Where Are the Best Places to Go on a Weed Tour in the US?

Smoking weed, something that used to be considered taboo, is now being celebrated in many parts of the world, thanks to changing regulations and a holiday known as 4/20. As people all across the globe take part in this yearly celebration, many marijuana-friendly states have events in support of the holiday. If you are looking for some really awesome places to celebrate your next 4/20, then here are some of the best places in the US for those who use marijuana to visit.  


Although this state is fairly new to the list of marijuana-friendly states, in its first year, the state has seen a boost in not only its marijuana industry but also the surrounding culture as well. The state has marijuana-friendly events such as Elevate and Create where instead of wine, guests can enjoy marijuana while they paint. You can bring your own marijuana and paint in a relaxed atmosphere.  


With Colorado being one of the very first states to legalize marijuana, Denver is one of the best places to visit during the 4/20 holiday. The variety of things to do, depending on your interests, can include attending a festival to an arts and craft event. The activity’s list is so extensive that you couldn’t possibly do them all in one holiday. You could partake in a comedy show, yoga or attend Colorado’s Grower’s Cup and sample some of the best cannabis in the state. Denver Microbrew Tour points out that the marijuana tour industry is exploding in Denver. With tours for first-timers, casual users, those interested in art, and even people interested in investing in dispensaries, the sheer variety of tours makes this a fantastic option for going on the weed tour of a lifetime.

New York

If you are wanting to nurture your creativity as well as spark your intellect, then a cannabis tour in New York could be just right for you. There are a variety of different lectures and events which are geared towards educating the public on the marijuana industry as well as the many medical benefits of cannabis. On the other hand, there are plenty of events for the creative in you such as a David Peel tribute which entails live bands, poets, singers, an exhibit and much more. There is also a Synchronicity walk where you will go in whatever direction your intuition tells you to, all while picking up trash along the way. 


Known for going all out during the 4/20 holiday, Washington hosts many events that you may not see anywhere else. The SPLIFF Film Festival is held there and is an event that allows animators, filmmakers, and artists to share marijuana-themed film shorts. Whether they be comedic, serious or eclectic, there is a variety of original work shown at this film festival. Of course, there are events where you can smoke and paint, learn about cannabis and more. As a state where recreational marijuana is legal, Washington hosts a number of green tourism events all year long. However, Respect My Region points out that Washington also has some specific rules on weed smoking, so get familiar with those before heading over.


For the music enthusiast, Nevada has so much variety in the way of music, making this one of the perfect stops on a marijuana tour. Unlike some other cannabis-friendly places where many of the cannabis-friendly events are reserved for the 4/20 holiday, Nevada holds events all throughout the year. If you are wanting to party but also would like to get into the cannabis industry, Nevada holds many different workshops where you can learn the ins and outs. You’ll get to hear from experienced speakers, get to know the top brands as well as dispensaries and more. They even have an award show called the Budtender Awards, which honors these big wigs in the industry. 


One of the first states to initialize the medical cannabis movement, California has much to offer a cannabis enthusiast. On the educational side, there are plenty of informative events where you can learn how marijuana can benefit the elderly, sex life, autism and more. But when it comes to just plain old fun, one of their popular cannabis-friendly events is the Kaleidoscope Experience. This event allows you to get in touch with your inner child all over again as you crawl through a fort made of pillows. If this isn’t quite your thing, you could go to the disco where you dance all night in silence, attend Dress-up Karaoke or just relax at the Cosmic Prophet Zen Lounge. However, if you are especially creative when you indulge in cannabis, then you may thoroughly enjoy making creations out of Play-Doh or using human robots to color on.

All of the places listed can definitely help make your tour a memorable one. Some of the events are more laid back, while others are fully immersive. Although each state offers music as well as some form of creative events, some places do offer a bit more than others, depending on your interests.

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