How to Build the Best Cannabis Greenhouse Ever

The new crop that is gaining popularity and profit is the cannabis plant. With its legalization in many states, people are actually taking the chance to start growing this plant in their greenhouses. Because cannabis is a new crop for farmers, here is more information about how to grow it and what it needs in the process of cultivation.

Cannabis Greenhouse

Building your greenhouse has to be thoroughly planned out so that it has good stability to environmental changes and harsh climate factors such as wind and snow. However, you do not have to go out of your way with construction. A simpler greenhouse structure will do, and the style you choose all depends on your preferences.  

Figure out how much space you will need for the standard growth of the plant and all the necessary equipment inside including water supply equipment and working tables. Make it easy to walk inside. Additional things to consider when preparing your greenhouse structure include the following factors.


Because cannabis is used to sufficient amounts of light, you will need to make use of both sunlight and artificial light. According to, a single hemp plant requires 7.5 lumens of light when its height reaches 30 centimeters.

Greenhouse Covering

The best type of greenhouse that can be used for growing cannabis features a translucent covering. explains that this covering allows for an even distribution of light throughout the whole space. If you want to grow your hemp plants based on the 12-12 cultivation method, you can black out the whole greenhouse for 12 hours each day.

When it comes to choosing the type of covering, your best bets are fiberglass or plastic options that are less expensive and less fragile than glass. Make sure that you cover the greenhouse with a protective resin coat every 10 to 15 years. The greenhouse needs to be located in an area where there are no trees casting shade over it, excluding the trees that block out the sun at sunset and sunrise.

Greenhouse Ventilation

The best part about a greenhouse is your ability to control the growing conditions inside. Greenhouses tend to be warmer than the outside temperatures despite the season. In the winter, the sunlight warms the air inside the greenhouse, and in the warm months, the humidity is retained inside the walls of the structure. Sometimes, the heat and humidity can be too much for your plants. In these instances, you should have the option of venting the greenhouse. recommends to pick a greenhouse that has an incorporated mechanical vent. Some greenhouses have tubing systems that allow for cooling mist to be sprinkled on the plants to lower the temperatures inside. This is also an option when choosing a cannabis greenhouse. The need for ventilation of the plants is especially important when carbon dioxide levels go up.

Greenhouse Automation

If you are taking the opportunity to become part of the promising market of marijuana growers, you might want to invest in the future. Think about automating the process of climate control inside your greenhouse to make things easier on you and more stable for the plants. According to, smart climate control systems can be very helpful in maintaining a stable climate at your desired temperature and humidity. This will also allow you to precisely measure the climate factors and make sure that everything is ideal for your plants. More advanced systems can give you the option of lighting controls, fertigation control, and CO2 control.


While privacy is important when growing your own greenhouse, the need for discreteness is even more pronounced when it comes to cannabis. It is best to locate your greenhouse away from public view. Even with the changing opinions regarding this plant, there are plenty of laws that are not kind toward it.For example, even if there are states where recreational marijuana is legal, there are often various rules to how (or if) you can grown it. Plus, if your security is shoddy enough, you could get kids under 21 consuming your marijuana as it is the most commonly abused drug for them, and that can put you in a lot of legal trouble. To make sure people on the outside do not see your plants, there are protective resin coatings that block the view from outside the greenhouse. also recommends looking for films that are translucent enough to let light in, but are opaque enough that prying eyes can’t see in.

The marijuana industry is expected to grow substantially as more states are legalizing its use for medical and recreational purposes. You do not want to miss this exciting opportunity to take part in this new way of making a living that is also aimed at healing others. Just remember, before setting up the greenhouse, make sure you are familiar with the laws and regulations that apply in your state to make sure that your cannabis growing venture is a lawful one.


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