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Pass a Pre employment Drug Test

Pass a Pre Employment Drug Screen

We have all been there, a dead end job that you want to leave, but are hesitant to do so for fear of learn how to determine if a potential employer requires a pre employment drug test at clean420.comhaving to  by a new employer.  If you are just starting out in your quest for a new job your best bet is to simply refrain from using until you find another job.  This will prevent you any potential stress over having to submit to a pre-employment drug test.  Sometimes, however, a golden opportunity comes along that was unexpected and you don’t want to let it pass you by.  In that case you need to find out if this potential new employer drug tests and if so, what type of test they administer.  This information is crucial in helping you determine if you need to take any action in order to pass a drug test.

Ask if a Pre Employment Drug Test is required

The easiest way to find out if an employer drug tests new hires is to simply ask.  In fact, most states have laws that require employers to inform employees and potential new hires in advance if they do drug tests.  Therefore, the best way to determine if you will be required to pass a drug test is to simply ask.  You might be saying, isn’t it suspicious to ask questions, and to a certain extent you make a good point.  While simply asking this question is unlikely to remove you from the running for a particular job, you want every advantage possible to be chosen over the next guy.  In this case you can always call anonymously, by blocking your number, or having a friend call and asking them if they require drug tests.

Look at the Employer’s Website to see if Pre Employment Drug Test Required

If asking the employer either directly or indirectly makes you too nervous then the next best thing to do is look at the employer’s website.  Many websites have a section for current openings and if you see phrases like “We drug test our employees” or “Drug Free Workplace” then it is a good bet that those employers will expect a new hire to submit to a drug test.  For example, if you want to join the FBI their website tells you exactly what type of test will be administered along with other information about what type of prior drug use may be deemed acceptable or not.  See https://www.fbijobs.gov/working-at-FBI/eligibility

Look at job websites/forums

If the website does not give you any indication, or in the case of some jobs does not exist, go into workplace chat forums like glassdoor.com.  These type of websites can provide crucial insight into whether or not the employer drug tests.  Also, former employees also usually post reviews so you can reach out to them for information on whether the employer requires a new hire drug tests and which type of drug test they use (blood, urine, mouth swab, etc.)  Also, certain types of jobs are governed by industry standards so researching them will typically reveal if a clean drug test is a condition of employment.

Pre Employment Mouth Swab Drug Test During Interview

The interview process is typically thought of as a way for the employer to interview the employee, but it is also a way for the employee to learn more about the company and if they want to work for said company.  If during the interview process you are too embarrassed or nervous to ask about a Pre Employment drug test then simply ask for a copy of the employee handbook.  The employee handbook almost always lays out the company’s policies on pre-employment drug test as well as when an employee can be drug tested once hired.  Some companies only allow their employees to be drug tested for reasonable suspicion whereas other companies allow their employees to be drug tested randomly.  Plus, having the employee handbook will also give you valuable information like how many vacation days you get and other benefits that will allow you to make an informed decision on whether or not you want to work for that company.  Also, if you do you use and are just going in for an interview beware.  Some companies are now using the interview process as a means of eliminating candidates by having them submit to a mouth swab drug test at the interview and drug tested right then.  There are some helpful products to protect yourself with which you can learn about here (Best marijuana Detox Mouthwash ).  Of course they obtain your consent before swabbing you, but how can you really say no at the interview without blowing your chances.

The important thing is that you are prepared for a pre employment drug test so that you can get that dream job.  Either ask the employer if they drug test or use the other methods detailed above.  Your future is too much to gamble with so make sure you know what you are walking into and we wish you the best of luck at your new job!

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  • That’s some mess. Pretty bad when someone can have a legal prescription to a natural remedy that helps them handle their pain yet they can still be denied employment. Even worse that the courts upheld this decision. Just goes to show you, cover your own butt. But detox products and trust nobody to know your business. Even the best attorney can’t overpower the federal government. Everyone keep fighting, this is the farthest we’ve ever gotten. It’s only a matter of time before the Feds jump on board with the states. Thanks for this blog

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