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CBDDY CBD Oil Review: Best CBD Oil Review CBDDY CBD

While there are hundreds of popup CBD Brands to choose from today after visiting with the owner or CBDDY, we must say that we are quite impressed with everything he had to say. We are also impressed with the level of quality of their CBD Oil. We will be reviewing this product based on a few key factors.

  1. Strength
  2. Taste
  3. Price
  4. Customer Service

So let’s start out with strength of CBDDY CBD Oil. Currently it is offered in 500mg per 30ml dropper bottle. The owner informed us that they can make custom dosage strengths upon request and plan to soon offer 1000mg CBD oil as a premade item on their website. Most other companies that we researched also offer CBD in various strengths and we have tried a few various brands. One thing that stuck out to us when we tested out CBDDY CBD Oil is that it is virtually tasteless. Some brands we tried tasted exactly as if we were chewing on a hemp stalk. While attractive to some, the majority of people who are looking to benefit from the use of CBD Oil are not exactly after something that tastes exactly like a plant stalk. So, we wanted to see how cBDDY achieved such a high milligram CBD Oil without an overpowering hemp taste.

When asked, Chris the co founder of  CBDDY stated this

It’s really quite simple, and you may be quite surprised to find out this is simply due to the cbd we use to make our CBD Oil. We use 99.98% pure CBD Isolate. It comes in crystal form and has been extracted from organically grown industrial hemp plants from our good friends in Colorado. When you get CBD in this form, it is free of any other unwanted chemicals or metals that may be found within the hemp plant. This is the purest form of CBD known to man. The purification used creates a pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol. This is quite an expensive process and it also means you do not end up with as much product to sell at the end of the day per plant. What this also means is you are only introducing pure cbd into your body when you use this form of CBD. This is why  CBD Isolate is used to make our pharmaceutical grade cbd oil. 

We had the CBDDY CBD oil sent off to the lab to test this just to be sure this wasn’t another one of those fly by night companies that is out here selling nothing but oil with no additive of CBD. When the results of the test came back, the CBDDY CBD oil that was labeled as 500mg tested at 508mg of actual CBD. We again contacted the owner and asked why it tested over the advertised strength as many other brands we tested actually came in at 10-80mg under their advertised strength. Chris’ answer for this is quite interesting.

Glad you asked, and I’m also glad to see we are doing that good of a job in mixing our product. That definitely came with lots of experience and testing. Something many companies fail to do and some do not even know but the burning point of CBD is  160-180°C. This means that when you mix in your CBD Isolate into your oil and heat it up, if you get it in this range, you are destroying the CBD lowering the actual active ingredient. So, we always account for some of this during manufacturing. We add extra 10-15mg per bottle to make up for that slight loss and a loss of only 2mg is amazing. We tested some of the top brands while learning to make our own oil, and we had them tested, while I won’t name any names, there are more than a handful of companies who do not even realize they’re selling bogus product. I believe this is due to the fact that they are cooking it all our while making it as they don’t even know once they reach 160 that it’s all evaporating off. The problem is too many people are in it for the wrong reasons and many definitely do not need to be mixing something that someone is putting in their body. The truth is, not all CBD Oil is equal. While there are handful of companies not selling pure cbd oil, there’s a lot of great companies that know exactly what they are doing and add for the change. Getting good enough to keep it above the sought after mark is where the skill comes in. I won’t tell our exact temperature we use to mix our CBD Oil, but I will say it’s within 1.5°C each batch which is why our test came out as well as it did. By the way, thank you for having this tested, as we are often asked by business owners “how do I know this has cbd in it”. So to have a third party randomly test the product and these results to come from it, this is probably the best marketing we will receive as a company. 

So now we have learned that not all CBD Oil is created equal. If you have ever steered or been feared away from using CBD Oil because the first time you used it you couldn’t stand the green color or hemp stalk taste, you’ll be pleased to know we have tracked down a legitimate CBD Company that offers a pharmaceutical grade CBD Oil that legitimately tests at it’s advertised dosage. A little over actually. Chris also informed me that upon request they can add all natural flavor extracts to any oil that is ordered from them. He said they offer CoaCoa, Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Citrus which is extracted directly from fresh tangerines.

So far this knocks out two of our standards used for this product review.

Tastes Like Coconut oil which doesn’t have much of a taste at all itself.

Dosage: We determined that there was 8mg more than advertised. This is the closest we’ve tested so far to being actual and only the second to test over.

Now we will discuss the price

Price of CBDDY CBD Oil

Each 30ml Bottle Containing 500mg of CBD Oil is listed on their site for $59.99


This is very comparable after doing pricing research. There are some companies that will sell you 500mg CBD Oil for less than this price. Some who we know for a fact doesn’t have 500mg in each bottle and some of them may, we can only vouch for CBDDY as we ran the product through a third party lab and                          it tested at 508mg. SO you make your own decision on which CBD Oil to choose. Just remember that cheaper is not always better. Especially when it comes to a product you are putting into your blood stream. Given the level of quality being pharmaceutical grade CBD, and the product testing over 500mg, the fact that it is tasteless, the price of  $59.99 for a 30ml bottle is very reasonable in our opinion.




10.0 /10


9.8 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • Tasteless
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Awesome Customer Support
  • All Organic
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Price is Higher Than Some Lower Qualities
  • Not Yet Available Local Everywhere


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