How To Pass a Drug Test - Synthetic Urine, Powdered Urine

Synthetic Urine vs Real Human Urine Review

Best Choice for Real Human Urine Vs Synthetic Urine To Pass a Drug Test

If you are looking for a sure fire way to have a guarantee when you go to take your drug test, we suggest investing into one of our reviewed synthetic urine kits.

Synthetic urine is artificially synthesized substance that simulates composition, chemical properties and appearance of human urine. Generally it used for calibration of urine screening equipment in laboratories, but also known as widespread and effective means to pass urine drug test.

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Synthetic urine works wonders when you are in a jam and need to pass a urine test on short notice. What is even better than synthetic urine? Real human urine of course. Using real human urine removes that slight chance of a inconclusive drug test result.

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  1. Pour the powdered urine in the small vial into the larger tube.
  2. Slowly fill the tube with water to the very top of the tube, screw the blue cap on tightly and shake until the powder is completely dissolved.
  3. Open the heater package, peel the paper off of one heater and stick it to the back side of the tube, directly opposite of the temperature strip.
  4. Before conducting your experiment, verify the temperature

The Powdered Urine Kit - #1 Solution for a Job Test


More Powdered Urine Kit Details

  • one vial containing powdered urine
  • one 50-ml plastic medical transport vial with blue lid
  • one temperature strip attached to the 50-ml vial
  • two air-activated heaters enclosed in a plastic package

Over 175 User Reviews Suggest this is a highly reliable product to aide you in passing a urine test rather it be on short notice or planned. You can purchase this Powdered Human Urine Kit By Following Our Link Below. Be sure to come back and leave your honest feedback once you take your drug test.
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Powder Urine Kit

Powder Urine Kit


10.0 /10


10.0 /10

Manufacturer Well Known

10.0 /10


  • Real Human Urine
  • No Synthetic Mishaps
  • Great For Supervised Drug Test

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