Top 3 Most Recommended Vaporizers For Newbies

Top 3 Most Recommended Vaporizers For Newbies

Vape devices, vaporizers whatever you want to call them are indeed garnering attention and fame throughout the market. This fact is without a doubt true. Especially, now that the legalization of cannabis is spreading like a wildfire in the forest in various states of the United States of America. Not only in the USA but across the globe, whether you smoke weed for the sole reason of lifting your mood, to relieve your stress, for medication, or just to get stoned. Marijuana is indeed getting famous and the culture itself that has a long track of history being able to record by man is still growing immensely.
Fast forward to the present year we are now living, 2018. Today we are now gifted with the ability and choice to do almost anything. This is due to the fruit of our efforts especially in the field of technological advancements. Since we are born with intense curiosity we opt to strive for something greater. Relating to our topic today, because of the scientific advancements we already achieved new heights. Enjoying your weed traditionally (which promotes higher risk) has already been recreated to much safer means. And this is through vaping. Unlike the conventional way which uses combusting (the burning of weed) the material, you use before inhaling the smoke. On the flip side of the coin, vaping uses vaporization. This means the process of combusting the material is being replaced by the process of vaporization.

Vaporization works by heating the material (herb, oil/wax or e-juice) with different standardized heating levels (to obtain the prefer blending) turning it to vaporized air; before inhaling it. In this process (referring to vaping) the risk of inhaling lethal gases like, carbon monoxide, cyanide, hydrogen, sulfur oxides, and nitrogen are drastically decreased. Until today, there are no such incidents being reported that any patient was admitted having any ailments caused by using vape devices. Because of this, no wonder why plenty of people are switching to use vaporizers.
Although at first, it may cost you (more than you expected) money in order to own a capable vaping device’ one that can meet your expectations and provide you premium quality performance that you had always sought for. At the end of the day, settling with (not too much) higher priced vape devices is the best thing to do. Especially if you are a beginner. That being said, this article is about the top three most recommended vaporizers (and brands) from Vape Active of all time. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. The KandyPens RUBI – First in the list is from the makers of one of the finest pen type vaporizers, the KandyPens. The esteemed manufacturer of the KandyPens series pulled it off with their latest creation RUBI vaporizer. Built and developed in the land of the free, USA and proudly made by hand.
RUBI device is slim, light, dynamic, it offers premium quality vapor, portable, unparalleled compared with the other pod-based device, and on top of that, affordable to your budget. 4 inches in overall height, this product is extremely pocket-friendly but in terms of performance would not disappoint you. This pen-style vaporizer can be used with wax or e-juice.
The company also offer buyers a lifetime warranty for the battery alone. With its amazing features like a pod-based open system, ceramic coil technology, dynamic 280mAh battery and compact design. Overall, for almost 50-60 or more bucks the value and benefits you get from purchasing this product are way bigger than you think. A perfect fit for a novice who wants to explore this hobby.

2.The Source Orb 4 (Signature Kit) – Second, we have the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit. Now, if you don’t want to settle for less and you are willing to spend more for the sole purpose of satisfaction. You should check out this one, with 9 atomizers, temperature and voltage control features, the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit is also something to keep an eye on.
You will have your first time, basically, on a whole new level. The Source Orb 4 Signature Kit is worth investing your money with. Talking about the value, for less than 200 bucks, the benefits are all worth it. With all the attachments included, from tools, accessories and 9 sets of atomizers, consider yourself gaining more than the money you just spent.
The Source Orb 4 Signature Kit is good with wax concentrates, although it is one of the most comprehensive wax vaporizers out there, because of its temperature and voltage control feature, this vaporizer is highly suitable and is a vaporizer recommended for beginners who are still testing out the waters. Also, the company offers a warranty to their products, not only to defective batteries but the scope is actually broad to the point that if you are not happy with their products, you can send it back or ask for an exchange.

3. The Atmos Swiss – Third, is the Atmos Swiss Vaporizer. Now, Source Orb 4 Signature Kit might not be your type. Maybe for a few reasons of, it is indeed quite expensive (despite the great feature and benefit you can gain from it), or you prefer dry herbs, or wax concentrates, or maybe you like both herb and waxes. Whatever the reason may be, it is better to be left with much more options and that’s why we have this list, right?
Atmos Swiss is also another head turner when it comes to vaporizers. With a lot of great features to offer like, dedicated reverse airflow tube, high-speed heat up time, fast and easy release, functions as rig insert, scratch resistant housing, three preset temperature modes that are genuinely built to bring out the best vaping experience for its users. Atmos Swiss works as a versatile, multi-purpose vaporizer that can keep up with a variety of heating chambers.
It also works with dry herb and concentrates. This device is for those starting up in the vaping community that is looking forward to exploring even more. Try considering the value and benefit you might get from this product, from the features and attachments. For about 150 bucks of investment, you are not losing anything at all, in fact, it is a win-win scenario.

That concludes our top 3 best vaporizers recommended for beginners, hope this served you well and good luck picking you first vaporizer. Thanks for reading!

Always check vape regulations in your area prior to purchase

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