What is Rescue Detox Ice and Does it Work?

Some people choose to balance their professional life with a casual weed habit, and in fact, it’s quite common for American stoners. However, you must learn to walk this delicate line carefully because drug tests are no laughing matter. Despite marijuana’s recreational legality in nine states and medicinally legal in 29 states, the federal government still issues a ban on the federal level. This means that employers still have the right to refuse people the right to smoke it, and they can terminate anyone’s employment who tests positive for THC if they want.

Putting Detox Drinks to the Test

One of the drinks that you could take advantage of is known as Rescue Detox Ice. You also have several other “cleansing supplements” on the market. At first glance, it might be nothing more than an herbal drink, but on the back of the bottle, you will see how the language they use to describe it is deliberately vague. For example, they might, “Drink the entire bottle 60 to 90 minutes before the desired time.” They might also tell you that urinating frequently will show that you have experienced the best cleansing. These drinks are no laughing matter, considering how they can cost as much as $60 each.

Nevertheless, that’s a small price for having job security—if it works, that is. These drinks will all offer you the same advantage: same-day temporary fix for smoking marijuana. Nevertheless, you will still have to use it as directed.

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Testing the Drink

In one example, a lady was told not to alter her weed habits. She’d be advised to drink the Rescue Detox to figure out if she would test positive for it. This woman had a consumption level that was slightly below what the average stoner might smoke. What did they learn? One thing you have to keep in mind is how most of these drinks will caution that the heavier users double the dosage of Rescue Detox to get the most favorable results. Either that or they should choose the more concentrated version. After trying out a 17-ounce bottle, what people learned was how after the individual had urinated around three times, it looked like they may have ingested highlighter ink. Regardless, when the woman took the test, she passed it with flying colors. Even despite the woman having smoked marijuana that morning in several trials, she still tested negative for THC. While the line on the drug test was small, it still tested negative, which shows that it does work.

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The Potential Downside

There is a potential downside that you have to keep in mind with this type of detox method. For example, while you might pass your drug test, the extreme color of the urine could raise the alarms for the clinical setting. This could also make it easier to prove that you tampered with the drug test, which is a crime that you could be arrested for if they can prove it. In many cases, it’s better to lose the job than risk that. Many times, however, employers won’t waste the extra funding and effort to prove it if they believe that you have tampered with a urine test. For anyone whose job depends on passing a urine test, you want to make sure that you don’t fail.

Testing Clean

You have to be careful because in many cases, you will only test clean for between four to five hours, so you want to make sure that you have impeccable timing. The one thing that you have to keep in mind with these tests is how none of the tests done can be 100% guaranteed to work with you or your body. It all depends on a person’s smoking habits and what size the person is. So for someone who is bigger and has a heavier habit might test the same as someone who is smaller and has a lighter habit.

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Drinking Rescue Detox Ice should be reasonably undetectable, but this isn’t foolproof either when it comes to passing drug tests. Still, it’s better than having nothing when trying to pass a drug test. Customers have to decide for themselves if it will be worth the cost of potentially losing money and the job if it doesn’t work. Some people aren’t willing to take that risk because they may have a better option. For example, some teas like ginger root tea or dandelion tea. These work because it helps to eliminate the toxins in the liver.

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How Does the Drink Work?

If you’re wondering how this drink works, it basically works by diluting the urine to the point where the THC no longer shows up in your system. It replaces the minerals, vitamins, and color that get lost in the process of dilution so that it won’t raise a red flag. That’s what it is supposed to do.

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Two Distinct Flavors

You can buy Rescue Detox Ice in two distinct flavors, but which one you choose depends on the number of toxins in the system and your bodyweight. For the individuals above 200 pounds or people who smoke a lot, you have cranberry mangosteen flavor. This flavor has mangosteen extracts along with pomegranate and cranberry. All three of the ingredients flush out the toxins within the system through the urine. This extract will cause you to urinate a lot so that it cleanses your system.

Straightforward Use

The use of Rescue Detox Ice does look straightforward. You should avoid smoking for a couple of days, even though some people have broken this rule and still did okay. However, you will want to drink a lot of water and exercise regularly. On the day of the test, you will drink the bottle a little ahead of time and prepare to urinate a lot. Refill it with water and gulp that part down as well. In general, you should drink this on an empty stomach, and you shouldn’t eat or drink anything for five hours in advance.

Should you use Rescue Detox Ice for passing drug tests? You could use this for passing a drug test. Especially if you smoke marijuana, drug tests can stress you out. Going through a detox program like this could be useful, but you have to remember how none of this is an exact science. Other detox programs can be helpful in general to help you have a cleaner system so that if you are tested, you will have better levels of the other vitamins and minerals in your system. Some other detox diets like this can be the Heavy Metal Detox, Tea Detox, or other similar dietary detox. For the best results, you should exercise to metabolize the THC so that it doesn’t show up in your system.

For more information on detoxes like those listed above check out these other articles: Tips for Better DIY Body Detoxification, and How Does a Detox Diet Work? After that, make sure to check out our other article discussing Rescue Detox Ice!

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