Crossing State Lines? What You Should Know About 420-Friendly Travel

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If you are engaged in business travel and use cannabis regularly, then welcome to the “green coast.” Of course, we’re referring to the west coast—where a number of states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. While it may be legal in your state of residence, it’s important to be mindful of state laws while traveling. Here’s a guide to 420-friendly travel, so you can avoid potential run-ins with the law.


Traveling in State

While smoking cannabis is now legal in several states, there are still possession limits. For example, in California, carrying more than an ounce of weed opens yourself up to the possibility of a misdemeanor, fine, and even jail time. Know how much weed you are able to carry. Also, remember that weed is like alcohol under the law. You can’t drive around with an unopened package of cannabis.  


Crossing State Lines

Even though cannabis is now legal all along the west coast, it is against federal law to cross state lines with weed. Even if marijuana is legal in both of the states you are crossing between, you still can’t bring your weed across state lines. Doing so would amount to breaking federal drug trafficking laws.

Also remember that airports are under the jurisdiction of the federal government, even if you are traveling within the same state.  So don’t attempt to fly commercially with marijuana. If you’re traveling to visit national parks and other federal sites, then keep in mind that they have the right to confiscate your weed—at the very least. So if you want to smoke, then take your cannabis to state parks and recreation areas instead.

Finally, keep in mind that there are also limits regarding where you can smoke in public. This is important when booking hotel accommodations. Double-check to ensure that your hotel accommodations and other areas you frequent while traveling allow for marijuana use on the premise.


The Bottom Line

For 420-friendly business travelers, it can be exciting to travel along the west coast. But just because cannabis use is legal, remember that you can’t do anything you want with it. Be aware of the laws that are still in place, including state limitation laws and federal laws. Don’t carry more weed than you are allowed to, and more importantly, don’t cross state lines with your stash. When you know the law, traveling in 420-friendly states can be a great experience—one that combines business and pleasure.

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