Growing Cannabis at Home? 5 Home Security Tips You Need to Know

Growing cannabis is a great way to control what you are ingesting and to save the money that is often lost with middlemen. However, growing marijuana is illegal in many areas and can result in some serious charges, so we recommend that you check with your state and plan accordingly, so we . Additionally, aside from the threat of legal actions, you will want to protect your plants from people who may be out to steal them from you. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can protect your home and your personal garden.

Don’t Yell It Out To The World  

Even if you’re legally growing cannabis, you should not advertise that you are growing cannabis, as letting people know about your efforts can increase the chances that you experience theft. You should keep your stash as a secret unless you have people that are helping you grow it, which you should also keep at a minimum. Keep it on the down low to avoid tempting any potential thieves.  

Eliminate Obvious Signs

You will want to eliminate the light that escapes from your grow lights. Due the fact that these lights are bright, you will need to seal the area in which the light may escape from. Additionally, you should utilize fans and an exhaust system to ventilate the smells that the plants will produce. Over time, you will get used to the smell of your plants and will not be able to smell them. However, this doesn’t mean that the smell has gone away. When you are setting up the area take the proper precautions to ensure that there isn’t an odor that is escaping.

Maintain a Garden

The best way to hide something is to create distractions around it. If you are growing a garden that is separate from your cannabis garden then it will be far less unusual if anyone sees you with garden supplies. Plus, know that you’re learning to grow cannabis, you can probably put some of those skills to also producing some of your own food, like tomatoes and other vegetables.

Get Some Cameras

Installing private security cameras around your house will allow you to see who is spending time around the home. You should aim to install cameras that are stealthy and somewhat hidden so that your home does not draw additional attention to thieves, neighbors, or a curious passersby.


There are many ways that you can secure your home when you are growing cannabis. Nationwide, 88% of all burglaries happen to residential areas, and are usually during the day while residents are away. Most of these are even considered preventable. By staying alert and under the radar you will prevent many of the problems that growers have experienced in the past. Even now that many states have legalized cultivating marijuana, there are plenty of reasons to keep it on the down-low, especially with the time and money you are investing in growing as a lot of the gadgets and supplies don’t tend to come cheap.


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