Pass a Urine Drug Test in 2018 “Urine Testing 101”

Pass a Urine Drug Test  in 2018

Best Detox Products To Pass Thc Urine Drug Test 

Best Detox for Drug Test Reviews 2018

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How to pass a drug test? Which way will you choose?So, you are looking for a guaranteed way to pass a drug test on a fairly short notice.

A solution for passing a drug test is highly searched for on the web.  Since thc is the most common abused controlled tested toxin, as well as the longest lingering chemical that shows up on a drug test, this is what we will be focusing our reviews and methods on. However, these detox products for passing common drug tests can be used to pass a drug test for various toxins such as cocaine, methamphetamines, and other commonly abused controlled substances.

THC can stay in your system for long periods of time, so this may scare some into thinking that there is no hope to pass a drug test after intaking cannabis or other substances controlled by the government.

Rest assured, there are many proven methods to pass a drug test, even if you are given very little notice. We will show you various methods to pass any type of drug screen from urine tests, swab tests, as well as hair follicle tests.

We are tokers just like most of you and we set out to spread the knowledge on proven ways to pass a drug test. While we do earn a commission if you purchase one of our recommended products from a followed link on our site, we give you our word that we will only deliver accurate and honest reviews. We too know the situation you must be facing to have found us. We’ve been there, not too long ago actually. We came to the web and received bullsh*t advice and failed. Since then, we have set out to ensure nobody has to depend on “Fake Reviews”.

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Random fact

THC can remain detectable in ones system for upwards of ninety days. We go more in detail in our article How long does weed stay in my system?” 

Knowing that THC or Weed can stay in your system for extended periods of time, you obviously found us in search of how to pass a drug test or a similar problem you may be faced with.

We will answer this and more to the best of our ability. If we happen to forget to cover a topic and you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us . We love to help out.

All information reported here we have obtained through various authority sources such as Wikipedia, Drug tests info, web md, and some of it is just knowledge gained over the years of being a stoner.

We typically try to test each product we review first hand prior to releasing a review containing our own recommendation to you. At times we may hire a test panel to test each product to obtain a larger datapool. If you wish to test a product for us in the future, you are welcome to enquire about becoming a Clean420 test affiliate

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Various methods to pass a drug test:

  1. Obviously the 

  2. So lets discuss method two. The use of a Marijuana Detox Drink, shampoo, or mouthwash. There are thousands of Detox Products on the market today with very bold claims stating they will guarantee you will pass a marijuana drug test if you just use their product. First off, most of these claims are false, however many of them are true, but you must know which products to buy! 

Before we even talk about detox products, lets get something clear from the start. Detox Drinks are used to mask your system of toxins for a given period of time. The do not remove the toxins from your body. Let me repeat that, Marijuana DETOX DRINKS DO NOT REMOVE TOXINS FROM YOUR BODY, THEY SIMPLY MASK THEM FOR A PERIOD OF TIME. Once you understand this, you will have about a higher chance to pass using one of these products.






How To: Pass a Marijuana Drug Test!

First off you need to choose a Marijuana Detox Drink that you believe is worth spending your money on and worth risking your drug test results on. As previously stated, there are thousands of detox products out there. Believe me when I say, the price tag does not mean a thing when it comes to the quality of these products. The only one I have personally failed using is the most expensive one I ever bought. (I don’t remember the brand but I remember it was rather expensive and it was 50x the strength and it was grape) A lot of these products are nothing more than sugar water marketed by unethical companies just trying to steal your money during your time of panic.

Clean 420 Strives to save you the hassle and heartache of locating a quality detox product to pass a drug test with quality reviews and suggestions on which detox to purchase as well as where to purchase them.  


Most Dependable Detox Drink – Editors Choice Editors choice awardClean 420 recommendation for best marijuana detox drinks is Omni Extra Strength Complete Body Cleanser. Surprisingly this is one of the most affordable Marijuana Detox Drinks on the market. I personally purchase Omni detox drink from a local head shop, the only head shop locally that carries the Omni Detox brand.

Big name head shops carry the big name products that are expensive detox drinks and tend to not be worth the money. I pay  more locally for the Omni detox drinks than online.  I’ve done you the courtesy of finding the Omni Detox Drink online for a fraction of the price I pay. You can order Omni Detox Drink online for only a fraction of the cost,  and it comes in three different flavors.

Read Omni Detox Drink Full Review


[sta_anchor id="ultimate-eliminext-detox-drink-review" unsan="Ultimate Eliminext Detox Drink Review"]Ultimate Eliminex Detox Drink Review

Battle for the Best Detox for Drug Test 2017 Title at Clean420.comUltimate Eliminex Detox Drink for thc drug test is our second reviewed Marijuana Detox drink in the battle for the title of Best 420 detox drink 2017. This particular detox drink is larger, containing 32oz as opposed to 16oz found in the Omni cleansing detox drink, first reviewed. This detox is manufactured by a company that has been in the detox for thc business for 25+ years. Ultimate Eliminex is a strong detox drink designed for those with high body mass as well as heavy and chronic thc users. This is one of our highest rated 420 detox drinks out of the selection reviewed.

Read Ultimate Eliminex Detox Drink Review

Buy Ultra Eliminex from Drug Test Plus


Rescue Detox ice is one of our most highly reviewed detox drinks to pass a drug test for thc. With it being offered in three great tasting flavors, a long history of positive user reviews, it is no wonder why so many trust their successful drug test results on Rescue Detox Ice. A fitting name given it’s high success rate when directions are followed to a T. Read our full review on this 420 detox drink and you too will see why we recommend it. We do not give our recommendation for a quality detox drink to pass  a drug test for weed out easily but this product has impressed all of us at Clean 420.

  • Starts masking toxin left behind from THC immediately (may test within 3 hours)
  • Masks toxins, pollutants, and free radicals up to 8hr
  • Provides increased energy effects
  • Made with natural ingredients

Rescue Detox ice 420 detox drink is available in three great tasting flavors.

Read Rescue Detox Ice Review

That is a brief overview of the best detox drinks on the market to successfully pass a urine drug test on short notice for marijuana. As stated before, these detox drinks will also work to pass a drug test for other illegal substances, however that is not the focus of our content. You would simply follow the same directions as if you were attempting to pass a urine drug test for thc. 

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