

The Stinger Detox Mouthwash destroys the toxins in your salivary glands which is what a mouth swab drug test depends on to check for marijuana and various other toxins within your system.

This product is alcohol free as some companies also test you for alcohol at this time. DO NOT USE LISTERINE!  If the test checks for alcohol, you could test positive and look pretty ignorant to the employer. This could also raise red flags as most employers who choose to administer a mouth swab drug test have researched things to look for substances that could alter this form of drug testing.

don't get caught by surprise with a mouthswab drug test. Get a trusted mouthwash detox at clean420.comHow to prepare for surprise mouth swab test!

You can go ahead and prevent being caught off guard by a sly employer looking to throw this surprise your way during your interview. While there is only about a 25% chance that you will be hit with this surprise, it’s your decision on whether to cover this base or not.  You can either be more cunning than your potential employer or fall victim to their trap.

Stinger mouthwash received the Clean 420 Detox Stamp of Approval!

Buy on Amazon



Best Marijuana Detox Drink on the Market! 2017

Omni Detox Drink Review


While using the  is recommended,there are many methods for passing a drug test.  The method with the highest success rate is also the hardest and least fun method: abstinence.  While one supreme court has sided with medical marijuana, overall this is not the case. I know many of you are having flashbacks to high school, but it was true then and it is true now.  If you know you are going to have to submit to a drug test in the foreseeable future then the best way to avoid a positive result is to stop indulging.  This method is free and actually saves you money.  The downside to this method is depending on when you have to submit to the test and what your drug of choice is, it may not be a viable option.  This is especially true when it comes to marijuana as THC tends to linger in your system.  Unfortunately, if you are overweight and/or a chronic user it tends to stay in your system even longer.  So if your drug screening is not several months away and you need to pass a drug test with limited notice then a  is one of your better options.  Also, if your drug test is imminent and you do not have hours or days to research all the various options we have simplified that for you by finding a that has positive reviews from users who have tried and tested the product prior to yourself.  We know that having to submit to a drug screening can be stressful enough so we have saved you the guesswork of searching and hand picked a detox drink that has user reviews as well as been used over twenty times by myself!  While most reviews were positive we wanted to state upfront that not all users had a positive experience.  Also keep in mind that some users thought they could get stoned on their way to the drug testing facility since they had purchased a detox drink.  A detox drink is a powerful tool in helping prevent a positive test, but you must do your part and abstain from the drugs the moment you learn you have to submit to a drug test and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY.

Omni Detox Drink is a that includes a personal recommendation from the editors of clean 420

This is a simple one step cleansing solution according to the manufacturer.

Best Detox drink on the market to pass a drug test for marijuana read the reviews at clean420.comThis detox drink was designed for users with higher weight and toxin levels. So, they market this drink as a maximum strength detox solution. If you are a heavy pot smoker or have a higher BMI this is the detox drink for you. We suggest maximum strength to anyone who wants to pass a drug test period. Why take the chance of a product that doesn’t pack all of the potency? This is a big obstacle you are looking to overcome with potentially devastating consequences. Personally we would go with a maximum strength detox every time.  You don’t want to bring your C game to the biggest test of your life.

Best detox drink to pass a drug test for weed. Read the reviews at clean420.comThere are many phony detox drinks on the market that have bold claims of masking any toxins expelled from your system during a urine drug test. (Be sure to read our article onfor the best at home testing methods.) Some of these products are so blatantly phony that they are literally nothing more than sugar water. Those manufacturers are using your desperate times as a means to take advantage of you knowing you have very little recourse if you fail a drug test.  They are preying on your vulnerable state and hoping you do not take the time to research which detox drinks actually work and instead gravitate the first detox drink you find or the one that makes the most miraculous sounding claims.   The thing is why you may feel desperate and scared you do not need a miracle.  You need a detox drink that will actually work.  OMNI DETOX HAS BEEN USED BY MYSELF OVER TWENTY TIMES WITH PASSING RESULTS, AND THIS IS WHY Omni Best Detox Drink is Clean 420 BEST DETOX DRINK TO PASS A DRUG TEST.