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Mans's Best Friend can benefit from CBD OIl

Man’s Best Friend Can Now Benefit From CBD OIl, Check This Out

CBD for anxiety: It’s Time You Got Relief

Many who are struggling with anxiety prefer to avoid pharmaceutical antidepressants and sedatives because of all the nasty side effects that come with them. That’s why more and more are turning to medical marijuana cbd oil instead. marijuana oil for dogs CBD is a chemical compound found in hemp which provides a great degree of anxiety relief while coming with barely side effects – most don’t see any.


Research on cannabidiol (CBD) oil has not reached its maturity just yet, but there is mounting evidence with each new day. The evidence that we do have, from both scientific studies and anecdotal testimonies, are enough to convince many that CBD oil can help with their anxiety.  

What is CBD

CBD is just one of many cannabinoids found in both hemp and cannabis. You are probably most familiar with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), otherwise known as the psychotropic cannabinoid. This is because out of over hundred, it’s the only cannabinoid that can cause a high and produce mind-altering effects. This doesn’t mean that CBD is useless however, nor does it mean the other non-psychotropic cannabinoids are as well.


In fact, they all work together and promote each other’s individual therapeutic effects. This leads to a greater range of therapeutic benefits – think of CBD as the pack leader and together they create what is known as the entourage effect.  


CBD itself will do one of two things when it enters the body: it will directly attach to certain receptors or it will attach and inhibit enzymes that break down cannabinoids that the body produces. When these endocannabinoids aren’t broken down by enzymes, they stay attached to CB2 receptors longer and keep them activated.


When these receptors are activated it reduces anxiety and allows you to perceive threats as they are. You know how sometimes you can’t help but feel anxious about something even though you know everything is fine and it’s just all in your mind? This happens because your enteral systems aren’t commutating properly and are sending mixed messages – this doesn’t happen if those receptors are activated though.  

So, What’s CBD Full Potential

CBD is helpful and useful for both humans and all mammals, as we share many of the same receptors.


CBD essentially works by influencing our bodies to work as they should, and helps us rebalance our enteral systems when one goes haywire. For example, this is how CBD can help those with diabetes, as it can realign proper insulin control.

For anxiety, CBD has been shown to help through both user testimony and multiple scientific studies – with one in particular looking at brain scans.


In one study, researchers looked at CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety in those that suffer from public speaking. The group that was given CBD saw “significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance,” while the group given the placebo experienced higher anxiety and cognitive impairment.


A Brazilian study gave CBD to patients who reported that they felt CBD helped relieve their anxiety. The researchers backed up these finding by performing brain scans on the patients and found cerebral blood flow patterns that confirm CBD’s anti-anxiety effects.  

So What’s Next

Studies on marijuana often focus on THC for clear reasons, so there aren’t as many studies on CBD as there should be. However, studies done on CBD have shown fantastic results, and it is quickly proving itself as an effective treatment for a wide range of medical conditions, all the while remaining incredibly safe.


With its growing popularity, more and more studies are changing their focus away from THC onto CBD, so expect a wealth of studies to come out with the next few years. However, for many the proof that CBD can help them is already there. It’s truly incredible to see how many people are finding it helpful, with many saying they found relief from their anxiety for the first time.  

The Best CBD Oil is Only One Click Away

With CBD oil only now reaching the masses, there are still a lot of companies out there that try and prey upon people and their lack of knowledge about CBD oil. It’s terrible that such a great health supplement is being taken advantage of, so here’s how to look through the BS.


  1. First, make sure the CBD oil is derived from organic high-quality hemp, and that the company tells you where they source their hemp from.  
  2. Next, you’ll want to take a look at the label – make sure it tells you the amount of CBD is in the bottle.
  3. Last, make sure they don’t use solvents to extract the oil – CO2 is the preferred extraction method.
  4. Bonus tip – Skip the headache of finding a high-quality CBD oil and check out Vita Leaf Naturals.


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Smart Safe

Protect Your Cannabis Dispensary Investment

Protect your investments with smart safe

With California changing cannabis laws that took effect in 2018, it’s more important than ever for dispensary owners to protect their cash with a smart safe, or some other cash management tool.
As dispensary owners are well aware, owning and operating a marijuana dispensary is an All Cash business, but the problem is that banks don’t allow dispensary owners to have a bank account that accepts cash deposits from a cannabis dispensary.

Owning a cannabis dispensary can be very profitable and even enjoyable, but it comes with a lot of risks (not to mention the fact that the Fed Government still sees it as illegal) when you deal with a lot of cash.

Below we have put together some basic details about what a Smart Safe can do for your dispensary.

Helps cut down on counterfeit bills

Helps employees save time counting money all day

Allows dispensary owner to remotely login and check all cash deposits, denominations, etc.

Helps cut down on potential dispensary robberies

Adding Up All The Costs

There is so much that goes into opening a dispensary

  • from getting city and state permits and licenses
  • raising capital $$ to afford the whole process

Just leasing a retail storefront and buying the inventory (all the various strains of weed) is very costly and when you add up all these costs you are looking at easily $20,000 or more.

When you include

  •  hiring employees
  • installing a surveillance system
  • buying a Point of Sale system
  •  getting insurance,

etc., money is quickly spent.

The Smart Safe is a great modern tool that will help the average, or advanced dispensary owner run an efficient and safe business.

Smart SafeOn average you can expect to pay at least $5,000 for a good Smart Safe, but does have a few options depending on your needs.
The most important thing to remember is to plan ahead and be prepared for hidden expenses and safety issues that come with dealing with so much cash.





To sum things up, if you are a marijuana dispensary owner I’m sure you know it’s a bit unsettling that you have to hold onto so much cash and I’m sure just walking to your car at the end of the day leaves somewhat of an uneasy feeling in your gut. The Smart Safe is definitely one thing needed in every dispensaries arsenal. Read about some more specifics needed to have your own dispensary in our article “Six things every indoor garden needs“. Also don’t forget we are taking suggestions on the best weed grinders you would like reviewed and one lucky submission is going to receive a FREE GRINDER!

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pour this into your urine to eliminate toxins

Clear Choice Icognito Belt Synthetic Urine Review

Synthetic Urine is a Guaranteed way to Pass a Drug Test

So you are considering synthetic urine as means to pass and upcoming drug test in hopes that it will ensure that dooby you smoked last week has no chance of showing up at all. Well before you go off and buy some garbage synthetic urine that doesn’t test as human piss, read our reviews on the best synthetic urine choices to ensure you pass that important test the first time.

Today we will begin our synthetic urine reviews with a top brand that has been rumored to be a sure fire way to pass a drug test. The manufacturer believes so strongly in their brand of synthetic urine that they back it with a 200% money back guarantee. A company must really be confident their product works or be prepared to go out of business with a guarantee this boastful.

pour this into your urine to eliminate toxinsWe decided to put clear choice synthetic urine to the test and order some and fill out some applications just to get a free lab drug test. Well, I needed a job too so….  What better time than now to test out some synthetic urine. I’m a frequent smoker, so we all know I’m not passing on my own.

So a user recommended the clear choice synthetic urine line up. We visited a recommended site from our user and saw a few different options for synthetic urine. The site offered:

  1. Heat Pads to keep your urine at required temperature

The prices were not something just any broke stoner could afford, but when you need to pass a piss test, whats a hundred bucks? $100 is what is standing between for sure passing or taking a chance on a detox drink and worrying to death until you receive the results. We decided what the hell, we will give it a shot, they offer an affiliate program, so if the stuff works, we will tell our readers about it and if they choose to give it a shot too, maybe we can make some of our money back.

So we decided we were going to test the complete package and ordered the Incognito Belt. We found out Clear Choice and has been their number one seller since 2008. Below is the manufacturers product description.

Incognito belt - synthetic urine to pass a drug test

Incognito Belt $125 200% Money Back Guarantee!


It’s a “gravity-operated” device that delivers a 100% effective and undetectable synthetic urine sample that is toxin-free. It comes with a supplied heat pad to ensure that the sample matches that of the body’s natural temperature.

The urine sample passes through a rubber tube that is part of a lightweight apparatus, which wraps around your waist and is worn under your clothing. It’s completely assembled and simple to use. It delivers the sample by releasing a clip that retains the urine in the bladder bag.

Our secret urine formula is made from 11 different chemical compounds including uric acid and urea that mimic real human urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity and creatinine just to mention a few.

Clear Choice prides itself for having the best synthetic urine formula on the market. Backed by the first in the industry 200% double-your-money-back guarantee!


  • 1 Bladder Bag with 3 ounces (100 ml) of Pre-mixed clean toxin-free Synthetic Urine (good for up to two uses)
  • Velcro Adjustable belt (up to 48″ waist)
  • 2 Heat Pads
  • 1 Temperature Strip
  • Complete instructions
  • Our secret formula contains: Uric acid and urea and just like the real deal it is balanced for pH, specific gravity and creatinine.
  • 100% EFFECTIVE
  • Works for All Tests
  • Totally Undetectable
  • Up to 1 year shelf life from date of manufacture
  • Unisex for Male or Female Use
  • 200% DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

We personally used this product and sure enough we passed a lab drug test and had no questions asked. I am personally in love with the incognito belt. Fits snug against your waist, with no weird feeling of “oh shit I hope this doesn’t spill, like you get from using a condom or other home remedy to try and sneak in urine.” 

So this item is guaranteed to work if used properly. The only thing we could foresee going wrong is you not using the hand warmers and the urine temperature being within the required range. If you would like to know the required urine temperature for a drug screen, we discussed this in our article on How to Pass a Drug Test.

Directions for Clear Choice Incognito Belt – Synthetic Urine to pass a drug test

Open up the heat pad and remove the adhesive backing.

Give the heat pad a couple of good shakes to activate it. Stick the heat pad to the bladder bag, between the belt and urine pouch.

Wrap the Incognito Belt™ around your waist (under ALL your clothing) with the temperature strip touching your skin, and the drain tube pointing to the floor.

Whenever possible, wear the kit for one hour prior to your test. The temperature strip MUST read 98°F-102°F before submitting the sample.(This allows for the couple of degrees cooling prior to handing over the sample.)

Close the white clips and cut the end of the tube off.

Go for your test! Make sure the temperature is within the specified range. Unfasten the white clips and drain the contents into the cup.

Fill specimen cup to the desired level, close the white clips and submit your toxin free sample.




















Ultra Eliminex Detox For DRug test

Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017

Order 2017’s Best Detox Drink To Pass a Drug Test Fast

Shipping in as little as two hours 

So, you are searching for the Best Detox Drink for an upcoming drug test? Well you Ultra Eliminex Detox For DRug testhave come to the right place and we have great news! Today we are going to review another Great Detox Drink to Pass a Drug Test in just one hour!


If you have been following us then you know that we reviewed the Omni Detox Drink last week. If you didn’t read it, check it out. If you would just like to see the ratings Omni Detox received, you can view that as well. That will get you caught up on our quest for the

This weeks  review will be on Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink

We will start out with going over the manufacturers claims.


About Ultra Eliminex Detox and it’s fight to be the Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017

  • Manufacturer claims millions of satisfied Customers
  • They offer a 100% money back Passing Drug Test Result GUARANTEE
  • Eliminex claims to be the oldest name in the drug detox industry 25+yrs
  • Claim to be an actual cleanse and not a masker
  • Claim of Detoxing Fast same day
  • Claims to be designed for those with high toxin levels or large body mass
  • 1 Step Drug Detox Drink

Manufacturers Lie! A Passing Drug Test can’t Depend on Manufacturer Promises, or Lies! 

How to pass a drug test? Which way will you choose?So now you know why the manufacturer claims that Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink is the best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017!

We know  all too well that manufacturers only make money if they claim their product is the best. This is where comes in and tells you the truth. This is why we have set out to find the Best Detox Drink to Pass a  Drug Test 2018.

Clean420 only reports honest reviews on each and every detox drink we review and recommend to you.

Clean 420’s

Clean 420 has researched and read numerous user reviews from around the web and made a final decision about the Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink.

We have searched around the web and overall user ratings are varying from various sources. Amazon users seem to be split in half on rather or not this was a legitimate detox drink to pass a drug test. It scored a 3.3 star rating from twenty user reviews.

We must admit, all detox drinks have about the same rating as like we told you before in our step by step How To Pass a Drug Test , users sometimes do not follow directions directly, and some folks brain is completely fried and tend to believe with a detox drink they can toke it up on the way to take the drug test.  So we decided we would test this product first handed.

We contacted an amazon seller of Ultra Eliminex and told them our plan, and promised to link their product if we decided it was a passing product. They were more than happy to send  us a bottle of Ultra Eliminex free of charge to use in our review.

Since I’m personally no longer a heaver toker, we decided to contact a local friend who smokes 3-5 blunts per day, since this product is marketed to those with high toxin levels. We will call this friend “Chief” throughout the rest of the review. Chief has agreed to take part of this on 7/10/17. We told him we would randomly call him when it was time to keep smoking as usual.

Ship time:

7/15/17 Ultimate Eliminex arrived in the mail, two days after seller shipped it out. 5 states away, so fast shipping.

+1. The fact that we did not even tell the seller we would be grading on ship time, impressed us. Especially since it was free.

We gave chief the drink and told him we would be in touch when it was time to test.

The Test: We called up chief on 7/20/2017 and informed him that we would need him to show up on 7/22/2017 at 8:00am to submit for a drug test. Chief stopped smoking weed on 7/20 once he received the call for the drug test. He began drinking 1/2gal of water per day. On the morning of 7/22, chief woke up at 4am and drank the entire contents of the ultimate eliminex at 5am. He then refilled the bottle with water and drank it in it's entirety. He began urinating about 20 minutes later and did so approximately 10-12 times between 5am and 8am when he showed up to take his test. Once Chief arrived, we asked if he'd like a cup of water, just as the do at the drug testing labs. He insisted he was quite alright and would pass on the water.

So, we handed him a sterile specimen cup.  sterile drug test specimen cups at

We showed him our Home Drug Test kit that we have already reviewed! Product review: Care Check Single THC drug screen test at

Chief went into the bathroom, he let his first stream of urine go into the toilet, then he filled the cup half way as that is normally plenty for any official urine drug test.

Chief returned with is urine sample and sat it on the table in front of us.

I opened the individual wrapped home drug test kit

I then opened the sterile specimen cup

I dipped the end of the home drug test kit into the urine inside the sterile specimen cup

We then waited for five minutes, as the Care Check home drug test kit only requires five minutes to give Accurate Lab like Drug Test Results.

Drug Test Results after using Ultimate Eiliminex Detox Drink
 in Battle of Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017

I know you are waiting to see if Chief passed his drug test 
using the Ultimate Eliminex Detox Drink.
  • He followed the directions as they were given.
  • He stopped smoking weed two days prior to submitting to his drug test.
  • He drank the detox three hours prior to taking the drug test
Chiefs Drug Test Results after using this weeks competitor for Best Detox
 Drink for Drug Test 2017 Ultimate Eliminex were......


Chief, a heavy smoker who who was smoking three to five blunts per day for numerous years has just passed a drug test using this weeks Best Detox Drink for Drug Test. Ultimate Eliminex.

  • Proven effective detox drink to successfully pass a drug test
  • The Cost is not the cheapest, but it's definitely not the most expensive
  •  and it is proven to work
  • Overall the taste is not too bad
  • It is 32 oz so be ready to drink it all and then refill with water and drink
  • it all as well
So after we tested Ultra Eliminex and saw first hand it's effectiveness and we are
 comfortable telling our readers it is definitely a detox drink worth the money.   

Compared to last weeks Detox Drink which received five stars as well, one that I was
 previously rather biased about Omni Detox Drink.  still leads the race 
for Best Detox Drink for Drug Test 2017! Be sure to check back next week as we 
review a new detox product!


Best Detox drink on the market to pass a drug test for marijuana read the reviews at

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youre fired! Employees fired for testing positive for thc read more at

Employee fired over Medical Marijuana Prescription!

An employee can still be fired even if they have a prescription for Medical Marijuana

The Legalization of Medical Marijuana Use Does Not Prevent An Employee from Being Terminated for Failing a Drug Test

It may seem odd, but the legalization of marijuana use does not prevent an employee from being terminated for failing a drug test because that employee tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinal (THC).  THC is the mind altering ingredient in marijuana.  Being fired is not solely the concern of Employee fired for testing positive for marijuana prescribed by a doctor. Read more at recreational users either.  Employees can be terminated or not hired based on marijuana use in states where it is legal and they have a medical prescription from their doctor.  Brandon Coats, a Colorado man, learned this the hard way.  He was fired from his job for testing positive for marijuana use.  Mr. Coats had a legal prescription in the State of Colorado for medical marijuana due to suffering from quadriplegia and he never used during working hours.  Yet despite all of this he was fired and his termination was upheld by the Colorado Supreme Court.  See //  His termination was upheld due to the tension between state law and federal law.

29 states have legalized Medical Marijuana

States have begun flexing their muscles and using their sovereign powers to legalize marijuana use.  States first began legalizing marijuana use for the treatment of illness and injuries.  There are 29 states where medical marijuana is now legal.  See //  Some states did not stop at legalizing marijuana only for medicinal purposes.  Currently there are eight states where you can legally smoke marijuana for fun.  See //  That means in over half the states some people are legally allowed to use weed.

About 60% of Americans Support Legalization of Medical Marijuana

While that may seem staggering it really only makes sense.  Not only is the sale of marijuana a way for states to fill their ever shrinking budgets it coffers, public opinion on marijuana has shifted.  In fact, the way Americans view marijuana use has changed markedly over the last 20 years.  In 2016 about 60% of American supported legal marijuana use.  See //  That is over double the amount of Americans who felt that way 20 years before.  It makes sense that in light of their constituencies views on marijuana that state legislators would change state laws to fulfill the will of the people and make using marijuana legal.

Feds Don’t support Marijuana Legalization

The problem is while states are flexing their muscles and giving the people what they want, the federal government has not adapted to modern attitudes towards marijuana use.  In fact under federal law it is still illegal as marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug.  Accordingly, using marijuana use and possession of it is still technically an illegal activity.  As it is illegal there is nothing preventing employers from having policies that prohibit their employees from using marijuana.  This seems terribly unfair, but it is absolutely true.  Even in states where weed is legal you can be fired, or not hired, for using it.

Protect yourself

If you use marijuana either for medicinal reasons or for fun you need to protect yourself.  If you are currently employed at a company that has a “drug free workplace” policy be vigilant.  There are detox for drug test that you can keep on hand that can help prevent you from testing positive in the event you are selected for a random drug screening.  (How to pass a urine drug test )  If you are looking for a job then find out if your potential employer drug tests new hires or their employees (New hire drug test and how to tell if a potential employer requires it).  You may decide that taking a job only to lose it for legally using marijuana is not worth your time.  Also, if you are looking for a job beware because some employers are now drug testing at the actual interview with the use of mouth swabs. (Best Detox Mouthwash and how to pass a mouth swab or saliva drug test).

Make your opinion on Marijuana Known!

If true legalization of weed, by both the state and federal government, is important to you, make sure your congressman knows.  Also, make sure to vote for representatives that support its legalization at both the state and federal levels.  Use your voice and your vote to ensure that marijuana is not just decriminalized, but fully legalized.  Until the federal government takes action in making marijuana use legal you could still potentially lose your job for failing a drug test.

Law Enforcement officials as well as employers now using Mouth Swab Drug Test

Detox Products to Pass a Drug Test


We have reviewed the best detox drink to pass a drug test. Read more at

Editors Choice for Best Detox drink for Drug Test 2017





Omni Detox Drink

$17.99 See Details

Clean 420 Review of Omni Detox Drink






Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink

Used to Pass Urine Drug Test

$60 Read Review

don't get caught by surprise with a mouthswab drug test. Get a trusted mouthwash detox at






Stinger Detox Mouthwash

Used to Pass Mouth Swab Drug Test

$11.28 Read Review

Product review: Care Check Single THC drug screen test at






Care Check at Home Drug Test

15pk $10.49 Read Review