Employers and Law enforcement officers now using mouth swab drug test to catch us off guard! Learn to pass a mouth swab drug test at Clean420.com

Swab tests are being used more frequently

Employers Now Using Mouth Swab Drug Test

What is Mouth Swab Drug Test? Why Do Employers Use Saliva Drug Testing? How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Ever taken a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

Not only employers but now law officers are conducting mouth swab drug test during DUI Checkpoints

Today’s Job market is ever changing. The same is true with drug testing methods used by employers as well as law enforcement. Law enforcement officers are also using mouth swab drug tests at DUI check points to catch those who are under the influence of Marijuana as well as other illegal drugs.
CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

As we see saliva drug tests are becoming adopted by more and more officials throughout the United States. The same is to be said about Employers who wish to prevent us from getting a job if we choose to use legal or illegal marijuana or other drugs. Legal use of marijuana can still prevent you from gaining or keeping employment. A Colorado man was fired for testing positive for legal thc.

What is a Mouth Swab Drug Test? 


What is a mouth swab drug test? Find out at clean420.com

Mouth swab drug test are those that test the body for toxins from the use of saliva collected around the gums and jaw. 

These tests use the saliva found inside your mouth and detect the metabolites the body has made from the toxins left from illegal as well as legal drugs and everyday things we eat or breathe. Keep in mind prescription medication can also register on these drug tests as substances tested for such as marijuana, meth, cocaine, opiates, and benzos. Just as an example, a commonly used prescription medication such as adderall (amphetamine salts) has been known to register on a drug test as Methamphetamine. This is known as a false positive. You should inform a drug testing official of this use prior to submitting. You should inform of any and all medications, prescription and non prior to submitting to any drug test.

Why Employers Use Mouth Swab Drug Test


In 2004 the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) proposed a rule that would allow federal agencies to use mouth swab drug testing in the work place. They also defined how each specimen was to be handled. This opened the doors for employers to use Mouth Swab Saliva Drug Testing in the workplace. As years have passed the cost of saliva drug tests has drastically lowered. Mouth Swab Drug Tests have become the cheapest method for an employer to drug test an applicant or randomly drug test a employee.

Mouth swab drug test kits may be found at online markets such as Amazon for under $10. Compared to the average $150 per test spent on lab administered urine drug tests, this saves employers quite a bit of money over the course of a year. According to a recent study, American Workers are Increasingly Failing Drug Tests  

I can imagine the amount of money a employer spends per year on failed drug tests is rather high. This leading to seeking out more affordable drug testing methods. Locating an employee who is able to pass a drug test has become harder for employers. This has led employers to purchasing mouth swab drug tests that can be administered within their own facilities.

Benefits of Mouth Swab Drug Test

Do not be caught off guard by a potential employer trying to trick you with a mouth swab drug test at time of interview! Find out how to pass this drug test at Clean420.com

  • Employer/Testing Official can visually monitor the individual taking the test
  • Non Evasive for the person tested
  • More Affordable Drug Testing Option
  • Detects Very Recent Drug Use
  • Less applicants are aware of how to cheat mouth swab drug test
  • Employers may administer Mouth Swab Drug Tests themselves

As you see above, a mouth swab drug test has many benefits for both administering party as well as for the person being tested. As less people are aware of methods for passing a mouth swab drug test when they have used substances the tester determines to be unacceptable, the passing rate for those people is drastically lowered. This leaves employees with a higher rate of  truly drug free employees as well as more money saved on drug testing costs over the year.

How can I Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

So, you are looking for a way to cheat a mouth swab drug test? I’m sure after reading the above you are a bit nervous and wondering if it is possible.

Good news, Clean 420 has found how to cheat a mouth swab or saliva drug test and we will tell you how!
We would first like to point out that the only sure fire method of passing a mouth swab drug test or any other drug test is by not using drugs or legal medical marijuana. However, if you have already slipped up and are now panicking then luckily we have already reviewed the products to pass a mouth swab drug test. You must use a detox mouthwash, but be sure you read our reviews so you don’t waste your money or your results on a sub par product. These mouthwashes can be purchased at a number of places online such as Amazon. You may be lucky and have a local head shop that carries detox mouthwash as well. Luckily, certain areas may receive delivery of their detox products ordered online in as little as two hours. Read more at Detox products to pass a drug test, Delivered in as little as two hours. 

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Do not be caught off guard by a potential employer trying to trick you with a mouth swab drug test at time of interview! Find out how to pass this drug test at Clean420.com

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