Why are Grow Tents Becoming So Popular for Growing Medical Marijuana?

Why are grow tents becoming so popular?

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in popularity for grow tents. The cannabis industry in itself has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and has shown no signs of slowing anytime soon.  Many homeowners are turning to them as a solution to grow cannabis indoors. In this article, we will discuss the primary reasons for this. The problem has become that many grow tents and other cannabis related items like any, there are a large number of less than efficient grow tent brands on the market. We will discuss this later though.

Now that more and more US states are passing laws which legalize marijuana, more industrious people are considering growing their own cannabis indoors. There are currently 8 states which have legalized recreational marijuana, with more likely to follow. Here is a digital map of each state and their cannabis laws.
It should be noted that technically speaking, federal law still bans cannabis for recreational purposes, but for now it looks like they will not be pursuing legal actions against states which have legalized it.

When it comes to indoor growing, a grow tent is the ideal solution. And when it comes to grow tents, the ideal size for indoor cannabis growing is the 5×5 grow tent. This is for a few reasons: the 5×5 grow tent doesn’t take up too much space, but allows for a few plants to flourish. If you’re short on size you might consider a measly grow box or a 2×2 tent. And if you have tons of space you can even make an outdoor growhouse, or an indoor 10×10 tent.

Grow tents are also great because they allow for maximum control of everything involved as it pertains to growing cannabis: seeds, lighting, hydration, and size. Choosing the right seeds for your indoor environment, as well as the correct grow lighting, hydration, and of course size for the quantity you choose. You can read more about four factors that affect cannabis growth.
Another aspect is air control. Certain strands of cannabis require a specific air control via window or fan which can be controlled quite well with a grow tent, depending on your setup.

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