How to Evaluate Cannabis Quality

Due to the global rise in the medical use and consideration of cannabidiol (CBD) products in recent years, you have finally decided to try it out for yourself. However, before you proceed, as with any drug, you must take extreme caution, especially when determining the quality of the CBD. The recommendations below will help to guide you in getting the best quality CBD possible.

Check the Processing Method

If you buy a cheap CBD supplement, you are likely getting a substandard product. You will not only miss out on the full effectiveness of the product, but you could also be ingesting hazardous toxins used to produce the supplement.

Always be suspicious of any CBD derivative that sells at an unbelievably low price. These companies often use dangerous chemicals such as butane, which is used in cooking ranges and flammable products. You do not want these inside your body!

Other suppliers employ more organic methods by using pharmaceutical-grade ethanol, which is mainly comprised of grain alcohol and is used to clear away undesirable contaminants from the key hemp plant. This is the most ideal technique of CBD extraction since it returns the highest volume of cannabinoids out of all the other refinement procedures. It is also the safest for human consumption.

Before acquiring any CBD oil, investigate the vendor’s processing procedures. The details can be located on their website or via speaking with a product service representative. 

Ask for Recommendations

Assuming you live in a jurisdiction where cannabis products are legally available, social media is a very useful way to gather unbiased consumer experiences and find out which CBD product is the best.

Some CBD user groups do exist on social sites such as Facebook; however, review the group’s and social site’s policies to make sure your posts don’t get deleted due to violations. In particular, individuals attempting to sell or trade pharmaceutical, non-medical drugs or marijuana could be banned from Facebook. For this reason, never claim that CBD products treat any conditions since this also violates the rules.

Above all else, make sure that you read and understand the rules in your state regarding the consumption of CBD products before reaching out to other users online. Once you understand the regulations in your area, you can then gather useful information and tips for acquiring the best quality CBD.

Check the Hemp Source

Check where the manufacturer sources their hemp from. Ideally, the best quality hemp is US-grown since US farmers must be certified by state departments of agriculture. They also must ensure that no contaminants such as microbes, heavy metals like arsenic or fungal infestations are present in the plants.

You can find important information about the source on the company’s or retailer’s websites and also their customer support centers. Moreover, be sure to evaluate the product packaging labels to find out if they use the whole plant. This information should also be available on their website. Some manufacturers use the terminology “Whole Plant” while others use “Full Spectrum”.

A trustworthy CBD brand must also periodically conduct lab tests on their product and have the most recent results available either on their website or packaging labels or both. These tests are done by a third-party source, so the results are completely unbiased.

Good customer care is an additional indication of quality CBD oil, so always contact them to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Check the “High” Factor

Another cannabinoid like CBD is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This compound is the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana that makes you “high”. While good quality CBD products contain very small amounts of THC or none at all, they can still effectively manage several physical and mental symptoms.

As a matter of fact, the compounds in CBD will counteract any effects of THC, so you can never get high no matter how much CBD you take. Nevertheless, high amounts of THC are not recommended in a high-quality CBD strain.

The ideal level of THC found in CBD oils should not go over more than 0.3 percent, so ensure that you examine the labels or request lab results for the CBD oils before acquiring them.

Since CBD is still considered a new treatment, there is still much that is not known about it. Consequently, always talk with your doctor and follow the above guidelines before purchasing CBD or any other alternative drug.

As you embark on your exploration of alternative treatments, you are not alone. Weary of the unwanted side effects of pharmaceutical medications, thousands have begun this journey as well. Expect to see more news and information on CBD in the coming years and the help it provides to many.

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