Why Does Cannabis Affect me Differently Than My Friends?

Cannabis usage and the effects it has on the human body have been highly stereotyped in the media. Red eyes, slow movements, slurred speech and, of course, the munchies! The truth of the matter is that while cannabis can have these effects on people, the plant does not affect everyone the same. Here are a few reasons cannabis may affect you differently than your friends.


Research shows that some people have a genetic mutation which results in the experience of paranoia and anxiety when using cannabis. This means that some people are simply more inclined to feeling relaxed and mellow, while others will inevitably feel anxious. Research also shows that about 20% of adults in America have a genetic mutation that increases the level of endocannabinoids (molecules in the body that regulate appetite, sex drive, digestion, and cognition) in their body. Individuals with this mutation are less likely to enjoy the effects of cannabis because their body already creates a lot of natural THC. Individuals with this mutation also tend to have severe withdrawal symptoms after consuming cannabis.

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The unique biochemistry of an individual can also have an effect on their reaction to cannabis. A person who has a diet low in fatty acids will typically have low endocannabinoids, therefore consumption of cannabis will introduce more endocannabinoids into the body thus resulting in a positive “high.” Individuals with diets high in fatty acids more than likely will not feel a difference. Everybody is different when it comes to their biodiversity and biodiversity can change at any given time, meaning not only can the experience be different from person to person, it can also be different each time cannabis is consumed.

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Overall Health

Cannabis can have varying effects depending on a person’s overall health. Individuals with health conditions may find that cannabis affects them differently than those who do not have health conditions. This is linked to the fact that most health conditions will change an individual’s biodiversity. For example, Alzheimer’s patients who take marijuana to help either prevent or help slow the disease, will not be experiencing the same high as a perfectly healthy teenager. In the case of the Alzheimer’s patient, marijuana has a medical function for the body. Simply put, the internal processes of the body can greatly affect in an individual’s response to cannabis.

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The stereotype of the typical marijuana user doesn’t accurately portray the average individual that consumes cannabis. Every person is different in terms of health, genetics, and biodiversity. More importantly, everyone has different reasons and needs why they smoke cannabis. As a result, no two people will have the same experience with cannabis.

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