Synthetic Urine 101: Which Is The Best Synthetic Urine On The Market This Year?

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We will Tell You The Best Synthetic Urine On The Market.

Do Not Buy Synthetic Urine To Pass a Drug Test Until You Read This Review!

I’ve got to hand it to these synthetic products they can definitely cheat a drug test. So this one is a little high on the blue at the top the oxidants which is a specimen validity check but it does measure normal pH and specific gravity and of course this is my actual urine. negative normal pH specific gravity normal negative for any drug done deal doesn’t have an air protector to protect the top of it which is odd because usually some of these will go bad if it doesn’t have something to seal it although the oxidants on this one is high on that at the top there’s the panel check at pH foot bones like your ribbon are intact abuse smells like urine all of that looks a little bit discolored a little bit to ones that looks a little clearer but it actually has pH in it and voila well actually that looks more like my own urine yeah I’m sure these labs have other ways of testing this but yeah they can actually full the drug test even that one which I’m surprised it’s cheaper the specimen ability to check is the one right here and it actually these synthetics actually can pass it off though no it’s not too bad that’s my owner and that’s legit pH is normal that’s good to hear yeah I say on these polymer any tests they can definitely pass it




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