These May Be the Next States to Legalize Marijuana

The fight against cannabis prohibition has continued to progress at all levels of government. The number of states with some form of legalized marijuana is soon expected to grow as more state lawmakers show support for the idea. The following states are poised to become the next in line to legalize the use of marijuana. 



If advocates in Arizona have their way, voters in the state will be allowed to choose whether the recreational use of marijuana will become legal as part of the 2020 election process. The Secretary of State acknowledges that paperwork has been received from advocates requesting the issue to be placed on the ballot. Now, 237,645 signatures from registered voters by July of 2020 are needed to finalize the process. 



Dispensaries for medical marijuana are common in Florida. The question on the minds of many in the state is how long it will be before there is also shelf space for recreational marijuana. If the majority has its way, it will not take long. One poll showed recently that 65 percent of voters were in favor of legalizing pot for recreational purposes. The matter may still be a longshot for the 2020 ballot, but do not be totally surprised if the majority gets their way.


New Mexico

The election of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham greatly increases the prospects of marijuana legalization in New Mexico. The governor’s position is that hundreds of millions of dollars will be added to state coffers by legalizing marijuana. She is currently working to have the issue discussed when state lawmakers convene for the next session in January. 


North Dakota

State Secretary Al Jaeger recently accepted a revised petition to have marijuana legalization added to the 2020 primary ballot. It will now take 26,904 signatures from qualified state residents to assure the measure is included on the ballot. The measure would allow people in the state over the age of 21 to grow, consume, possess, and sell marijuana. It will not allow the public consumption of cannabis. 



Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman spent three months on 67 county tour of the state to gauge the feelings of citizens regarding marijuana legalization. Fetterman is in favor of legalization of cannabis and says he was impressed with the desire of Pennsylvanians to take part in civil discourse when they disagree on subjects. He also says a large number of Pennsylvanians want to see marijuana legalized.

State Senators Daylin Leach and Sharif Street outlined their plan for recreational marijuana legalization in March. There is a good chance the measure will be included on 2020 ballots.

Many states are moving closer to becoming part of the list of states that have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. The five states listed above are at the forefront of this group.

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