Best Feminized Seeds: Beginners Guide To Choosing Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are the bestselling seeds online to this day. There’s a reason for that: people want seedless bud aka sensimilla (Spanish for “without seeds”). In this article we will review the qualities of feminized seeds and why you should or should not use them. Let’s begin.

Feminized seeds are a term for cannabis seeds that have been altered to produce only female plants when germinated. This feminizingprocess consists of stressing an existing female cannabis plant to produce a hermaphroditic male flower. The stress process is usually done with colloidal silver, foliar sprayed on a female plant for a number of days until such hermaphroditic male flower is produced. Then, the pollen from the rogue male flower is collected and selectively bred with another female of the desired variety. This inturn creates feminized seeds.

Germinating feminized seeds will result in virtually 100% percent females, with a small chance of error. Error would be defined as a hermaphrodite plant. In the early days of feminized seeds, hermaphrodites were common and the whole feminized seed thing seemed to be a scam. Fast forward a decade or so and feminized seeds have been stabilized by master breeders to perform at record breaking high yields producing top quality marijuana buds.

Why use feminized seeds?

Are you a licensed recreational or medical marijuana cultivator? If you answered yes, then you most likely have some sort of plant limit. For those growers who can only grow 7 plants at a time, filling a spot with a plant that could potentially male is a waste of precious time and space that could be used to pump up rewarding female sensimilla.

Feminized seeds, much like clones, guarantee the grower what they will get, which is exactly what cultivators both indoors and outdoors are looking for. Compared to regular seeds, feminized seeds should be used primarily in sensimilla cultivation and not used for breeding cases.

What are some great feminized seed strains?

Nearly any strain you have heard about comes in feminized seed form. Whether its a dank chronic indica strain or a heady trippy sativa variety, if its a popular strain you can be sure that youll be able to find it as feminized seeds. Here are some examples from Mold Resistant Strains

Top 15 Best Feminized Seeds


  • OG Lemon Larry
  • Oldtimers Haze
  • G13 x Hash Plant (Mr Nice)
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Cindy 99
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Orinoco
  • Sensi Star
  • Blueberry
  • Grand Daddy Purp
  • Purple Cookies
  • Candy Krush

Where can I buy feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are available at a large number of cannabis seed banks such as Seed Supreme, Seedsman and The Attitude Seedbank. For best security make sure to get the discreet delivery option selected at checkout.

Remember to consider the price differences between 3seed packs, 5seed packs and 10seed pack’s respectively. Most seedbank’s also offer pick and mix aka Single Seed packs, a special offer allowing you to purchase single seeds. This can be very inexpensive and a great way to get a glimpse of different strains before you decide to focus on a certain variety, if thats what you plan to do.

What are the risks to using feminized seeds?

To be only positive about feminized seeds would be to lie. There are definitely risks involved when using feminized seeds, but lets not talk about laws here and just talk about genetics.

Feminized seeds are essentially stress-induced hermaphrodites. Research on feminized seed breeding shows that this stress-induced hermaphrodite parent does not pass on any hermaphroditic tendencies to its offspring.. However, amateur breeders who work with unstable strains using lessthanperfect breeding practices may find that their feminized seeds are retaining the hermaphrodite trait, popping out a few male flowers during the germinated plants flowering cycle.

If you stick with reputable seed breeders, and read reviews of their strains you can surely find a feminized seed strain that will be great for you, whether you’re outdoor, indoors or in a greenhouse.

Feminized seeds prove to be a reliable option for many cannabis growers in the year 2018. Enjoy.

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