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Best Led Grow Light For Growing Marijuana: Sonne Grow Lights Review

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Sonne Spectrum 450 Review

Best Led Grow Lights 2018 Contender Sonne Led Grow Lights

Growing Marijuana Indoors is one of the most popular methods of growing marijuana today. However, most people are still trying to find a way to significantly increase their crop size on each harvest, and LED grow lights have seemed to win over more hearts than not.  The fact is that the LED grow lights are significantly becoming popular since they are remarkably versatile, easy to use and manage, and if you buy a full spectrum led grow light it can be used in any growth phase. Moreover, when it comes to purchasing a LED grow light that meet your needs, you must be willing to spend a few hundred up to a few thousand dollars – but is definitely worth every penny, considering all the benefits you will enjoy in the long run.

Personally, I have been using LED grow lights for quite some time now, and honestly speaking, I have been incredibly satisfied with the results. My harvest has increased significantly. Last season, for instance, I grew around 12 plants and was able to harvest just under 1/2 of a pound. It was one of the best marijuana I have ever smoked in my entire life.
be quite an overwhelming process. To make your life much easier, I have prepared a detailed review of Sonne LED Grow Lights – one of the most influential LED grow lights you will find out there. Whether you are growing cannabis crops, or other plants, then this LED grow unit will be an excellent option for you.

ight=”150″ frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no”>Sonne LED grow lights is a remarkably high quality grow light for those of you who wish to buy high quality grow lights to grow your indoor plants. This Full Spectrum LED gfull spectrum grow light is an excellent choice for mid-size to extensive indoor gardens. Moreover, it is capable of providing lights at every wavelength, which includes 460nm, 610nm, 630-660nm, 730nm, and white. Inside of this unit, you will find extensive heatsinks and ultra-quiet fans which are specially designed to keep the unit within the correct operating temperature whereas it is turned on.

Moreover, if you are accustomed to working with the fluorescent tubes, you will surely benefit from the extended lifespan this LED grow light can offer you. The Sonne Spectrum 450 LED Grow Lights is incredibly long-lasting and comes with a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. Therefore, it enables you to entirely focus your attention on your plants and watch them grow – so you don’t have to pay any attention to the next bulb change. Moreover, this will make the entire process more enjoyable with better lighting with full spectrum that is appropriate for all stages of the plant growth and development.

Another interesting thing about the Sonne Spectrum 450 is that it comes with a five-year limited warranty against the manufacturing defects. Additionally, the company offers 24/7 customer support and 30-days money back guarantee which makes it one of the best indoor grow lights available on the market.


  • Offers full spectrum lights
  • Saves energy.
  • Environmental-friendly.
  • Remarkably easy to use and operate.
  • Excellent light for the price.
  • Long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
  • Comes with a five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.



  • May want to buy more than one.
  • Does not include a manual.



Marijuana and Testosterone – Let’s Bust Some Myths

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There is a growing body of research suggesting a possible link between marijuana consumption and testosterone levels in men. Since regular testosterone levels are vital for male health, this data has caused some concern. And some are taking this research to be the gospel truth, but as usual when it comes to cannabis research, answers are a little more complicated.

Some researchers even believe that marijuana may increase testosterone levels, but weed isn’t likely to become the next popular testosterone supplement for bodybuilders either. If it does increase testosterone levels, the increase in testosterone levels would be so slight that one would have to smoke pounds of it at once for it to significantly affect their physiology (don’t do that, by the way).


Can It Decrease Testosterone Levels At All?

In short, maybe. However, any changes are probably not medically significant. One study found that young men who regularly smoked cannabis for six months experienced a decrease in testosterone levels from an average of 742 ng/dL to an average of 416 ng/dL. However, the results of this study were not seen in any other studies. Furthermore, a testosterone level of 416 ng/dL is considered normal for young men. Many studies show that marijuana doesn’t decrease testosterone levels.


Alternative Explanations for the Trend

Some forms of strenuous exercise (like resistance training) are known to increase testosterone levels. Some heavy cannabis smokers find that cannabis makes them less likely to engage in strenuous exercise, at least while on a high. If enough users experience this effect, mild decreases in testosterone levels could be explained by lower rates of physical activity.


Will Cannabis Use Make It More Difficult For Me To Build Muscle?

If you are going to the gym regularly, you will build muscle whether you smoke cannabis or not. Any changes in testosterone levels that cannabis may cause will not be significant enough to prevent or reduce increases in muscle mass from working out. If you smoke cannabis prior to working out, it’s important to make note of whether it affects the intensity of your workouts.


Can Decreases In Testosterone Levels From Cannabis Cause A Decrease In Sex Drive?

While cannabis can decrease sex drive for some people as a result of its psychoactive effects, changes in testosterone levels from cannabis aren’t significant enough to cause a change in your sex drive. If you’re experiencing low-T significantly enough that it’s affecting sexual performance, marijuana is probably not the culprit. In this case, consider increasing your intake of eggs and poultry, decreasing sugar intake, and incorporating more resistance training into your working routine. If that’s not enough, UK Reviewers has suggested several natural boosters which can more than offset most low testosterone levels, without forcing you to quit the kush. For extreme hormone imbalance, see your doctor.



The effects of marijuana on testosterone levels is an area of medicine that requires more research. However, these effects (if they exist at all) are far too

minor to for the average cannabis smoker to be concerned about them.


Synthetic Urine 101: Which Is The Best Synthetic Urine On The Market This Year?

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We will Tell You The Best Synthetic Urine On The Market.

Do Not Buy Synthetic Urine To Pass a Drug Test Until You Read This Review!

I’ve got to hand it to these synthetic products they can definitely cheat a drug test. So this one is a little high on the blue at the top the oxidants which is a specimen validity check but it does measure normal pH and specific gravity and of course this is my actual urine. negative normal pH specific gravity normal negative for any drug done deal doesn’t have an air protector to protect the top of it which is odd because usually some of these will go bad if it doesn’t have something to seal it although the oxidants on this one is high on that at the top there’s the panel check at pH foot bones like your ribbon are intact abuse smells like urine all of that looks a little bit discolored a little bit to ones that looks a little clearer but it actually has pH in it and voila well actually that looks more like my own urine yeah I’m sure these labs have other ways of testing this but yeah they can actually full the drug test even that one which I’m surprised it’s cheaper the specimen ability to check is the one right here and it actually these synthetics actually can pass it off though no it’s not too bad that’s my owner and that’s legit pH is normal that’s good to hear yeah I say on these polymer any tests they can definitely pass it





Best Feminized Seeds: Beginners Guide To Choosing Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Feminized cannabis seeds are the bestselling seeds online to this day. There’s a reason for that: people want seedless bud aka sensimilla (Spanish for “without seeds”). In this article we will review the qualities of feminized seeds and why you should or should not use them. Let’s begin.

Feminized seeds are a term for cannabis seeds that have been altered to produce only female plants when germinated. This feminizingprocess consists of stressing an existing female cannabis plant to produce a hermaphroditic male flower. The stress process is usually done with colloidal silver, foliar sprayed on a female plant for a number of days until such hermaphroditic male flower is produced. Then, the pollen from the rogue male flower is collected and selectively bred with another female of the desired variety. This inturn creates feminized seeds.

Germinating feminized seeds will result in virtually 100% percent females, with a small chance of error. Error would be defined as a hermaphrodite plant. In the early days of feminized seeds, hermaphrodites were common and the whole feminized seed thing seemed to be a scam. Fast forward a decade or so and feminized seeds have been stabilized by master breeders to perform at record breaking high yields producing top quality marijuana buds.

Why use feminized seeds?

Are you a licensed recreational or medical marijuana cultivator? If you answered yes, then you most likely have some sort of plant limit. For those growers who can only grow 7 plants at a time, filling a spot with a plant that could potentially male is a waste of precious time and space that could be used to pump up rewarding female sensimilla.

Feminized seeds, much like clones, guarantee the grower what they will get, which is exactly what cultivators both indoors and outdoors are looking for. Compared to regular seeds, feminized seeds should be used primarily in sensimilla cultivation and not used for breeding cases.

What are some great feminized seed strains?

Nearly any strain you have heard about comes in feminized seed form. Whether its a dank chronic indica strain or a heady trippy sativa variety, if its a popular strain you can be sure that youll be able to find it as feminized seeds. Here are some examples from Mold Resistant Strains

Top 15 Best Feminized Seeds


  • OG Lemon Larry
  • Oldtimers Haze
  • G13 x Hash Plant (Mr Nice)
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Cindy 99
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Orinoco
  • Sensi Star
  • Blueberry
  • Grand Daddy Purp
  • Purple Cookies
  • Candy Krush

Where can I buy feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are available at a large number of cannabis seed banks such as Seed Supreme, Seedsman and The Attitude Seedbank. For best security make sure to get the discreet delivery option selected at checkout.

Remember to consider the price differences between 3seed packs, 5seed packs and 10seed pack’s respectively. Most seedbank’s also offer pick and mix aka Single Seed packs, a special offer allowing you to purchase single seeds. This can be very inexpensive and a great way to get a glimpse of different strains before you decide to focus on a certain variety, if thats what you plan to do.

What are the risks to using feminized seeds?

To be only positive about feminized seeds would be to lie. There are definitely risks involved when using feminized seeds, but lets not talk about laws here and just talk about genetics.

Feminized seeds are essentially stress-induced hermaphrodites. Research on feminized seed breeding shows that this stress-induced hermaphrodite parent does not pass on any hermaphroditic tendencies to its offspring.. However, amateur breeders who work with unstable strains using lessthanperfect breeding practices may find that their feminized seeds are retaining the hermaphrodite trait, popping out a few male flowers during the germinated plants flowering cycle.

If you stick with reputable seed breeders, and read reviews of their strains you can surely find a feminized seed strain that will be great for you, whether you’re outdoor, indoors or in a greenhouse.

Feminized seeds prove to be a reliable option for many cannabis growers in the year 2018. Enjoy.

Checkout the Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights to pair with the best feminized seeds for faster growing.


Mans's Best Friend can benefit from CBD OIl

Man’s Best Friend Can Now Benefit From CBD OIl, Check This Out

CBD for anxiety: It’s Time You Got Relief

Many who are struggling with anxiety prefer to avoid pharmaceutical antidepressants and sedatives because of all the nasty side effects that come with them. That’s why more and more are turning to medical marijuana cbd oil instead. marijuana oil for dogs CBD is a chemical compound found in hemp which provides a great degree of anxiety relief while coming with barely side effects – most don’t see any.


Research on cannabidiol (CBD) oil has not reached its maturity just yet, but there is mounting evidence with each new day. The evidence that we do have, from both scientific studies and anecdotal testimonies, are enough to convince many that CBD oil can help with their anxiety.  

What is CBD

CBD is just one of many cannabinoids found in both hemp and cannabis. You are probably most familiar with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), otherwise known as the psychotropic cannabinoid. This is because out of over hundred, it’s the only cannabinoid that can cause a high and produce mind-altering effects. This doesn’t mean that CBD is useless however, nor does it mean the other non-psychotropic cannabinoids are as well.


In fact, they all work together and promote each other’s individual therapeutic effects. This leads to a greater range of therapeutic benefits – think of CBD as the pack leader and together they create what is known as the entourage effect.  


CBD itself will do one of two things when it enters the body: it will directly attach to certain receptors or it will attach and inhibit enzymes that break down cannabinoids that the body produces. When these endocannabinoids aren’t broken down by enzymes, they stay attached to CB2 receptors longer and keep them activated.


When these receptors are activated it reduces anxiety and allows you to perceive threats as they are. You know how sometimes you can’t help but feel anxious about something even though you know everything is fine and it’s just all in your mind? This happens because your enteral systems aren’t commutating properly and are sending mixed messages – this doesn’t happen if those receptors are activated though.  

So, What’s CBD Full Potential

CBD is helpful and useful for both humans and all mammals, as we share many of the same receptors.


CBD essentially works by influencing our bodies to work as they should, and helps us rebalance our enteral systems when one goes haywire. For example, this is how CBD can help those with diabetes, as it can realign proper insulin control.

For anxiety, CBD has been shown to help through both user testimony and multiple scientific studies – with one in particular looking at brain scans.


In one study, researchers looked at CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety in those that suffer from public speaking. The group that was given CBD saw “significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance,” while the group given the placebo experienced higher anxiety and cognitive impairment.


A Brazilian study gave CBD to patients who reported that they felt CBD helped relieve their anxiety. The researchers backed up these finding by performing brain scans on the patients and found cerebral blood flow patterns that confirm CBD’s anti-anxiety effects.  

So What’s Next

Studies on marijuana often focus on THC for clear reasons, so there aren’t as many studies on CBD as there should be. However, studies done on CBD have shown fantastic results, and it is quickly proving itself as an effective treatment for a wide range of medical conditions, all the while remaining incredibly safe.


With its growing popularity, more and more studies are changing their focus away from THC onto CBD, so expect a wealth of studies to come out with the next few years. However, for many the proof that CBD can help them is already there. It’s truly incredible to see how many people are finding it helpful, with many saying they found relief from their anxiety for the first time.  

The Best CBD Oil is Only One Click Away

With CBD oil only now reaching the masses, there are still a lot of companies out there that try and prey upon people and their lack of knowledge about CBD oil. It’s terrible that such a great health supplement is being taken advantage of, so here’s how to look through the BS.


  1. First, make sure the CBD oil is derived from organic high-quality hemp, and that the company tells you where they source their hemp from.  
  2. Next, you’ll want to take a look at the label – make sure it tells you the amount of CBD is in the bottle.
  3. Last, make sure they don’t use solvents to extract the oil – CO2 is the preferred extraction method.
  4. Bonus tip – Skip the headache of finding a high-quality CBD oil and check out Vita Leaf Naturals.


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Tips to Beat a Drug Test

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Tips to Beat a Drug Test on short notice, written by a professional toker! 

I am just going to be completely honest with you,  I smoke weed, hell I smoke weed every day. I also have to take drug tests at random intervals. So, for me to prevent completely ceasing my  marijuana use, I have to have some really good tricks up my sleeve to pass a drug test. I mean pass a drug test fast too my friend. Typically I am given approximately 24hr notice prior to having to be at the drug testing facility.

It typically goes about like this.

Wake up, Call in to the court house

They tell me what color they drew this day, my color is red by the way…

If they draw my color, I then from that second have 24 hours to show up and submit to a urine drug test.

I either pass it or I go to prison, so I’m sure most of you know, I will do whatever it takes to pass a drug test. Short of giving up weed that is.

So today I will share with you some of my secrets to overcome that dreaded day, that I tend to look eye to eye at least twice per month. There are certain drug testing laws

that everyone should be aware of. My first tip is to freshen up on these as if you ever fail a drug test,  you better find something they did improperly as this could be your only saving grace…

Having to pass a drug test is a scary thing when it decides if you go to prison or you go back to work and smoke another joint tonight. I highly suggest you take notes on my tips to pass a drug test.

Be sure to click the following link if you’d like to learn more about how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours since we weren’t able to fully cover the subject in this article


Seeking Out Best Marijuana Grinders For Product Reviews

Suggest The Best Marijuana Grinders

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What is Your Favorite Marijuana Grinder? Tell Us Below and You Could Win a Brand New Weed Grinder If We Review Your Suggested Grinder!

On The Market and Where To Buy Them. If You Sell Marijuana Grinders, Contact Us and We Will add Your Product To Our Review.

We Want To Cover The Following Categories

, Cheap Weed Grinders, Big Weed Grinders, and All Other Weed Grinders For Sale! Submit one For Each Category For Even More Chances To Win!

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How to Pass a Drug Test

Pass a Supervised Urine Test With This Best Detox Drink 2018

2018’s Best One Day Detox To Pass a Supervised Urine Drug Test Guaranteed

Guaranteed Method To Pass a Drug Test or Your Money Back!

This is an update to our most popular post from last year. You may have read it, Titled Best Detox Drinks For Drug Test 2017 . With that post being so popular and still growing, we have decided to make a more up to date, easier to read, and more visually appealing version for 2018.

Obviously you are searching for the Best Detox Drink for a Drug Test, correct? You already know you have come to the best drug test resource on the web. We’ve studied the art of passing a drug test for many years now and believe to have mastered it. If a product works, we will recommend it, it it’s iffy there’s no way we will suggest our readers buy it. A drug test is a very big deal to most people.

You are either getting drug tested for:

  • Job
  • Loved One
  • Probation
  • Something else important

point being, most aren’t taking drug tests just for the fun of it, unless you are us. We do it to ensure we are recommending only the Best Detox Drinks.

We have spent time researching, testing as well as documenting these detox products since July of last year with the sole purpose of making 2018 our year to add to the already high number of individuals we have helped to pass a drug test in 7 short months.

This year we are going to attempt to work closer with the actual product manufacturers themselves and potentially get these products in a bulk package of 25 or so each time we do a review and then offer them to our readers for a fraction of the cost and guaranteed same day shipping. It’s not in place yet but it is something we are going to strive for going forward. We guarantee to stay true by our motto, NO BS reviews.


So anyways on to the review. We’ve found a very low key detox package that is guaranteed to remove light years worth of toxins from your body. This three part detox system is made up of the following three items:


One Day Detox System To Pass a Drug Test

  • 15 pre-rid tablets
  • one ounce of dietary fiber
  • one fluid ounce of detox liquid

Directions to Ensure You Pass Your Drug Test Using The One Day Detox Program


Take 3 pills every hour on the hour for 5 hours straight (8 ounces of water for each set of 3).  For the duration of the detox.  On the final day you do your detox liquid, 2 hours after you complete your last set of pills.  The Dietary Fiber is for test day.

Pre-Rid Pills

    • On day one, take three tablets an hour for five hours.
    • Eat lots of high fiber foods and lean protein.  Make sure to drink plenty of water
        throughout the day while detoxing.
Do not exceed 15 tablets in one day.

Detox Liquid

    • Use on the last day of the program, 2 hours after you complete your last set of
         pre-rid pills.
    • Drink half of the detox liquid with four to eight ounces of orange juice,
distilled or filtered tap water. Do not eat or drink any more fluids for two hours.
    • Wait two hours, take the remaining half of the detox liquid.  Fast for 2 more hours,
then you can eat and drink normally again.

Dietary Fiber

(this is optional after day 4 of completing the first 2 stages of your Detox.)

  • One hour before your test, mix the dietary fiber in eight ounces of distilled or filtered tap water.
  • Drink within two minutes.
  • Wait 15 minutes and drink 16 ounces of water. Do not drink more orange juice or water.
  • Urinate two or three times in the next hour and go take your test.


To the surprise of us all, Craig passed with the three part one day detox package.[/sta_anchor]

1 Day Detox Program - For Light Toxin Exposure - Money Back Guarantee

Order Now


Final Thoughts

While this seems like a lot of work, I truly believe this product actually removes the toxins rather than just masking them as most well all detox drinks do. If it doesn’t, it masks them really good. I was quite surprised that this actually worked as most products that aren’t you typical usually turn out to be junk. The Toxin Rid 1 Day Detox System is quite impressive to say the very least. If you have anything less than 100% satisfaction, contact the seller and they will refund your money 100% guaranteed. Also let us know below your results as well.



If you own a detox drink company and your business is not on the list, that does not mean we do not approve of you, we just haven’t had the benefit of testing your products yet. We are not one of those sites who just writes reviews for the commissions, we only promote Detox Drinks That Work! If you believe you have a detox that is quality feel free to contact us and ask us to review it.

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Best detox methods to pass a drug test at

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Sometimes you are looking for ways to Pass a Drug Test, Clean 420 Has your answers! But Sometimes you are looking for ways to get dirty and here is a list of resources to do just that!

We have compiled a short list of recommended 420 Friendly websites that we use. Some belong to us while some are sites of our friends. Either way, we hope you enjoy them and contribute to them as well.

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i Pass Now || How to Pass a Drug Test

So, you slipped up and used drugs over the Christmas holidays and now you are looking for ways to pass a drug test on short notice, just in case your employer, probation officer, or family member suspects you of using. While this is a terrible feeling, we feel your pain and you just so happen to be in luck!

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Led Grow Lights are still one of the strongest businesses in the niche of marijuana. We recently told you about the strength of the led grow light industry in a previous post. Well today we are here to tell you that they are still to this day selling strong and showing no signs of backing off.

eXtreme LED Grow Lights – High Quality Grow Lights

Proud Authorized Dealer of Unit Farm Led Grow Lights and Grow Tents eXtreme Led grow lights is one of the very few vendors to receive authorization to sell Unit Farm Led Grow Lights and Grow Tents. When you purchase Unit Farm from us you receive full manufacturer warranty and guaranteed to receive 100% AUTHENTIC UNIT FARM products.


Sonne Led Grow Lights Coming Soon! Hottest Led Grow Lights on The Market!



LED Grow Lights Now Reviewed

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Clean 420 Begins Reviewing LED Grow Lights

We are proud to announce we will begin reviewing LED Grow Lights at 

We are excited about this addition to our site and look forward to bringing you the latest no bullshit reviews on popular led grow lights and Best Sites To Best sites to Buy Led Grow Lights. We have already begun testing a few brands and researching them to see what others have had to say about them after longer duration of use.

We have a friend who lives in California and has a license to grow cannabis for his own patients. We have sent him some test lights to begin observing and reporting his opinions back to us. Read eXtreme Led Grow Lights Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Proper LED Grow Light

Prior to buying any new LED Grow Light you should carefully consider the following



  • –  First you should consider the area that needs to be properly lit up. When you take this into consideration, you can determine how many LED Grow lights you will need to purchase to efficiently light up your area.  You can always place more Led lights across from one another to cover more space.
  • You should decide on where you will grow your plants, it should be a room that you can control the lighting 24/7 without interruptions from outside lighting sources. If you have a closet or empty room that will work fine, or you could purchase a grow tent that is specially designed for growing plants with artificial lighting.
  • Full Spectrum –  incorporate all of the colors in the spectrum to encourage positive growth, and encourage larger yields, they remain cool throughout operation without the extra need of fans hence costing less to operate over time. Most Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights have a life expectancy of 50k Hours!
  • Phases of growth – If you wish to use your one grow light for both veg and flowering stage, then you will need a full spectrum LED Light to ensure that you cover all of the color spectrums required by a plant for each cycle.
  • Consider Budget- While Led grow lights range in pricing and quality, you should carefully determine your budget and decide if you wish to  purchase a beginner grow light or if you would rather purchase a more commercial style grow light. Led grow light pricing ranges from $xx range up to $xx,xxx price range.

Careful Consideration to the above factors can be a determining factor in a efficient grow op. If you follow our advice you can ensure you will make the right decision when it comes time to make the big decision on which LED Grow Light is Best For You! Some of the top brands of led grow lights are

Unit Farm Led Grow Lights

    >– Shop Unit Farm Led Grow Lights

    <– Read Unit Farm Led Grow Lights Reviews 

Kind Led Grow Lights

Shop Kind LED Grow Lights

<– Read Kind Led Grow Lights Reviews

Black Dog LED Grow Lights