How Does a Detox Diet Work?

Detoxification is a known process for your health condition that also serves as a popular trend in this modern era. This type of diet is known to be capable of providing you with a massive number of benefits which many see as an inspiration for them to do it. After all, we now live in a world where toxins often enter our body due to various factors such as the following:


  • Chemicals on the food we eat
  • Pollution on our water and air
  • Dirty surroundings
  • Junk foods that have no nutritional value
  • Stress
  • Alcohol and cigarettes
  • Drug addiction


There may be more factors than just these that may contribute towards increasing the toxins on our body. As a result, these toxic substances will start to harm our own body cells to the point where free radicals can enter our body and damage it further. With damaged cells in our body, our immune system may weaken and make us more prone to receiving illnesses. These illnesses vary a lot as it may range from a disease that can hinder you from working, or it could be something that’s life-threatening instead. This is where detox comes to save us from these free radicals and toxic substances that may make us weaker as we get older over time.


How Does Detox Actually Work?

Detoxification diets are special programs that also serve as a short-term dietary solution meant to intervene against an unhealthy lifestyle. This is developed in order to remove all toxic substances within your body to allow your cells to regenerate, potentially protecting you from any sickness while strengthening your immune system. Many who tried this diet program stated that it made them reverse their inactive lifestyle into an active one when they did a detox diet. Some even used this diet temporarily in order to switch to a better lifestyle, and for them to find specific workouts easier, especially if they previously had a heavyweight or were obese.


Benefits of a Detox Diet

Many of those who tried a detox diet claimed that they felt the following benefits, and some doctors even said so:

  • Repairs Organs. Since a detox diet involved fasting at certain times, many say that it has the same ability to repair organs just like when fasting from food or when abstaining from junk food.
  • The Body Absorbs More Nutrients. Fewer toxins basically means more nutrients will be accommodated within your body in order to receive more health benefits.
  • Strengthens The Liver. Avoidance of any unhealthy substances or foods allows the liver to have more time in naturally detoxifying the rest of the toxic substances in your body since there will be no more upcoming toxic substances for the liver to filter out.
  • Boosts Circulation. Blood circulation boosts dramatically to cleanse everything within you.
  • Eliminates Toxin Even FurtherIf you stop receiving toxins in your body, the rest of the toxic substances can go away through sweating when exercising. Going to the toilet to urinate or to defecate while under a detox diet also removes those toxic substances accurately.


Want More Reasons to Detox?

The following benefits above are a result of the elimination of free radicals and unnecessary toxic substances in your body once you undergo this diet program. If you want more reasons to realize why detoxifying is a crucial thing to do, then take note of the following reasons that might be affecting your life already:


You Often Feel Lousy

Do you often experience waking up early or on-time after a good sleep, but still feel lousy? This might mean that toxic substances have taken over your body and has affected the way your brain works. According to this doctor, brain fog is one of the notable signs of a toxic body, along with the loss of appetite during mornings. When fully awake, you might be prone to lousier experiences such as headaches, getting allergies just by inhaling dust, if you often feel stomach pain, and fatigue. These should be treated as your inspiration for detoxifying your body for good!


You’re Craving Junk Foods

If you feel like you have the urge to eat sweets every now-and-then, or if you feel like every time seems to be the perfect means to eat a lot of carbs, then that is a sign of food addiction. This is one of the factors that can contribute towards obesity, which links to a vast number of health problems for the long term. What’s worse is that you might not control the way you intake sugar and carbs anymore, which is even worse as you get fat even further. This is a notable sign of toxic substances invading your body already and has affected your appetite.

You’re Addicted to Other Substances

Aside from food addiction, you might be a raging alcoholic, or worse, a drug addict. Cigarette smokers are also notable addicts that have higher risks of experiencing more health issues than alcoholics. Getting too addicted to a substance, especially when you lack exercise, may lead to a lot of diseases as you grow older. What’s worse is that these vices will hinder you from having an active lifestyle or might stop you from doing a detox diet. So if possible, stop these immediately as you proceed towards your detox diet plan.

Note that the following are just the most worrying reasons why you need to detox. Others may include a need to stay away from bad influences, if your weight is constantly increasing, or if you never tried the method.


How to Detox Effectively

Gladly, there are some simple tips that may help you detox your body, so then you can live a better life. In fact, according to The Recovery Villiage, robust detoxing may even require professional inpatient or outpatient care. However, if you are planning on doing a DIY detox, there a few simple rules to follow. It can be a bit hard to start up, but after getting acclimated to it, your body is going to feel better and you’ll feel more and more motivated to keep going. Microbe Formulas recommends that you follow these protocols when starting a detox. In addition to those protocols, here are some additional tips that are extremely easy to do as you begin this new chapter of your life:


Avoid Your Vices

Cold turkey is the best method that you can consider if you need to quit your addiction over almost anything. Whether it’s drugs, smoking or drinking too much, it is always possible to stop. Some may not have the willpower to resist their own temptation, but a doctor or a psychologist can give you a tip or two in order to get rid of your substance addiction. Take note that sugar and food addiction can also be relieved simply by stopping your cravings. An excellent way to start stopping, use a healthy mindset to just think that your addiction was never there in the first place, so why not consider going back to your normal ways?


Load Yourself With Protein

Protein intake is one of the most helpful techniques if you wish to go for a diet that’s focused on detoxification. You just need to boost your body with protein during breakfast as it can balance your blood sugar and insulin levels to quit craving for too much toxic food. The best foods that are rich in protein are the following: chicken breasts, eggs, fish, nuts, and soy.


Choose The Right Carbohydrates

You will also need carbohydrates so then you can have a natural energy that will keep you going when exercising. You need a lot of carbs if you really want to sweat all the toxic substances away. But take note that you need to go whole, raw, non-starchy foods for the best results such as the following:


  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Mushrooms
  • Zucchini
  • Tomatoes
  • Eggplant
  • Peppers
  • Chili peppers
  • Green beans
  • Onions
  • Spinach
  • Leafy greens


The list goes on; just make sure that you avoid starchy foods that are also rich in carbs such as rice and potatoes as these can add more weight to you. On the other hand, the good carb-rich foods will surely charge you up for a good day while avoiding that heavy sensation of being “full”.


Seek Help

Willpower may be one of the best ways to help you detoxify yourself. It takes strong resolve and dedication to give things up and to live a healthier lifestyle. Take note that intervention from your friends or family can be a great way to motivate or help you reach your detox goals. A best friend or family member can make comments or suggestions to help motivate you in your goals and committing towards a healthier lifestyle. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed for needing help. Studies have been done to see the affect of shaming on health progress like weight loss and lifestyle changes, and they are almost always negative. Find positive sources of inspiration instead of negative sources of shaming. You could make new friends by going to the gym or by seeking communities that are focused on detoxifying in order to find the right people who can influence you.


A Healthy Lifestyle Does the Trick

All of these techniques for a nice detox diet should always be supplemented by exercise and taking the right vitamins and minerals to ensure that you will get rid of toxic substances for good. As we grow old, we might find it harder to commit to these especially if we got used to an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s like taking a train towards your doom. But just like most vehicles, you can always push on the brakes and re-evaluate your life so then you can have a better mindset wherein you will finally focus towards reversing your unhealthy lifestyle. That will eventually lead you to the right track which will make you healthier over the long run!

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