Home Drug Test vs Lab Drug Test – Based On Accuracy

Viewers often ask if at home drug testing kits are as accurate as the lab tests that employers use such as labcorp.

The short answer is no.

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So, “How accurate are at home drug tests compared to lab tests?”

Best Home Drug Test Kit Review at Clean420.comWhile most at home drug tests are very sensitive to even hints of toxins tested for by popularly used drug tests. So, if drugs are present, more than likely you will get a positive result which you would then want to send the sample off to a lab to verify. You can personally send a sample off to a professional drug testing lab facility to be tested , so as long as you pay for the price of the test.

False Positives

If the one you are testing for abuse of illegal drugs tests positive, you should definitely send this sample off to a professional lab to ensure that the positive result is not caused from recent eaten foods. Professional drug testing labs are more suited to make the call rather the urine

What can cause a false positive drug test result?

Many things can affect the accuracy of these tests, including (but not limited to):

  • improper storage of either the test or the urine
  • presence of a legal over the counter supplement or prescription medication
  • Recent dietary intake

*Please note that a positive result for amphetamines should not always be taken as facts, rather test be done in a lab or with an at home drug test. Many over the counter supplements, as well as prescription medications may show up the same as methamphetamine.

Conclusion;  While at home drug tests are certainly not as reliable as a lab test, they’re still highly accurate and should be taken as a basis to determine rather or not further testing should be conducted by a lab.


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