Do detox drinks work for drug tests?

A common question we hear is “Do detox drinks work for drug tests”?

The short answer to this question of detox drinks working to Pass A Drug Test is yes, if you follow the directions exactly as they are printed on the label. You will find many mixed reviews about detox drinks for drug tests on the web. It may appear that there are more negative reviews than positive about detox drinks.

Why is that?

Well, ask yourself this question, How often do you take the time to review an item that worked? Especially something that helped you pass something as important as a drug test. If you answered truthfully the answer is probably not often. We as humans are selfish for the most part and don’t think about the next guy who is looking for the same information as we were just last week. Just think if nobody took the time out to review important items such as detox for drug tests. What would you have done when you were searching for a way to Pass A Drug Test fast and on short notice? Would you like me to answer that for you? You would have been screwed. So this is why it may appear that there are more negative reviews on detox drinks than you are used to seeing on products. You will not find many detox drinks with 5 star reviews, for one people are too lazy to read the directions on how to use a detox drink to pass a drug test. Even though they are printed clearly right on the bottle.

Detox drinks do not rid your body of toxins, they simply mask them

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