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Five Unexpected Benefits of Using Marijuana Recreationally

Maybe Cheech and Chong were decades ahead of their time. In recent years, the perception of recreational marijuana use has been changing. The following are five unexpected benefits of casual cannabis consumption that might persuade people to recognize the old stigmas that once demonized the drug are simply not true.

Reduced Stress


People who get high by smoking marijuana typically do not see everyday situations with the same stressful blinders as everyone else. Cannabis users are better able to laugh off or shrug off obstacles that prohibit them from completing a daily task. The calming effect of the drug provides users ways to cope with issues that are more effective than combating problems with agitated aggression. This has been shown in the rise of CBD oil used for stress relief as well.


Heightened Senses


Smoking cannabis increases the mind’s ability to sense smells, sights, and sounds. By doing so, users embrace different objects and activities with a greater sense of appreciation. Sex becomes more pleasurable. Taking a walk and getting fresh air from nature becomes less of a chore. Eating gives taste buds a reason to celebrate. It generally gives the user a heightened sense of life and can be a great way to experience new things, or even old things with a new lens.


Unlocked Creativity


Creativity is easily blocked by a lack of confidence. The fear that others will think an idea is crazy leads to pumping of brakes on the imaginative section of the mind. By allowing users to communicate with portions of their brain that have laid dormant for years, marijuana allows creative thoughts to flow more freely. While probably best used outside of work, recreational use can help you see solutions you might not have otherwise.


Improved Sleep


With stress turned off, the mind is able to relax and fall asleep quicker. While consuming alcohol has a similar effect, smoking marijuana does not come with a hangover the next day. In fact, users often wake up long after the effects of the drug have worn off and feel refreshed from achieving a deep sleep throughout the night.


Opened Minds


The world today seems stuck in a culture of division and hate toward those who do not share our opinions and beliefs. Cannabis is a catalyst for changing that. Using marijuana essentially eliminates the temptation to make snap judgments by unleashing the mind’s ability to recognize the value of all ideas proposed by others.

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People are challenging the adage that marijuana causes more harm than good. As new studies constantly come out about the positive health effects of cannabis for people living with certain ailments, so too has society been taking a Cheech-and-Chong look at the casual use of the natural drug.

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