The Problem with Cheap Bud Trimmers

The Problem with Cheap Bud Trimmers

Just about everyone with a marijuana grow is looking for ways to save time come harvest season. Suddenly, you’re inundated with plants that need to be dried and trimmed. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, like you’ll never get through all of the processing.

About the time your weed is ready to be harvested, you’re scrambling to find good help – reliable people who know how to trim and will show up at the farm every day without fail. It can be surprisingly hard to put a good crew together.

You might start to think about buying a cheap trim machine. You know it might not be the perfect solution but you figure, “Hey, it’s quick, it’s easy, and it will save my hands from all those hours of trimming.”
Should You Go Cheap?
There are problems with those entry-level trimming machines on the market. Here are a few things to consider before making your trimming machine purchase:
Evaluate the Quality of the Parts
Are the parts of the trim machine made out of high-quality materials? Inexpensive materials are more likely to break down, and won’t be able to handle high volumes of weed. They’re also more likely to get gummed up with resin and to smash the fragile buds instead of slicing them.
Research the Warranty
If you have a problem with your trimming machine, will you be able to reach a real person for help? Is there any kind of a warranty on your trimming machine? Look for a company that stands behind their trimmer, and can assist you when you have a question or run into a snag.
Examine the Handling of the Buds
Perhaps the most important thing to be concerned about with a cheap trim machine is if it will damage your buds. Many of the lesser-quality machines will destroy your trichomes and terpenes, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. If you can’t see the machine in person before you make the purchase, try to talk with others who own one or even see if you can find videos online of the machine in action.
What is Your Best Option?
Spend the money on a high-quality, well-built trimming machine with a good warranty. It will quickly process your buds without damage and will last harvest after harvest. Although it may cost more upfront, a reliable trimming machine will save you money in the long run.

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