LED Grow Lights Now Reviewed

Clean 420 Begins Reviewing LED Grow Lights

We are proud to announce we will begin reviewing LED Grow Lights at Clean420.com. 

We are excited about this addition to our site and look forward to bringing you the latest no bullshit reviews on popular led grow lights and Best Sites To Best sites to Buy Led Grow Lights. We have already begun testing a few brands and researching them to see what others have had to say about them after longer duration of use.

We have a friend who lives in California and has a license to grow cannabis for his own patients. We have sent him some test lights to begin observing and reporting his opinions back to us. Read eXtreme Led Grow Lights Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Proper LED Grow Light

Prior to buying any new LED Grow Light you should carefully consider the following



  • –  First you should consider the area that needs to be properly lit up. When you take this into consideration, you can determine how many LED Grow lights you will need to purchase to efficiently light up your area.  You can always place more Led lights across from one another to cover more space.
  • You should decide on where you will grow your plants, it should be a room that you can control the lighting 24/7 without interruptions from outside lighting sources. If you have a closet or empty room that will work fine, or you could purchase a grow tent that is specially designed for growing plants with artificial lighting.
  • Full Spectrum –  incorporate all of the colors in the spectrum to encourage positive growth, and encourage larger yields, they remain cool throughout operation without the extra need of fans hence costing less to operate over time. Most Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights have a life expectancy of 50k Hours!
  • Phases of growth – If you wish to use your one grow light for both veg and flowering stage, then you will need a full spectrum LED Light to ensure that you cover all of the color spectrums required by a plant for each cycle.
  • Consider Budget- While Led grow lights range in pricing and quality, you should carefully determine your budget and decide if you wish to  purchase a beginner grow light or if you would rather purchase a more commercial style grow light. Led grow light pricing ranges from $xx range up to $xx,xxx price range.

Careful Consideration to the above factors can be a determining factor in a efficient grow op. If you follow our advice you can ensure you will make the right decision when it comes time to make the big decision on which LED Grow Light is Best For You! Some of the top brands of led grow lights are

Unit Farm Led Grow Lights

    >– Shop Unit Farm Led Grow Lights

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Kind Led Grow Lights

Shop Kind LED Grow Lights

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Black Dog LED Grow Lights

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