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THC, CBD and togetherness

tHc and cbd together

We are coming up  on a time where marijuana (thc)is soon to be recognized, at least, as a medical substance.  Right now, CBD is a substance that is being al hailed and all praised but what about pot?  There have been studies completed, not in America, showing that CBD is great but that it seems to work best when mixed with its natural buddy THC.  The DEA has just relaxed some of its laws so that the FDA was just able to approve further testing for CBD and THC.  This is a great thing because CBD and THC have been so misunderstood.  Now, human trials can begin and we can really get down to the nitty gritty of what CBD and THC can really do for us as humans.  So much misinformation is floating around the internet these days, due to the fact that inadequate testing has been completed, that it is a wonder anyone is able to get anything straight about CBD or THC, so allow us to clear some things up for you.


Nothing is federally legal in the US

State law has leniency on thc while the federal law still finds it illegal.

Unlike Canada Where You can Buy Marijuana Online In the United States of America no THC, CBD, hemp or marijuana plants or deprived supplements are legal at all at this time federally.  It does not matter what your individual state says, none of it is federally legal, which means the US government still says that marijuana is bad.  Marijuana and any variations of the marijuana plant, meaning hemp, are still marked as schedule one drugs.  This means that the American federal government says that marijuana and hemp have no medicinal properties.  Even heroine is not a schedule one drug, which is ridiculous, since we know it has medicinal properties but is a plague among humans.  There are individual state laws that are all different, so before using anything consult your state’s law, and always be aware that you can be federally prosecuted even if your state is cool though not highly likely.  Most states are at least okay with the use of CBD, even if they do not condone the use of THC


What can CBD do

thc and cbd work together on the endocannabinoid system.

Just like CBD Oil in Canada, In the US it must contain below .3% thc to be legal. CBD is a very helpful substance that as been known to help with a great number of medical issues. CBD has the ability help with anxiety, cancer, eating issues, sleeping issues, skin problems, hair issues, nail issues, epilepsy and blood pressure.  Despite all of the confusing issues surrounding CBD, people have been using CBD as a medical supplement for a while now, not caring about legality or consequences.  These same consumers are giving CBD rave reviews and swearing by what a helpful supplement it is. They are taking CBD in pill form, taking just the oil, and putting it their food to help with their ailments.  People have also been putting CBD oil into their beauty care products because CBD has been known to work with certain skin and hair issues, including athletes foot and jock itch.  The best part is that CBD actually  seems to be working, but where does THC fit into the equation with CBD?   Aren’t they separate substances?  Isn’t THC bad and not helpful at all?


What can THC do

Thc content in marijuana depends a lot on how strongly thc will show in your drug test.

THC is a substance that can be as helpful as CBD for a few other ailments that CBD does not work for.  THC is used to help treat sleep disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, protect brain cells, help upset stomach, eases pain and is an antibacterial.  It is also an anticonvulsant and a muscle relaxer, which means it is the active ingredient in marijuana and hemp that helps with nausea and other stomach issues.  THC pretty much has the same effects of CBD, but THC has the psychoactive effect that gets a person high when they smoke marijuana.  This is the aspect of THC that some people re having an issue with when it comes to taking THC for medical uses.  Both substances can be good for a person to take every day, and the psychoactive effect of THC can be minimized.  By now you are probably asking how that can happen.  This happens because CBD blocks or dulls certain things that THC normally activates, like anxiety.  It does this by blocking certain amounts of THC from getting into the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain.


What can CBD and THC do together


THC and CBD are both derived from the marijuana and hemp plants.  The substances are both together from the start because nature makes it that way.  Both the marijuana plant and the hemp plant can be bred to produce a certain amount of THC or CBD, but when you separate these two substances both of them are reduced in their ability to work properly.  For instance, there was a 2012 study completed that show THC reduced cancer growth for certain cancers in rats.  The same study tested CBD on cancer in rats and found that both THC and CBD had the same cancer stopping properties.  They then tested a substance that was part THC and part CBD.  This substance was twice as effective as straight CBD and straight tetrahydrocannabinol, plus it worked twice as fast.  Rats that were bred to have an accelerated cancer cell growth rate never developed cancers in the first place, and cancerous tumors showed signs of slowing in growth, plus reducing in size when tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD were used together.


CBD and THC are meant to be used together and work best in this fashion, but THC has a stigma  and CBD does not.  Without CBD, THC can cause anxiety instead of helping it.  Without THC, CBD does not help as well with pain.  There are supplements that contain both CBD and THC but are very illegal in the United States federally.  This is unfortunate because it affects effective treatment solutions to problems that can be fixed rather simply.  CBD and THC should both be being used together for the best treatment options.  There should be three different options, one for just CBD, one for THC and one that contains both.


Together CBD and THC are effective in fighting cancer, pain relief, numerous psychological issues.  They are also more useful together when it comes to sleeping and eating issues.  People could benefit greatly if it was okay to use the substances together.  If you’re willing to risk it and you live in a state were it’s illegal you can purchase CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol products online from places like //  If you live in a state where everything is legal, odds are you do not have to worry and can probably buy CBD in a shop.  Yes, the federal government can cause you issues and possibly arrest you, but are they really going to jump all over a minimal consumer?  Most likely not.


Why not THC


A lot of people are not into the idea of THC being a treatment option of any kind.  Because of the stigma that marijuana carries they think that THC makes people lazy, hungry and stupid.  They feel like marijuana is bad and anything that can be associated with it must also be bad.  Check out things to do while high, You might be surprised that a lot of these activities take an awesome amount of physical and brain power.  Something that THC is supposed to inhibit.  You might also be surprised to find that tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD do not affect memory like it was originally thought, and in fact can increase brain growth.

Which  Gets You a DUI?

If you are one of those people that just cannot get past the stigma that THC holds and want to use just CBD for all of the medical properties that it possesses check out sites like CBDDY for CBD in the US, and if you need CBD Oil Canada then check out our partners Beaver Bud. They have the absolute best CBD in Canada!    You will be able to find a plethora of information on the uses of CBD, plus you may be able to find a product that you will absolutely fall in love with.  There are a number of different CBD products that can be used to help with everyday health issues you just have to examine all of them.


So, both substances are good except for one thing


Basically, by themselves, CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol can be very helpful substances that aid a number of ailments, but together they balance each other out.  Also when mixed together, though not legal everywhere as of yet, they provide better help for medical issues, especially pain and high blood pressure.  CBD and marijuana can both be very difficult supplements to figure things out about and to determine the legality of, but both are helpful and should not be cast aside.  More testing needs completed to determine the full effects of just CBD, just THC and the supplements mixed together, but so far the only issue is that tetrahydrocannabinol can get you slightly high.  When looking at what pain pills can do to you if prescribed them for long enough, getting slightly high from tetrahydrocannabinol seems like a minimal side effect.


If you smoked and you’re bored, check out things to do while high!

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Even pets benefit from cannabidiol



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